6 Reasons Why You Should Always Carry a Tactical Flashlight

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Over the last 20 years, flashlights have made great improvements. Due to the introduction of LED, the huge heavy flashlights you know from days gone were displaced by lights that are more portable and brighter. What might have been seen primarily as a device for camping and hiking, and to have around the house just in case the power went out, has now become a convenient tool to carry every day.

Initially, a flashlight may not seem like much, except as a household item that is used at night or during blackouts or to look into places that are dark. But as a daily carry tool, tactical flashlights have far more uses than what you know. You will be kept in the dark if you don’t have one with you when you really need it.

Tactical flashlights can be very useful in a variety of circumstances. The wonderful thing about flashlights is that wherever you go, you can always take them with you. Unlike a knife or a gun, you are allowed to take it anywhere. And it won’t be a problem if you are in a public place and a flashlight drops out of your pocket or bag.

In this article, we will list and discuss some of the practical reasons to carry a tactical flashlight.


A tactical flashlight is an outstanding tool for self-defense. It incorporates the power of a blinding an attacker with the advantages of the palm stick. It’s hard to imagine how powerful an incredibly blinding strobe light could be until you are glowing in the dark with one. All you could see is light, and then afterward, you would see black as your eyes adjust to the change when the light goes off. Imagine therefore what your assailant will sustain, as he gets hit in the balls, smacked in the solar plexus, or pounded in the face with what equates to a thick metal bolt right after losing his vision. It is not only a great tool for self-defense, but it is also something that you can carry anywhere with you, even in places where it is illegal to carry weapons of any kind.

Prevention should always be your first option. It should then be your second option to use your flashlight as a deterrent, rather than as a weapon. If possible, it is always best to avoid physical contact. When you keep your distance and blind a potential attacker, you may be able to escape. Otherwise, strategies such as empty hand combinations where you replace the light with elbows or hand strikes would work.

Since most people naturally cover their faces with their hands after a bright light has flashed, it is generally recommended to either punch or kick low, or grab and smack the lead hand down as an opening move to attack the head with the flashlight. This type of palm stick defense also tends to work well after a flash attack and can be performed on the throat, face, solar plexus, or sternum. As with everything else, you have to train with this type of tool in order to effectively use it. So if you choose to carry a self-defense flashlight, you should learn how to use it well during training time.

It’s also an important thing to consider that you must already have the flashlight in your hand. Just keeping it in your purse or pocket won’t do you any good. To effectively use a tactical flashlight as a self-defense tool, you must carry it in your hand while you walk around.


Apart from being attacked, there are also other cases of emergency where a tactical flashlight can be beneficial. Your tactical flashlight will send out a powerful light beam to ask for help when your car breaks down or when you get into an accident at night on a darkened road. Many are also equipped with emergency flashing signals. If you get separated from your partner, your flashlight and your walkie talkies will certainly help you find each other. And in the case of a natural disasters such as a hurricane, blizzard, tornado, or flood, you will often have to find your way through a powerful bright light. Similarly, if you witness an accident, you may need to bring a reliable and powerful light to shed on the situation in order to determine the condition of someone. It could mean their death or survival.


A flashlight’s main purpose is to give you illumination in the dark. Be it looking for the correct key, searching for things under your bed or sofa, walking at night time, or when needing an alternative light source throughout a power interruption, having a tactical flashlight in your bag or pocket always comes in handy. 

Although most people nowadays have a flashlight application on their mobile phone, you wouldn’t want to keep it on it for a prolonged time period. That could deplete the battery which could be bad, particularly in cases of a power disruption. And most of all, when you need it for self-defense, the brightness of your cell phone’s flashlight is not sufficient to provide you with enough light to see in the dark. Evil lurks in the darkness. Using a tactical flashlight helps you recognize threats concealed in the dark and potentially avoid them before they even strike.

You can carry tactical flashlights in lightweight, compact sizes in your pocket, handbag, or backpack. This implies that should you ever walk home alone at night and feel like you may be in danger or just in a location where you feel that you are unsafe, you can walk in confidence with the tactical flashlight in your hands. You can easily light it up the way if it gets too dark. A tactical flashlight can also cover a long distance if you narrow the beam.

This not only helps with protection against possible attackers or robbers, but it also helps to ensure that you can walk on a road and know that every step you take won’t result in an ankle roll.

Starting a Fire

Using a tactical flashlight to start a fire can be accomplished in a few various ways. The first method is just for survival cases since it requires breaking the light bulb. This must be cautiously done as you only want to crack the outer glass and not the internal filament. You can use a piece of tinder in the top of the light around the filament if your filament is intact and turn the light on. The second way is by using the flashlight cap’s protective glass lens to magnify the sun onto tinder during the daytime. The third method is applicable only to certain tactical flashlights with a very high concentration of lumens. When the light from the flashlight is concentrated on the tinder the flammable material may ignite.

Here are the steps in starting a fire with a tactical flashlight using the first method.

  1. The first step is to gather all the materials that you would need and that includes:
    • A tactical flashlight
    • Tinder (Something like dead grass or leaves that would ignite safely)
    • Secondary tinder (This could be a stack of dead grass that can be used to make a campfire)
  2. Break the flashlight’s glass cover and remove the glass from it. Make sure that you’re not damaging anything else.
  3. Then break the glass of the bulb carefully so it won’t damage the filament inside.
  4. Screw the remnants of the bulb back onto the tactical flashlight.
  5. Place the tinder at the top of the flashlight and fill it up to the top. Before it finally ignites, it may take you a few tries.
  6. Move the fire to the secondary tinder on the ground immediately until the fire is transferred. Then throw all the fire from the flashlight onto the campfire and then distance yourself away from it.

Scare Off Animals

A tactical flashlight is a handy tool to frighten off animals or wild creatures. It would have more impact on animals than humans because the flashlight will trigger a greater level of disorientation and confusion on animals than on people. This effect is harmless. So you don’t have any catastrophic consequences to concern yourself about. You can freely escape from the site and head to a safer and more secure location.

You may encounter wild animals while hiking in the mountains or walking in the forest at night. A high-performance flashlight can be used to successfully ward off a predator such as a mountain lion, grizzly, or a black bear that can sometimes be aggressive. It could make them momentarily disoriented when you aim the beam in their direction.

Tactical flashlights can also help scare off domestic animals such as dogs. Although dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, some of them are trained to be the worst enemy of a stranger, and you would often find that type when you’re alone late at night. By aiming your flashlight in their eyes of someone’s guard dog that managed to jump the wall, you could potentially neutralize them. Even if it won’t do any long term damage, it will immobilize them long enough for you to escape.

Legal in Every State

Are tactical flashlights legal? Yes, a tactical flashlight is legal in every state. They are absolutely legal because they integrate all the elements of standard flashlights while offering higher brightness packed in a tight, durable case. This kind of flashlight looks a little bit different from the standard ordinary flashlights that you can buy in retail stores.

Many states put a restriction on what their people are permitted to carry for self-defense. If you are prohibited to carry a knife or gun and do not like the possibility of spraying yourself with pepper spray, then perhaps a high-quality tactical flashlight is an excellent option for self-defense that is legal to carry in any state. Of course, there are also other self-defense options.

The tactical flashlight is more than just an ordinary flashlight. It is a first-class self-defense and survival tool that will help you navigate the world in a safer and more efficient way. It is a piece of important equipment not only for police officers or rescue personnel but also for common people who need it for emergency situations. So try to ensure that you don’t leave home without carrying a tactical flashlight with you and make sure that you know how to use it appropriately.

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