A Review of The HECS Hunting Suit – Does It Really Work?

by John Wren

When you’re hunting, concealment is high on the agenda. We all know that some camo clothing providers are better than others. That is where HECS, or Human Energy Conceal Suit, comes into play. This guide is a full HECS hunting suit review. After you’re done reading it, you’re going to understand what makes this product so good. And why some people won’t go hunting without it.

The HECS Hunting Suit uses a patented material that reduces the electrical signals emitted by the human body, making it harder for wildlife to detect the hunter. This can lead to a more successful and enjoyable hunting experience, as animals are less likely to be alerted to the hunter’s presence.

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HECS Hunting Suit

HECS Hunting HECStyle Lightweight System - 3-Piece Camo Suit - Deer & Big Game Hunting Suits for Men and Women - Green - 4X-Large
  • HECS TECHNOLOGY: HECS patented technology has changed the way hunters understand concealment. All HECS products have a conductive grid woven into the fabric that blocks your body’s naturally...
  • STAY UNDETECTED LONGER: This innovative 3-Piece Camo Suit provides patented HECS technology while the lightweight fabric does not impede strenuous outdoor activity. This suit was designed to be used...
  • COMFORT WITH CONCEALMENT: Our High Performance 3-Piece Camo Suit is made from a very lightweight breathable fabric that is cool and comfortable in the hottest hunting conditions, but can be worn under...
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Our patented conductive grid technology is built into the construction. This design gives our 3-Piece Camo Suit ability to block your bodies naturally occurring bioelectric...
  • DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE: The concept of electrical signature shielding is revolutionary and underestimated by many hunters. HECS has been on the market since 2010 and is now fully vetted and used by...

Features and Specifications

  • Breathable
  • Blocks EMF
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Multiple Camo Options
  • Machine Washable
  • Suitable as an outer layer or under-garment
  • StealthScreen Technology


The HECS (Human Energy Concealment System) is a way to block the sixth sense of the animals. On the hunting field, however, there are many people questioning their actual performance. Here are the pros and cons of the HECS suit’s performance:


Positive reviews have been reported by most people why try the HECS hunting suit. Some people swear by it and won’t go hunting without it, claiming that wearing this suit allows them to get closer than ever to game animals.

Although most people initially question the actual effectiveness of a HECS suit, the skepticism is quickly eliminated as soon as they field test the suit and see the amazing results first-hand.

Where the HECS suit really stands out is when hunting for whitetail deer. It’s a game changer! What you might lack in skill and experience, the suit will make up for in getting you closer to your target. With this outfit, you are more likely to fill your freezer with prize meat.

The HECS hunting suit was also designed with comfort in mind. No one wants to wear hunting gear that feels like a scratchy potato sack! The HECS Stealthscreen material makes the suit breathable and lightweight. The material is 86% polyester and can easily be machine washed.

The head cover is light and comfortable with cuffed neck and sleeves.

The pants come with a premium elastic waistband with inner drawstring.


A HECS hunting suit’s price averages approximately $150, which may pricey for some. The fit of the suit and the thickness of the fabric have gotten some negative reviews. Many complained about the shirt not fitting correctly. Others say the HECS suit is very thin.

There are, of course, some negative comments about the HECS hunting suit’s performance. But it seems these customers are expecting too much. The HECS hunting suit functions in a way that prevents game animals from noticing your presence. But that doesn’t mean that you become completely invisible. If you are noisy or make sudden movements no hunting gear is going to conceal you.

Your Electric Field

There is an accepted scientific theory that living organisms generate an electrical energy field by means of muscle movement and the beating of the heart. This includes human beings. The human body releases an electrical energy signal that can be detected by animals.

There are also scientific studies that prove that animals and insects are capable of sensing electromagnetic energy, which is the same explanation for why elk and birds know how to migrate each year. The HECS 3 Piece Stealthscreen Suit is specifically designed to significantly reduce these electrical signals to almost nothing.

How Does a HECS Suit Work?

When your heart beats and your muscles contract, you create an electrical energy field that can be sensed by animals. HECS is a ground-breaking technology that blocks this electrical field and prevents your presence from being detected by these creatures. Made of a carbon fiber conductive mesh woven into the fabric, the HECS suits helps in neutralizing and blocking the output of our magnetic field with the assistance of Faraday Cage Technology.

To effectively block the signal of human electrical energy, the size of the mesh is very important. The mesh’s ability to block energy is dependent on the size of the grid compared to the electrical energy’s wavelength itself.

The HECS grid was developed through rigorous testing. It specifically blocks the wavelength of the human energy signal.

The door of your microwave oven is a common, everyday example of a grid that prevents waves from escaping. The grid is exactly sized and spaced to prevent microwaves from escaping and harming you. In the same way, the HECS clothing is designed with a grid block the waves of human electrical energy from escaping.

That grid, made from conductive carbon fiber, blocks the electrical energy signal you are giving off continuously.

The grid is then woven into the fabric which is used to create HECS clothing.

The fiber itself is completely flexible, so you won’t even know it’s there. The fabric used to make the clothing is strong breathable, lightweight, and washable by machine. This won’t wash out or wear out because the carbon fiber is woven into the fabric.

What Is a HECS Suit

The HECS suit is made of a carbon fiber conductive woven into the fabric which helps to neutralize and block the production of our magnetic field with the aid of Faraday Cage Technology.

What is HECS technology?

HECS ® is the only available technology that blocks your energy and prevents the sensation of your presence by wildlife. HECS ® technology uses a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid designed specifically to block your field of electrical energy.

What Does the HECS Camo Suit Include?

HECS-Camo edition includes a 3-piece suit that is usually worn as an undergarment with pants, shirt and head cover. The shirt overlaps over the pants and covers the neck to the wrists. The pants go from the ankle to the waist.

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Features of HECS Hunting 3 Piece Camo Suit


No longer do we have to endure heavy and cumbersome hunting suits. Gone are the days of material that soaks up moisture and smells after just a few days in the wild.

HECS are designed to be super lightweight yet durable thanks to their 86% polyester and 14% carbon yarn grid construction.


The fabric combination used enables the material to breathe, so moisture escaping the skin can easily pass through. This ensures that your under layers don’t get wet from sweat which can be hazardous in cold weather.

Air is allowed to permeate the fabric which helps to mask your scent. It blocks water from seeping through, making this ideal in wet and windy conditions

Machine Washable

There is no special care and attention needed for these hunting suits – just thrown them in the machine and away you go, perfect for the avid hunter. You can focus on other things like preparing the game you’ve just bagged.

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What Customers Are Saying

When hunting there are many different reasons for an animal to spot you and take off, be it your scent or movement, change of wind direction or another predator in the area…what we’re saying is that all camouflage products have their raving fans and also haters…what’s more important is if it works for you.

We love the camo options and think the best HECS hunting suits offer ample protection and stealth. For the money, these are a great option.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you’ve tried other camo hunting gear in the past and are looking for a fully waterproof and breathable suit option that will protect you from both the elements and from being seen easily by your prey, then a Human Energy Conceal Suit is for you.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

More inexperienced hunters may find they have more success with a different kind of camouflage as it does take some skill to hunt with these suits.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does this come with thumb holes and pants zipper?

Yes, this model and comes with the thumb holes which help keep the hands warm and also a zipper for using the toilet in a hurry!

What size should I buy?

We recommend going up one size than you would normally buy civilian clothing

Can this be worn as an under-layer?

You can wear this suit under additional clothing should you wish

How many seasons will this suit last?

As it is machine washable and made from polyester and carbon yarn material it should last for many seasons before general wear and tear is evident. But it does depend on where, how and how often you use it. Make sure to wash in cold water which will increase the life of the suit.

Does the suit still work after washing?

The suit works the same as when it was new even if you wash it a few times.


Putting on a HECS hunting suit will give you the benefit of blending into your surroundings and getting closer to your target. But hunting skills and experiences should still be considered. The HECS hunting suit only offers help in preventing you from being sensed by animals, but it does not act like a lucky charm that blinds your target.

While there has been some debate about whether the HECS hunting suits actually work or if they are just a HECS suit gimmick, we have found them to be more than adequate for stealth hunting and also when it comes to comfort.

Breathable and machine washable are two elements you can’t go without when it comes to a suit for hunting deer, and the HECS suit should be your go-to every time you head out.

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