Which Is The Top Stun Gun For Self Defense in 2019? Reviews & Comparisons

Statistics have shown that people that have a stun gun are more likely not to get robbed or burglarized. With that being said, most people are nervous to buy such a product.

Maybe they have a toddler and do not want them to get their hands on it. Or, maybe they believe that carrying it will only bring violence to them and to those around them. Whatever your worries I am here to put a stop to it.

Although there are restrictions on stun guns and tasers in some US states, they are legal in most places (you may have to obtain a permit in select cities or states).

I society today and with the advance technology success that we have had over the years, using a stun gun could not be any safer. Before you get one, though, please do your research to find the right one for you.

Make sure it comes with the features that you want and it has everything you need to make you feel safe. Most importantly, make sure it is a brand that you can trust.

Some brands will say anything just to make a sell, and some do not even make stun guns’ full time. It is just one product that does not fit in with the business, they are just trying to make a couple of bucks as a side sell.

Here are a couple of stun gun brands that are well known and trustworthy if you should choose to purchase a one soon.

The Complete Stun Gun Buyers Guide

What Is A Stun Gun?

A stun gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses a high voltage charge to stop someone in the moment. It is designed to key into the nervous system and dumps energy into your muscles at an extremely high pulse frequency.

You use it by touching someone with the tip (prongs) of the stun gun which in turn quickly immobilizes them. Although the criminal will be confused and/or disoriented, it will not have any harm come to him in regards to his organs.

There aren’t any permanent or serious injuries since the amperage is low.

Top 5 Stun Guns on The Market


VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

6.5" x 2" x 1"4.7 /5$

POLICE 230,000,000
POLICE 916-53 Billion Stun Gun - Rechargeable with Safety Disable Pin LED Flashlight, Black

6.5" x 2" x 1"4.5 /5$$

Guard Dog Security Duel Spark
Guard Dog SG-GDI6000BK Inferno Dual Spark Stun Gun Flashlight, MAX Volts, Ultra Bright LED Bulb, Rechargeable

N/A4.5 /5$$

VIPERTEK VTS-979 - 53 Billion Stun Gun - Rechargeable with Safety Disable Pin LED Flashlight, Black

4" x 2" x 7/8"4.1 /5$

Guard Dog

First on our list of trustworthy stun gun brands is Guard Dog. Guard Dog Security was founded in 2001. They have become the nation’s most recognized tactical self-defense brand and is still rising to the top to this day.

They have many great products that stretch from pepper sprays to bulletproof items. Guard Dog stun guns were featured on many different stations from 13 news to Orlando Sentinel. Their most popular item is the Hard Case Pepper Spray.

That unit is ½ ounce with 18% OC. They are known for their very hot pepper spray and their reputation perceives them. I am sure that if anyone gets sprayed with it, they would not want to share their experience. They are a pretty big name when it comes to security so

They are a pretty big name when it comes to security so of course, that’s why they are in the list of the top stun gun brands.

WebsiteGuard Dog Security

1. Guard Dog Security Duel Spark

First on our list should not come by any surprise, It’s the Guard Dog Security 6,000,000. This stun gun is light weight and comes in black and pink as its colors of choice.

Having a full rubber non-slip grip body helps ensure a soft and safe grip when the user is operating it as a flashlight. It is the first one on this list to come with 4 prongs.

It emits 2 simultaneous sparks that have double the stopping power which will put anyone on their backs. It can deliver up to 6 million volts per shock. A nifty feature is that it comes with a safety switch.

You can move the switch on or off depending on the situation at hand and putting on the safety cap ensures an extra sense of security in case the device falls into the wrong hands.

This could be a device for anyone looking for a little flashlight that also can pack a punch. Don’t look any further, the Guard Dog Security 6,000,000 could be the one for you.


With all the publicity they have been getting and the great reviews we have been seeing, of course, we had to have Vipertek on this list. If you want to talk about powerhouses, Vipertek stun guns are some of the best and most powerful that we have seen.

Unfortunately, we could not find the date that they were formed but that does not dilute their success that they have made in this business. They have made tremendous accomplishments when it comes to stun guns, batons, and pepper sprays.

Their most popular, and top, product so far is the Vipertek VTS-880. It is a pink, 25-million-volt mini stun gun. It is also rechargeable and has an LED flashlight for areas with poor lighting conditions.

The price for this unit is $13.98 which is a steal when you think about it. Vipertek is a brand that does not need praising because its products can do themselves justice. That’s why they belong on this list as a brand that we respect and trust.


Second on our list is the VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun. It is light weight and has the dimensions of 6.5 x 2 x 1 inches.

This powerful stun gun comes with an amazing LED flashlight to help with poor lighting conditions. It is such a powerful device that just using it in the air can stop and even frighten attackers.

It has the ability to deliver over 53 million volts which is more than enough to immobilize a thief or target. Please do not be fooled by its small stature, it is probably by far the most powerful stun gun on the market today.

The VIPERTEK VTS-989 has an internal rechargeable battery so there is no reason that you should be out of juice. Just charge him up before heading out. No batteries to buy and lose just when you need them.

A new feature, which I believe to be one of the smartest things I have seen on a stun gun, is the snatch prevention feature. If an attacker or anyone for that matter tries to snatch the device from you, the stun gun will also give off a high voltage shock. Pretty cool huh?

The VIPERTEK VTS-989 is one of the most powerful stun guns that we have today. Check it out.


The VIPER VTS-880 comes third on the list for those who are unsure about stun guns. It is a little bit smaller than your average and comes with the dimensions of 2 x 7/8 x 4 inches.

This is the best stun gun for women (in my opinion). It is not as powerful as its older brother the VTS-989 but it still can pack a punch. Having 35 million volts that can be delivered, this mini stun gun is not a joke.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery as well. So, no more buying pesky batteries for your “protector”, just charge and go. With the non-slip rubber coating, it ensures that the device fits perfectly in the operator’s hand and can help lessens fatigue when in use.

With the LED flashlight, you can feel safe walking to your car at night without having to carry a bulky flashlight around in your purse.

The VIPERTEK VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun is a great stun gun for women and with the ability to choose your own colors, you can make it your own personal style. Go ahead, give it a try.


Next on our list of top stun gun brands is Police. Police (PoliceMart) is a highly respected developer and retailer of stun guns and other products such as pepper spray, batons, handcuffs, and even fake cameras.

We could not find a date that they were formed but given the good reviews I would think they have been around for quite some time now. Police specialize in selling self-defense products for people who are looking for protection.

Their brand features some of the most advanced technology in self-defense and stun gun products.  One of their top products is the Police 230 Million Metal tactical flashlight stun gun. It is a stun gun that can deliver 230,000,000 volts and it is rechargeable so no messing with pesky batteries.

It is actually in the shape of a flashlight and comes with a LED flashlight built in for dark areas that you may be visiting. Police is a great brand for many different types of self-defense products and can be held to a standard with its lifetime warranty to back it up with.

WebsitePolice (PoliceMart)

4. POLICE 230,000,000

The next stun gun has a reputation of his own, yes, it is the POLICE 230,000,000. This device weighs less than 1 lbs. and has the dimensions of 6.5 x 2 x 1 inches.

This stun gun packs a powerful punch and it comes in this small device. It is the newest member of the POLICE arsenal of stun guns which is the top of the line device at the moment.

It has a non-slip rubber coating that comes with finger indentions at the bottom of the device to make sure the operator has a firm grip on the device.

A built-in charger is an added bonus to this stun gun. All you have to do is plug it into a wall socket with the charging cord attached to it and there you have it, your charging protector.

The POLICE 230,000,000 also comes with an LED flashlight to provide the user with a source of light if ever it is needed. No need to be afraid again when you are out and about.

With the POLICE 230,000,000, you can feel safe and protected knowing that you have something that your attacker doesn’t a backup plan.


One of my favorite brands, besides Vipertek, is Sabre. Sabre was founded by Larry Nance in 1975 with just a $228 investment. The first things produced from Sabre was not a stun gun but it was actually tear gas defense sprays.

In 1985 they began testing red pepper spray and in 1990 they began producing halon fire extinguishers. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that they were introduced to stun guns and began producing them. Sabre has a wide range of products when it comes to security.

They have pepper spray, personal alarms, even pepper gel. The stun gun has been a great addition to the Sabre team and it hasn’t stopped rising to the top with new improvements each and every year. Their top selling product is the Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength.

Apparently, this tactical self-defense product has a locking top and can spray up to 10-foot of pepper every press of the top. Something that Sabre wants each and every one of its consumer to know is safety and how to use their products. They offer free training packages and videos with each purchase.

That is not something you can get from many brands out there. And that is why Sabre is a trusted contender on this list.


5. SABRE 1008BK

Sometimes, people save the best for last, well in this case the second to last. The SABRE 1008BK is one of my favorites. The versatility and power that this little guy have is remarkable.

It weighs practically nothing at 4.8 ounces and has the dimensions of 5.25 x 1 x 1.75 inches. It features a 120-lumen LED flashlight to help disorient a known attacker and STOP-STRAP technology in case the stun gun so happens to be disconnected from the wrist strap, the device will not shock.

This device is rechargeable and it comes with the cord. It also has a safety switch that can prevent accidental discharge. With a 1.480 uC. charge, this device is undeniably strong.

In fact, the SABRE 1008BK can shock your attacker with over 1 million volts per shock. There is some speculation, however, that it can reach 2 million but I’m sure that no one has tested that theory out and wanted to tell the story.

The SABRE 1008BK also comes in turquoise (mode # 1008TQ). With great power comes great responsibility. This stun gun says a lot and has the voltage to back it up.


Another stun gun brand on the list is Zap. Although Zap has not been around very long they are starting to make a name for themselves now. They have stun guns that are unique in that all models have a rubber coated grip.

Zap’s top product is the ZAP Black Knuckles Stun Gun. It is an authentic brass knuckle design that can deliver 950 thousand volts with a swift and powerful punch. It is 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces. It does come with a safety switch and

It is 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces. It does come with a safety switch and a LED indicator to show when the device is powered on or off.

Even though zap is new to the stun gun scene they are still making strides to propel them into the correct direction. That’s why they made the list of top stun gun brands.

WebsiteZap Product


Second to last on the list is Streetwise. Streetwise security has been around for more than 15 years and they have been producing some of the best and high-quality self-defense items that we know and use.

They feature a unique built-in emergency alarm in addition to a disable pin for extra added protections. They have stun guns that range from 15 thousand volts to 8.8 million. They may not have the strongest device power but they can still pack a punch.

They may not have the strongest device power but they can still pack a punch. Streetwise’ top product is the S. M. A. C. K. Keychain Stun Gun 6 Million Volts.

This mini stun gun’s voltage is almost the max that this company has and it is super compact. It is rechargeable and the cable is actually inside of the stun gun for a more compact feel. You can also attach it to your keys.

Streetwise has been around for quite some time now and their customers do not seem to be complaining. That is why they are a force to be reckoned with and that’s why they are on this list.

WebsiteStreetwise Products

Stun Master

Last, but certainly not least, is Stun Master. Stun master is a brand that does not just make a product, they form relationships with their customers.

They were founded 10 years ago and they are still going strong. This brand is has evolved its safety tech but has not changed the formula for making great and reliable products. One amp of electricity can kill someone.

Stun Master’s stun guns only have between 3 to 6 milliamps so that it will not do any permanent damage to an attacker. Stun Masters top product is the Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun. This stun gun has the dimensions 4.75 x 2.5 x 1 inches and has 9.5 million volts.

It is a rechargeable stun gun that has a super bright LED flashlight an additional red flashing emergency light and a disabling pin wrist strap. Now I can see why stun master is on the list. They have thought of everything.

Stun Master seems like a great brand for stun guns and they are also backed up by a warranty so, go ahead and give them a try.

Stun Master

Statistics show that in 2015 there were over 1.7 million burglaries reported to the police in the United States. Half of those burglaries were when the owners were not home. The other 50% are either from the homeowners feeling protected so they did not get a security system, or they were defenseless against the thief.

Crime is just one issue that we as people face every day that we open our front doors to go outside.

So, what would it take for you to feel protected when you’re taking a stroll around the neighborhood or are alone at home or in a dark alley?

Many people in the world have a bat as their sense of protection. Some have more extreme measures that they carry to keep themselves protected.

If you are one of those people that believe you may be in need of an extra line of defense, well a stun gun is right for you. They allow you to feel protected and can stop your attacker or thief right in their tracks.

Here you will find a list of the top 6 stun guns that are out now. You deserve to feel safe everywhere you go. So, protect yourself, check out these stun guns.

6. Monster Stun Gun

Another amazing gun that stuns criminals is the Monster Stun Gun. No, the name is not misleading, this gun lives by its name. This lightweight piece of equipment is designed flawlessly. As they describe the device, you can see, feel, and hear the power of the monster stun gun. It has

As they describe the device, you can see, feel, and hear the power of the monster stun gun. It has an LED light that allows for the user to illuminate their surrounding in the case of small, dark areas or areas with poor lighting conditions.

It has 25 million volts which is a shock that I’m sure no one wants to wake up to. It does come with a rechargeable battery and the charger hides within the stun gun which you can slide out whenever it is necessary.

That’s a great feature that is built into the device to save space and time. Another great feature is the pin. The device comes with a disable pin that deactivates the stun feature when it is removed from the device.

It helps prevent the stun gun from being used on the person that is operating it. The Monster stun gun comes in a multitude of colors and designs which makes it ideal for people, like me, who does not want just one solid color on things.

Stun Gun Safety

Statistics show that stun guns (and other high voltage devices) have saved more than 170,000 lives from death or serious personal injuries.

Protection is something that everyone wants nowadays. But with any kind of protection, you should practice safety first. Whether it is a bat, a stun gun, or a firearm, you can not swing it around and use it as a toy.

Most stun guns come with some sort of safety feature. It may be a switch that allows you to turn it on or off, a pin that you can remove to disable the stun feature or a cap that you can place over the device in case of accidental discharge.

Those are features that you should consider when choosing which stun gun is best for you. Please do not just rush into buying a stun gun out of fear or impatience. Choose one that can suit the need and requirements that you have for the situations you need it for.


With many different devices, out in society today, it is kind of hard to determine which is right for you. Do you want to go old school and carry around a bat or brass knuckles?

Do you want to go to the extreme and purchase a firearm? If you are thinking that the bat just will not do the trick and that the firearm is a little bit over the top, then a stun gun is the direction that you should steer toward.

More than 850 thousand stun gun and Taser weapons have been sold around the world since 1994 to more than 18 thousand law enforcement facilities. A policeman uses stun guns to protect themselves from criminals and danger and so can you.

This list can help you narrow down which stun gun could be right for you. Which one has the features that you are looking for? Which comes with the voltage that you believe you need.

Check out these stun guns more in-depth using the links provided. Please, be safe and protect yourself. It is your right.

Safety Always Come First

One thing that we all should practice when handling any type of self-defense equipment is safety. Protection is something that everyone wants nowadays. But with any kind of protection, you should practice safety first.

Whether it is a bat, a stun gun flashlight, or a firearm, you cannot swing it around and use it as a toy. Most stun guns come with some sort of safety feature. It may be a switch that allows you to turn it on or off, a pin that you can remove to disable the stun feature or a cap that you can place over the device in case of accidental discharge. Those are

Those are the features that you should consider when choosing which stun gun is best for you. Please do not just rush into buying a stun gun out of fear or impatience. Choose one that can suit the need and requirements that you have for the situations you need it for.

We will now move on to look flashlight that also doubles as a stun gun for added protection.

The Best Stun Gun Flashlight

A stun gun delivers a small electric shock to temporarily incapacitate an attacker upon contact, leaving you free to make your escape. It’s a well-used for personal safety that’s legal in many parts of the US.

Stun gun regulations, however, dictate in which states you can legally carry a stun gun and also the maximum voltage allowed. Check with your state laws before purchasing the best stun gun flashlight.

Top 5 Stun Gun Flashlight Comparison Table 2019


Vipertek VTS-979 Mini
VIPERTEK VTS-979 - 53 Billion Stun Gun - Rechargeable with Safety Disable Pin LED Flashlight, Black

Stainless Steel/Leather4.7 /5$$

Vipertek VTS-195
VIPERTEK VTS-195 - 53 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Tactical Flashlight

Polycarbonate4.3 /5$$$

Police Super Bright Stun Gun
Led Flashlight Rechargeable Metal Police style 230 Million Volt + Charger

ABS Plastic4.1 /5$

Guard Dog Security Diablo 160
Guard Dog TLSG-GDD4500F Diablo Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight, Maximum Voltage, Ultra Bright LED Bulb, Rechargeable, Black

Aluminum4.2 /5$$$

SABRE Tactical Stun Gun
SABRE Tactical Stun Gun & LED Flashlight — Delivers 1.139 Serious Pain Inducing microCoulombs & 80 Lumen —Life Time Warranty & Training Video Included

Stainless Steel4.0 /5$$

One way to give your stun gun an edge is by using it in tandem with a flashlight. Take an intense beam flashlight with a powerful strobe effect and combine that with a stun gun, and the combination gives you way more uses and ways to temporarily disable your assailants, with a combination of blinding, disorientation, and electroshock jabs.

A few flashlights also come with sharp serrated bezels that could inflict much more damaging to an attacker when used to jab whilst giving a small electric shock. The retail market wised up to this combination and started supplying stun gun flashlights that are both useable and effective stun guns (also known in parts of the world as Tasers or Tazers).

What To Look For In A Stun Gun/Flashlight Combo

These are standard issue tactical lights that deliver 5mA currents at a large voltage with the push of a button. Here are a few pointers to look out for when choosing the best stun gun flashlight from the options available on the market.

  1. Look for a tactical stun gun flashlight as opposed to the normal stun guns with built-in LEDs.
  2. Compact design that’s easy to carry around with you on the go.
  3. Well concealed prongs design that won’t come into play accidentally and cause self-harm.
  4. Long-lasting, easily rechargeable or replaceable batteries.
  5. Impressive loud shock sounds and huge sparks on engaging the discharge button. These should be sufficient to give anybody headed in your direction a pause and reconsider their steps.

Those are some of the working principles that make for a reliable stun gun flashlight combo. Let’s have a  look at some actual models now that demonstrate these abilities and more.

Top 5 Stun Gun Flashlights for 2019 – Buyers Guide

1.Vipertek VTS-195 Heavy Duty Stun Gun & LED Flashlight

This is a heavy duty stun gun with a tactical flashlight of 300-lumens in power. Combat grade aluminum body, internal rechargeable batteries, 100,000-hour bulb life, and compact size that clocks in at 6.75 inches.

This stun gun flashlight packs a punch with a decent amperage and high shock value. It delivers an intense shock on contact that can cause immediate muscle spasms and prolonged contact can disable your attackers completely.

The metal prongs are creatively placed on the crowned bezel so as not to cause accidental self-harm. The charging is troublesome as there’s no power indicator. The instructions warn you to not overcharge. A bit tricky if you have no indication of how well charged or  powerless the batteries are.

Works well over clothing, including jeans and jackets. Could leave a mark on direct skin contact. The safety switch is a big plus. Could have been designed to make a better popping noise on engaging the prongs.

Comes with a belt holster, making it easy to carry. The biggest drawback of this product is the not being able to engage both the light and the stun gun simultaneously, which kind of beats the purpose.

Probably, a technical flaw that can be corrected with the next iteration. Something else we’ve observed is it works in all weather conditions, including freezing temperatures. 

2.Police 30,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun

This product by Police comes with super powerful probes, complete with safety cap. Rechargeable batteries, improved grip construct, security lock in switch to prevent accidental setting on, and a glass breaker sharpened tip end cap.

Makes a loud popping shock noise on engaging the prongs. The electric prongs might not work on low battery. Keep it fully charged for optimal effect. When used on the face, the burning effect is intense and debilitating. A relative drawback is the internal charging, you need to use the cord and adapter  provided, can’t remove batteries. Simple two switch mechanism to engage the flashlight and the stun gun.

Unfortunately, the switch isn’t well made as it shows a tendency to change positions, and not stay locked in at off or on. This might be irksome if you have a fully charged stun gun that suddenly goes on in your carry bag.

Avoid using on wet ground as the shock will then be conducted to the user too. The stun gun operates at the advertised 30, 100, 000 volts power only when the flashlight isn’t in use.

Keep it away from water for longer shelf life.

3.Guard Dog Security Diablo 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Stun Gun

A 4.5 million volt stun gun with a 160-lumen tactical flashlight. Unique patented technology with probes embedded in the outer layer of the flashlight. Brightness enhancing optimum reflector  system. Type III aluminum body. Bulb life of 100, 000 hours.

Single switch operation with built-in security lock feature. Comes with rechargeable batteries and a nylon carry case. Also provides a lifetime warranty.

The only flashlight stun gun with no visible probes. Has 3 light modes including strobe. As with other stun gun flashlights, engaging the probes will switch off the light. The logic here is you do not need an intense light when in close contact.

The body is metal but the rear cap is plastic, which needs to be handled with care. A completely metallic body would be the ideal set up. Power cord provided is very short. Internal parts seem to have been soldered together loosely.

Poor instruction manual makes it a little difficult to figure out basic functions and charging duration limits. The price is a little steep but you are paying for the embedded electrode technology this one boasts of.

That was us reviewing a cross-section of stun gun flashlights with different price ranges for similar features.

The best self-defense flashlight for you would be one that is tailored to your needs and hopefully combined with another reliable self-defense device or some impressive karate chops.

4.SABRE Tactical Stun Gun Flash Light

Sabre’s stun gun flashlight offering is different from the others above in that, it is designed for serious defense. It has a maximum 80 lumens beam which serves the purpose of temporarily blinding someone.

Coupled with the strobe setting, it’s sufficient to disorient your opponents. Comes with a 2-year warranty, and rechargeable batteries. At 7” and 8 ounces, it’s compact and easily fits in your pocket. As a bonus, a wrist strap, pocket clip, and holster are also included.

The most impressive feature of this stun gun is the frightening cracking sound it makes when the probes are engaged. At 2.5 mAmps current and $20 apiece, this product is worth the money.

5. Vipertek VTS-979 V Mini RechargeableStun Gun/Flashlight

Most stun guns on the market do not have proper companies providing proper customer service. Hence, a few standout. Vipertek is one such company that has emerged as a market leader in making the best stun gun flashlights. We couldn’t help review another one of their best selling product.

The Vipertek VTS – 989B is one of the best-selling stun gun flashlights It’s unique design features shock plates on the sides, apart from the solid metal prongs on the front. If an assailant tries to snatch this stun gun from you, the side plates will easily disengage their paws!

Rechargeable batteries, rubber coating for insulation, safety switch, wrist strap, and unique design are other features you can look forward to when you buy this stun gun.

Delivers enough power on contact to make the muscles spasm. Incredibly loud popping noise that would scare potential attackers. Lightweight and compact can be carried around in the pouch provided. Gift yourself one with $30, and rest easy.

Please remember that stun guns aren’t equivalent to tasers and won’t hold up if you are at the mercy of more than one assailant.

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  1. Did you personally test these stun guns? I notice you mention all the “good reviews” for one of the products. I have purchased two stun guns, one from Guard Dog, the other from Viper and both arrived inoperable/defective after following instructions and attempting to charge. What has me curious is both VIPERTEK VTS-989 and the Guard Dog Diablo had similar charging systems which leads me to believe they are manufactured by the same company in China. I am still looking for a functional/reliable stun gun.

    • We’ve tested a fair few, sounds like you were unlucky with yours but you are right, it’s getting harder to discern the good from the cheap imports from China I’m afraid. Too many people have jumped on the bandwagon and are selling imported goods that simply don’t work as they should.

  2. In your description of 4.SABRE Tactical Stun Gun Flash Light, it mentions 2.5 amps of current – which would be absolutely fatal. I believe it is probably just a typo, and is intended to read 2.5 mAmps or 0.025 amps. Should probably get that corrected. Thanks for putting together all the information though.

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