A Review of The HECS Hunting Suit – Does It Really Work?

When hunting concealment is high on the agenda, staying hidden from your prey is necessary for s successful hunt and we all know that some camo clothing providers are better than others. That is where HECS comes in, or Human Energy Conceal Suit if you prefer. It’s the one that our HECS hunting suit review is focused on.

What follows is our guide and a full HECS hunting suit review – so you too can understand what makes this product so damn good. If you’re short on time, check out our top-rated HECS Hunting Suit here.


No longer do we have to endure heavy and cumbersome hunting suits. Gone are the days of material that soaks up moisture and smells after just a few days in the wild.

HECS are designed to be super lightweight yet durable thanks to their 86% polyester and 14% carbon yarn grid construction.


The fabric combination used enables the material to breathe, so moisture escaping the skin can pass through, which ensures your under layers don’t get wet from sweat which can be hazardous in cold weather.

What’s more, air is allowed to permeate the fabric which in turn cycles through which helps to mask your scent, whilst blocking water from seeping through, making this ideal in wet and windy conditions

Machine Washable

There is no special care and attention needed for this hunting suits – just thrown them in the machine and away you go, perfect for the avid hunter with things to do, such as preparing the game you’ve just bagged.

HECS Hunting Suit Review


HECS Hunting Suit

Features and Specifications

  • Breathable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Multiple Camo Options
  • Machine Washable
  • Suitable as an outer layer or under-garment

What Customers Are Saying

With that being said, when hunting, there are many different reasons for an animal to spot you and take off, be it your scent or movement, change of wind direction or another predator in the area…what we’re saying is that all camouflage products have their raving fans and also haters…what’s more important is if it works for YOU.

We love the camo options and think the best HECS hunting suits offer ample protection and stealth. For the money, these are a great option.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you’ve tried other camo hunting gear in the past and are looking for a fully waterproof and breathable suit option that will protect you from both the elements and from being seen easily by your prey then a Human Energy Conceal Suit is for you.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

More inexperienced hunters may find they have more success with a different kind of camouflage as it does take some skill to hunt with these suits.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does this come with thumb holes and pants zipper?

Yes, this is the 2016-17 model and comes with the thumb holes which help keep the hands warm and also a zipper for using the toilet in a hurry!

What size should I buy?

We recommend going up one size than you would normally buy civilian clothing

Can this be worn as an under-layer?

You can wear this suit under additional clothing should you wish

How many seasons will this suit last?

As it is machine washable and made from polyester and carbon yarn material it should see out at least several seasons before general wear and tear and evident. That being said, it does depend on where, how and how often you use it.


Whilst there has been some debate about whether the HECS hunting suits actually work as they say on the commercials, we have found them to be more than adequate for stealth hunting and also when it comes to comfort.

Breathable and machine washable are two elements I can not go without when it comes to a suit for hunting deer, and the HECS suit is my go-to every time I head out.

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