Best Mountain Bike Trails in North America

by Ben Jackson
Best Mountain Bike Trails in North America

Before visiting some of the best mountain bike trails in North America, you need to know what type of trail you want to ride. When riding your mountain bike you will come across many different terrains, from smooth trails to rocky and hilly terrain. Depending on the type of terrain you prefer, these three types of mountain biking trails may be the best for you. The main factors that differentiate these types of mountain biking trails are their difficulty and how challenging they are. Each trail has its own set of challenges, which makes each one unique in its own way. Let’s take a look at the different types of mountain biking trails so you can choose which one is right for you next time you go out on your bicycle. Regardless of the path you choose to take, always make sure you’re prepared with the right mountain bike gear and properly maintain your bike.

Beginner Trails for Mountain Bikers

If you are starting your child out mountain biking or are a beginner mountain biker, you will probably start with the beginner trails. These trails are also great for more experienced cyclists who want to take a more leisurely ride. The trails are easy and relatively smooth, with minimal elevation changes. It is easier to navigate because they are often wider and flatter than other trails. Since these trails are so easy to navigate, beginners usually start their mountain biking journey with these trails. The trails are usually found on a mountainside, so you may notice that they are flatter than the other trails. They are also wider than other trails, making it easier to navigate without hitting any obstacles. Since these trails are only easy to navigate, beginners usually start their mountain biking journey with these trails.

Intermediate Trails for Mountain Bikers

Intermediate trails are a great option for experienced mountain bikers. These trails have a bit more difficulty and more challenging terrain than beginner trails. They have short to moderate climbs that are fairly steep but not extremely difficult. The trails are a little narrower than the beginner trails. The narrower trails challenge bikers to focus on the trail and their surroundings, but they are still wide enough to allow groups to pass one another. These trails can be found in mountainous areas and may have a lot of rocks or even a creek running through them. If you are an intermediate mountain biker and you want a challenge, but don’t want something too difficult, these trails are for you.

Advanced Mountain Bike Trails

Advanced Mountain Bike Trails

Bicyclist Maneuvering Down Path

Advanced trails are often the most challenging trails in a mountain biking area. These trails have steep climbs and challenging descents that require advanced mountain bikers to use all their skill and strength. The trails are narrow and can be very rocky or covered with roots. Low hanging branches or vines can be common in these areas as they are not maintained as frequently. You may also find that you are riding through a creek at some point. These trails are often kept as natural as possible, so you may even come across an animal path at times. If you are an advanced mountain biker and you want to challenge yourself and really push yourself to the next level, these trails are the way to go.

Hilly Mountain Bike Terrain

Hilly Mountain Bike Terrain

Hilly terrain can be difficult terrain to navigate on a mountain bike. It is important to remember that you do not have to go up the hill, you can go down the hill. You may have to walk your bike up the hill, but you can ride your bike down the hill. Hilly terrain is often found in forests and national parks. These areas have a lot of trees and can be a little more difficult to navigate than rocky terrain. It is important to be careful in these areas because the trees are often low to the ground. You may want to wear long pants or even long sleeves to avoid any scratches or scrapes. Hilly terrain is found in forests and national parks. These areas have a lot of trees and can be a little more difficult to navigate than rocky terrain. It is important to be careful in these areas because the trees are often low to the ground. You may want to wear long pants or even long sleeves to avoid any scratches or scrapes.

Rocks and Ledges While Biking

Mountain biking can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. One of the most dangerous parts of mountain biking is when you are riding on rocks and ledges. Rocks can be smooth or jagged, and ledges can either be smooth or have a very rough surface. When riding on rough rocks and ledges you have to be careful not to get any cuts or scrapes. You may want to wear some long pants to protect your legs if you have rough rocks around. If you are riding on ledges, you may want to wear gloves to protect your hands. Your hands can easily get cut on rough ledges. Rocks and ledges are found in any type of terrain. They can be in the mountains or they can be found in a forest. Rocks and ledges can be challenging, especially if they are very smooth or have a very rough surface.

Now that you know the different terrains, let’s jump into the list.

North America Trails to Try on a Mountain Bike

  1. Whistler, British Columbia
  2. Moab, Utah
  3. Park City, Utah
  4. Crested Butte, Colorado
  5. Downieville, California
  6. Fruita, Colorado
  7. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  8. Brevard, North Carolina

Here is a little of the top 4:

Mountain Biking in Whistler, BC

When you visit Whistler as an adult, you become a kid again. An individual cannot have a better experience on two wheels than in Whistler. The mecca of downhill freeriding is Whistler Mountain Bike Trails. No matter what level you are at, there are always new things to challenge you and new trails to discover. It has smooth beginner-friendly trails for first-timers and little ones, difficult cross-country trails for those looking to test their endurance, and brain-working rocky and rooty technical trails.

Utah Moab Mountain Biking

Moab Brand Mountain Bike Trails are north of town and a great location to get your feet wet (or dusty). There are several Moab Brand Mountain Bike Trails for beginners, including the Lazy/EZ circuit that is perfect for beginners. It allows riders to experience Moab without becoming overwhelmed by technical terrain or oncoming traffic. If you want to try something more challenging than Lazy/EZ, try North 40. The terrain is similar, but there are more ups, downs, and bike-handling challenges through the twists and turns.

Park City, Utah Biking Trails

Park City is famous among mountain bikers as the only IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Gold-Level Ride Center in North America. Road cyclists recognize it as one of the stages of the Tour of Utah. Whether you’re cycling for pleasure or transportation, Park City has a wide variety of trail systems to fit your needs. Mountain biking on hundreds of miles of alpine single-track, gravel riding on country back roads, road cycling over mountain passes (several of which are included in the Tour of Utah), and e-bikes are some of the alternatives available. There are also extensive snow bike trails and paths available for winter enthusiasts after the snow falls.

Biking Crested Butte, Colorado

There are over 700 miles of single track at Crested Butte, and some of them are pretty spectacular. You won’t have the time or energy to try them all, but you don’t need to waste any time. The following list offers you some options, including trails for beginners, intermediate users, and experts.

Things Needed to Hit the Mountain Bike Trails

If you are planning on hitting the trail this season, there are some must have to get you going and to keep you going. Here is a quick list to check out:

  1. Bike Tire Pump
  2. Mountain Bike Helmet
  3. Bike GPS
  4. Fox Mountain Bike Clothes


Mountain biking is a fun and adventurous sport. Different trails have their own unique set of challenges, so it is important to choose wisely when you decide where to ride. The best mountain biking trails will have a mix of different terrain. These trails are a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. If you are looking for a great gift for a mountain biker, we review those too! If mountain biking isn’t for you, still try to get outside as you can get a road bike or there are many benefits to hiking and being outdoors. If you enjoy the outdoors, check out some Yeti alternative coolers to take with you.

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