The Top 10 Cold Weather Sleeping Bags Designed For Women in 2023

by John Wren

Sleeping comfortably in cold weather conditions is essential for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, especially for women who require specialized gear to meet their unique needs. Women-specific sleeping bags are designed to cater to the differences in anatomy and body shape between men and women. With this in mind, manufacturers have developed cold weather sleeping bags that are specifically designed for women, providing them with optimal warmth, comfort, and protection against the elements. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of these sleeping bags and provide recommendations for the best cold weather sleeping bags designed for women.

While there is nothing wrong with using a generic square sleeping bag, the winter sleeping bags for women are technically designed to conform to the female shape and insulation needs.

A few differences are the narrower measurements around the shoulder areas and the allowance for a more curvaceous figure.

Research shows that if you are buying a sleeping bag for a woman or girl, it is better to get one that is specific for the female form.

Females generally sleep colder compared to men and require more insulation in the feet and upper body.

Sleeping bags are now being rated according to comfort and minimum temperature. Comfort rating measures the lowest air temperature of the bag when it is being used or the borderline when the body starts to feel cold.

The minimum temperature rating measures the temperature an average woman can survive while using the bag for 6 hours without experiencing hypothermia.

Under the European standard which some US manufacturers use, there are 3 ratings: comfort, lower limit, and extreme wherein comfort refers to the insulation.

For winter, the female mummy sleeping bags are ideal because they are tapered at the feet to keep the warm air in and the entire bag fits snugly to the body. These bags are also specifically designed for sub-zero temperatures.

Choosing your Winter Sleeping Bag for Women

Aside from the ratings, the features to think about while selecting the best winter sleeping bag for a female include:

Insulation used – Choices range from down (highly effective in keeping you warm) and synthetic (cheapest and insulation keeps you dry and prevents cold air from touching your body)

Placement of zipper – It’s easier to zip up or open up if the zipper is found on your non-dominant side.

Bag Weight and Size – This is important especially if you plan on hiking and carrying your beddings on your back.

Accessories – The add-ons for a good sleep include mat (self-inflating or standard rol), pillows (self-inflating, inflatable, or soft formed), liner (silk or cotton), compression sack

The 10 Top Female Winter Sleeping Bags Reviewed

Here is our choices of the best winter sleeping bags for women. Although there are not as many to choose from compared to what the market has for men’s sleeping bags, we are certain you will find one that meets your demands from the list below:

1. Rab Neutrino 400 Sleeping Bag – Women’s Petal

Rab Neutrino is  a highly respected brand of equipment for mountaineering enthusiasts and those who love winter sports.

Their 400 sleeping bag for women is lightweight, compact, and warm. It stands out because it is one of few that is ethically harvested and contains high fill power down which can handily fight dampness and wet weather.

On the downside, it is expensive but you get the best with 800 down which means you get more down per square inch.

Quick Features:

  •  Shell material is delicate
  •  ENR of 27%
  •  Weight of 28 ounces
  •  Warmth of 25%
  •  3 season bag
  •  Fits easily into a backpack

2. Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bed 800-Fill 3 Season

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800-Fill DriDown Long, 3 Season Sleeping Bag
  • 800 Fill DriDown
  • Versatile integrated comforter wraps allows you to easily adjust to varying temperatures
  • Insulated Hand/Arm Pockets provide insulation under your arms when comforter is used outside of the bag
  • Sleeping pad sleeve secures your sleeping pad to create the experience of a fully integrated bed
  • Catenary shaped opening is smaller than bag width so when you push out, the walls push in to seal out drafts

Sierra Designs is another familiar name among campers. Their extremely comfortable DriDown Backcountry Bed is perfect for a stomach sleeper and woman who likes to change position while sleeping.

Quick Features:

800 Fill down

  • Insulated arm pockets
  • Sleeping pad sleeve
  • Has no zippers, uses tuck-in method
  • ENR of 25%
  • Weight is 2 pounds  and 9.4 ounces which makes it heavy
  •   Not a backpacker’s sleeping bag

3. Sierra Designs Women’s Mobile Mummy 600 3-Season

Sierra Designs Women's Mobile Mummy Sleeping Bag, Fanfare/Tradewinds
  • Sierra Designs mobile mummy sleeping bag is designed for all sleep styles & wear it like a garment camp comfort at it's finest
  • Sierra Designs mobile mummy moves when you do, you can sleep on your side, stomach or back without feeling constrained
  • The mobile mummy sleeping bag allows you to wear the bag like a garment to sit up and use your hands, or stow the foot box for a walk around camp
  • Features: 800 fill down, draft collar to keep warmth in, garment style sleeping bag moves with you, Zipperless arm ports for mobility, dual zippers
  • Sleeping bag comfort Rating: 25 F, EN Rating 25 F/-4 C, dimensions: fits to 5 ft 8 in, weight 3 lbs 7 oz, stuff size 16 x 9.5 in

Another top seller from Sierra Design is the Mobile Mummy sleeping bag. It is a 3 season bag with 600 fill duck down. Its hood has no toggles or cord yet manages to keep you snug from head to toe.

Quick Features:

  • No zippers, hooks, or toggles in arm ports
  • Ventable zipper, 58 inches
  • Draft prevention collar
  • Stowable foot box
  • ENR comfort limit is 25F, Lower limit is 14 to -10 degrees C
  • Weight is 25.2 ounces

4. Kelty Tuck EX 20 Degree ThermaPro

Kelty Women's Tuck EX 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, Deep Lake/Tropical Green
  • Three seasons of protection and warmth, luxurious comfort in this oversized mummy bag
  • ThermaPro synthetic insulation - Thermapro the perfect blend of warmth and compressibility
  • Sleeping Bag Features: ThermaPro Insulation, Comfort-Tuck Zipper System, comfort hood & natural fit pocket, Zipper draft tube
  • Sleeping Bag Comfort Rating: 20 F / -7 C
  • Dimensions: Fits to 6 ft, Weight 3 lbs 14 oz, Stuff Size 9 x 17 in

Kelty is known for its high-end backpacking and camping gear. Their motto is “Build to Endure” and you can expect their sleeping bags to be ready to handle the rough and sometimes brutal forces of nature.

The Tuck EX ThermaPro RH for Women is made of fabric and polyester with lining. It has 600 fill duck down and is good for three seasons

Quick Features:

  •      Oversized mummy bag
  •      Tuck in zipper system
  •      Lets you sleep in any position
  •      Can handle up to -7 degrees C
  •      For lefties
  •      Weight is 3 pounds
  •      Unisex

5. Marmot Trestles 30 Synthetic Sleeping Bag

MARMOT Trestles 30 Long Mummy Sleeping Bag, 30-Degree Rating
  • Mummy style 30 degree sleeping bag for backpacking, camping, and other outdoor activities
  • Maximum warmth/durable SpiraFil high loft insulation; EN rated as comfortable for men at a lower limit of approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Anatomically shaped footbox for more wiggle room and less heat buildup
  • Regular: Weight: 3 pounds, 1 ounce.; pack volume: 640.7curie (10.5 liters); interior length: 85"; 70D 100 percent polyester, 2.2 ounce/yard; 70D 100 percent embossed polyester, 2.2 ounce/yard
  • Long: Weight: 3 pounds, 5.2 ounce.; pack volume: 750.6 curie (12.3 liters); interior length: 91"; 70D 100 percent polyester, 2.2 ounce/yard; 70D 100 percent embossed polyester, 2.2 ounce/yard

Founded in 1974, this Colorado company for outdoor clothing and gear is known for its technical approach to sporting goods.

Their Trestles 30 sleeping bag not only fits the female form to a tee, but it also is treated to handle a higher level of resistance to water and moisture.

Quick Features:

  • Added insulation around the torso area
  • Made of synthetic materials
  • Dual zippers
  • Compression stuff sack
  • Stash pocket
  • Can handle up to – 7 degrees F
  • Pillow pocket
  • Weight is 3 pounds, 4 ounces

6. Mountain Equipment Women’s Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag

Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag, Left Zip - Womens, Foxglove, ME-003522 Foxglove LZ NA
  • Material: DriLite Loft II, PU coating
  • Insulation: 700-fill duck down
  • Shape: mummy
  • Zipper: full-length
  • Max User Height: [regular] 5ft 9in, [long] 6ft 1in

Sold worldwide, Mountain Equipment specializes in outdoor sports. Their Women’s Glacier 500 sleeping bag is a testimony to their quality and high standards.

It has thermal efficiency, low weight, maximum insulation, and excellent structure.

Quick Features:

  • Weight is 35 ounces
  • Can handle up to -6 degrees F
  • 725 down
  • Fabric dries fast and is water repellant

7. Therm-a-Rest Women’s Mira HD

Therm-a-Rest Adara HD Sleeping Bag
  • Zoned Insulation: Box-baffled 750+ hydrophobic down w/ sewn-though insulatedbottom
  • Reflective ThermaCapture lining for added warmth without excess weight or bulk.
  • SynergyLink Connectors integrate your mattress for optimal comfort and efficiency
  • Heat trapping draft collar and full-length zipper draft tube
  • External zip pocket. Stuffsack and storage sack included.

This 3 season sleeping bag from Therm-a-Rest is made of durable shell fabric and 20D polyester ripstop.

It can help regulate your body heat all night with the 750 down fill and the Toe-asis warmer which is a patented feature.

It has its own storage and stuff sack and is equipped with special Connectors that prevent slipping and sliding.

Quick Features:

  • Heat-trapping collar
  • Full-length zipper draft tube
  • Snag-free zipper
  • Hood can be cinched
  • Can handle up to -18 degrees F
  • Weight is 28 ounces

8. Mountain Equipment Women’s Helium 800

As proof that Mountain Equipment has gained our respect and that of many other expert outdoor sports enthusiasts, we have found another of their sleeping bags that impresses us: the Helium 800.

This sleeping bag for women has a tapered fit that increases thermal efficiency while lightening the bag’s weight. It has the signature Bull-Eye technology for down control and a DC5 hood for even better warmth on cold nights.

Helium fabric is a special light, breathable material that can be compressed and stay waterproof. It’s exclusive to Mountain Equipment products.

Quick Features:

  • Weight is 12 pounds, 2 ounces
  • Comes with stuff sack
  • Draft collar and drawcord
  • 725 down
  • Left zipper
  • Temperature rating is -50 to -1 F

9. Western Mountaineering Sequoia MF 5 Degree

The Sequoia MF 5 from Western Mountaineering is exactly what you need for cold weather outdoor camping.

It has extra weather resistance, a superlight shell water resistant fabric with over 850 goose down fill.

Quick Features:

  • Unisex
  • 5 and a quarter spacing zipper-to-zipper continuous baffles
  • Foot can unzip and lie flat
  • Full draft collar
  • Weight of 3 pounds and 4 ounces
  • 33 ounces of goose down
  • Temperature rating of – 5 degrees F
  • Good for large frames

10. Big Agnes Women’s Ethel 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes specializes in camping gear. Their 2015 Ethel sleeping bag is a great product for women because it is comfortable and can handle up to 0 degrees.

It has Downtek insulation that lets you move comfortably while sleeping and Insoltect Flow which distributes your body heat efficiently.

What stands out with Ethel and other Big Agnes products is the innovativeness and use of technology for optimum efficiency and a reasonable price.

Quick Features:

  • No cold spots
  • Vertical baffles for uniform heating
  • 650 down
  • Nylon rip-stop, breathable material
  • Water repellant
  • Extra insulation around the core and feet areas
  • YKK zipper (left side)
  • Comes in several sizes from petite to large
  • Can be used with a sleeping pad
  • 0 degrees F
  • Weight 4 pounds

There you go – 10 of the best winter sleeping bags for women! However, as an added bonus, here’s an extra one you can consider that is also an amazing find.

11. Rab Andes 800 Sleeping Bag: -8 Degree Down

This anemone-colored sleeping bag has a left zipper and special microlight fabric. It comes with 800 FP goose down from Europe and can handle up to -8 degrees. It is imported from the UK and has an inner fabric for added comfort.

Any of these winter sleeping bags for women will provide a wonderful, warm and toasty, sleep on cold nights.

Some are more insulated than others and have prettier colors so the clincher would probably be your aesthetic and comfort demands.

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