Survival Tips To Keep You Safe During a Wildfire

by John Wren
Survival Tips To Keep You Safe During a Wildfire

The outdoors can be a lot of fun, but it also presents clear dangers you should avoid at all costs. Hazards such as storms, floods, and lightning strikes can put you in harm’s way without warning.

Unexpected weather events can also spark blazes that quickly get out of control. Use our survival tips below to keep you safe during a wildfire and ensure you’re ready for the worst-case scenario.

Pay Attention To Local Guidelines

If you live in an area at risk of wildfires, pay attention to daily guidelines from your local government. A battery-powered radio will allow you to keep up with information without the need for complicated equipment. Remember to pack extra batteries in case you don’t have immediate access to electricity.

You can sign up to receive emergency alerts on your cell phone to keep abreast with the latest updates. Ensure you have emergency routes mapped out ahead of time in case you need to evacuate.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Knowing when the chances of wildfires are high will ensure you’re ready to go when the weather changes. Storms with high winds can spread fire quickly, so it’s good to have an early warning when a dangerous blaze starts coming your way.

You can take steps to prepare your property for an incoming wildfire to minimize damage. Remove the dry brush and other flammable materials to limit combustion. Also, learning the top causes of forest fires during summer will ensure you’re ready for anything.

Prepare Emergency Supplies

If you must evacuate at a moment’s notice, you’ll want to have some supplies to improve your chances of survival. Getting together food, water, and equipment beforehand will ensure you’re ready. A map, checklist, and emergency contact list can help you get to safety.

Other essential supplies include:

  • Face masks and coverings
  • Fire extinguishers
  • survival kit
  • Any medications you might need.

A change of clothing and personal hygiene products will ensure you’re ready for time away from home.

Your Personal Safety Should Be a Priority

Leaving your home and personal items behind during a wildfire can be traumatic. However, if there’s an evacuation order, don’t hesitate and get to safety as soon as possible.

The best survival tips to keep you safe during a wildfire will help you put your and your loved ones’ safety first. Taking steps to prepare as the weather gets dryer will ensure you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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