Pogo Sticks Not Just for Kids, Fun for Adults Too

by John Wren
Pogo Sticks Not Just for Kids, Fun for Adults Too

Pogo sticks are awesome. They’re fun and challenging, and give you that feeling of triumph when you master the art of staying on them for longer. That said, they can be pretty scary too if you’ve never used one before. Most people associate pogo sticks with kids because that is who predominantly uses them. But there are plenty of adults out there who love the thrill of pogoing. If this sounds like something that interests you, read on to learn more about adult pogo sticks and how to use them properly. Pogo sticks are great for getting you and your kids outdoors.

What’s the best pogo stick on the market?

The best pogo stick for adults will be the one that meets all of your needs. This means you’ll likely need to try out a few different models to find the best fit for you. Some of the most popular models include the: – Mega Pogo – This model is great for adults in that it has a foot pump, making it much easier to get up and running. It also has an adjustable spring which allows you to adjust the amount of bounce to suit your skill level. – Power Pogo – This pogo stick is an all-around great choice for beginners as well as more experienced pogoers. It features an adjustable spring, which can be changed to suit your skill level. It also comes with a repair kit, in case you have any issues with it while pogoing. – Pogo XLR – This pogo stick is a great choice for those who want a little more stability when pogoing. It is a little heavier than standard pogo sticks, but offers great stability and is great for those who like to jump higher. – Pogo Jumper – This pogo stick is a little different from the others on the list in that it offers an assisted pogoing experience for those who are less experienced. The pogo jumper has a spring-loaded leg cradle to help you get started on pogoing. It also has a safety handle to help you stay in control. However, here is a great list to start with:

Adult Pogo Stick List

Bestseller No. 1
Flybar Master Pogo Stick for Kids, Ages 9+, 80 to 160 Pounds, Easy Grip Handles, Anti-Slip Pegs, Outdoor Toys for Boys, Jumper Toys for Girls, Outside Toys for Kids, Tweens and Teens (Black/Silver)
  • PERFECT FOR OLDER KIDS: Designed for older kids ages 9 and up, 80 to 160 lbs. Great for starter pogo for teens and tweens. Your child can learn the basics and before you know it, they’ll be an...
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Flybar pogo stick features a fully enclosed spring, foam wrapped metal frame, non-slip foot pads and wide bounce tip for increased stability, balance, and control
  • ACTIVE PLAY and EXERCISE: Get them outside and off screens. Encourage fitness, Helps them build muscle, enjoy the outdoors, burn energy, keep them active while having an awesome amount of fun, tweens,...
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: The Master comes ready to bounce straight out of the box, so kids will be jumping in seconds. Parents will love how easy it is to get this toy set up and ready for playtime
  • TRUSTED FLYBAR QUALITY: As the original Pogo Stick Company since 1918, Flybar continues to set "the standard by which all pogoes are measured," ensuring the best quality and experience for users
Bestseller No. 2
Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty for Weights 120-210 Lbs
  • CLASSIC TRICK POGO STICK: The Super Pogo is a classic pogo stick from Flybar meant for extreme jumping and technical pogo tricks but is always great for beginners who want to learn to pogo. Nothing...
  • HEAVY DUTY METAL CONSTRUCTION: Strong spring powered pogo stick made of a heavy metal construction with reinforced injected-molded clamps and steps that will hold up for the most technical pogo...
  • WIDE STANCE FOOT PEGS: The Super Pogo by Flybar features large wide stance foot pegs with grip tape so you have the ultimate control whether you are just casual jumping or doing extreme tricks. Strong...
  • LEARN BALANCE & COORDINATION SKILLS: In a fun and exciting way. So much fun that won’t even realize that you are exercising. The Flybar Super Pogo is meant for beginners all the way up to experts....
  • Meant for ages as low as 14 & Up to adults weighing from 120 to 210 pounds
Bestseller No. 3
Flybar Super Pogo 2 - Pogo Stick For Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty For Weights 90-200 Lbs, Black/Silver
  • EXTREME POGO STICK: Combines the best features of our Super Pogo and Flybar 800, meant for extreme tricks or just casual pogoing.
  • HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: The Super Pogo 2 by Flybar is constructed with high strength “aircraft grade” 6160-Aluminum and heavy duty metal frame, vertical reinforcing chambers, and large...
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBARS WITH RUBBER HAND GRIPS: The Super Pogo 2 features adjustable handlebars that you can rotate to your desired position. Also quality & comfortable rubber hand grips for a safe pogo...
  • SPRING POWERED POGO: Strong heavy duty spring powered pogo to accommodate extreme jumping or just casual bouncing.
  • Made for kids and adults ages 14 & Up, weighing 90 to 200 pounds.
Bestseller No. 4
Think Gizmos Pogo King Foam Pogo Stick for Kids, Teens & Adults - Boys & Girls Ages 9 & Up, 80 to 160 Lbs - Can You Master This Fun Quality Pogostick (Blue)
  • ✔️ AWESOME DESIGN: The Pogo King model of pogo stick is an impressive jumping stick for adults and children aged 11+ or who weigh 80-160lbs (36-72kg). Helps build core muscle, aids with balance...
  • ✔️ SAFETY FIRST: The Pogo King from Think Gizmos is the perfect pogostick for young adults and getting them off the screen and outside exercising. It is made to rigorous safety standards with...
  • ✔️ BUILT TO LAST: This jumping stick for boys and girls is covered in durable foam and very well built (Do not be persuaded by cheap models that will break easily). Incorporates a powerful low...
  • ✔️ KEEP ACTIVE: The rubber tip will help maintain control, keep kids jumping and active for a long time. This jumping stick for children measures approximately 41 inches (104cm) tall / width 11...
  • ✔️ PLAY & DEVELOP: An awesome way for children to develop skills, improve balance and concentration, have fun and regain shape, enjoy outdoors and improve their confidence all whilst having a...
Bestseller No. 5
NSG Flight Premium Perfomance Pogo Stick - Ages 9 and Up - 80-180 Pounds, Black
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED POGO STICK: Combining the classic form for traditional bouncing with new-age function, the NSG Flight Pogo Stick is the choice for pogo jumpers everywhere!
  • SPORT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE: Perfect for casual jumpers, but powerful and durable enough for aspiring Xpogo athletes looking for a higher bounce, flatland precision, and bigger air tricks.
  • MATCHLESS FEATURES: Low Friction Spring Technology, hydro-formed steel shell, industrial-strength steel springs, steel piston, welded diamond footplate, and co-molded rubber grips.
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS: Jumping around is not just for little kids. Everyone can enjoy the fun and benefits of pogo-stick jumping; an intense, yet low-impact, cardio and plyometric exercise.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Black. Height: 42 inches. Item weight: 6 lbs. Recommended for boys and girls ages 9 and up, weighting 80 lbs - 180 lbs. Overall dimensions: 11"L x 2.2"W x 42"H.
Bestseller No. 6
Willingfun Pogo Stick for Kids Age 7, 8, 9, 10 and Up, Pogo Stick Adult, 80 to 160 Lbs, Pro Master Pogo Stick - Black
  • Safe and Quality Design - Our pogo stick for kids 9 and up is made with durable and eco-friendly material. The design of anti-slip pegs are with mathching grip tape for ultimate traction and give...
  • Multiple Benefits - A good way to improve balance and concentration, have fun, fitness, enjoy outdoors, improve confidence and make friends while having a great time playing of master pogo stick
  • Pogo Stick Together - Our pogo sticks can cope with weight up to 160 pounds, it is also a pogo stick for adults, enjoy the fun of pogo stick together and get more close to your kids
  • No Assembly Required - The pogo stick for kids age 10 and up comes ready to bounce straight out of the box, so kids will be allow to jump in seconds. Remember always bounce within your abilities
  • Healthy Gift - Get your little ones off sofa or video games and bouncing their way to a healthier life. He/she will love the pro pogo stick!

How to use an adult pogo stick

– Before you begin to use your pogo stick, make sure you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to make sure you’re pogoing safely. Generally, you’ll want to wear a helmet and knee pads when pogoing. You may also want to wear gloves, as you’ll be holding a metal handle while on your pogo stick. – With the pogo stick on a level surface, place one foot at the top of the pogo stick and use your other foot to press against the ground and hop up and down. As you gain proficiency, you can stop using the foot against the ground and just use your leg strength to maintain your balance. – Your pogo stick should come with a handle that you can use, or you can use a tennis or basketball handle to maintain control while pogoing. – If you’re new to pogoing, you may want to start off with a standard pogo stick to gain some confidence and build up your strength. – You can also use a pogo rebounder, which is a great way to learn how to pogo without the risk of falling and getting hurt.

Things to know before buying an adult pogo stick

– The first thing you should do when buying a pogo stick is to make sure you get the right size. Pogo sticks are available in a variety of different sizes, and you want to make sure you get one that fits you properly. If it is too small, you may experience back pain while pogoing, while if it is too big, you may find it unstable and harder to control. – Next, you want to make sure your pogo stick is safe. You want to check for any manufacturer defects, such as cracks or broken parts. You also want to make sure the pogo stick is the right weight for your strength and skill level. – Finally, you want to make sure your pogo stick is comfortable. You don’t want to have an uncomfortable pogo stick that makes it hard to pogo.

Using a pogo rebounder

– A pogo rebounder is a great way to build your strength and confidence before jumping onto a pogo stick. It is a spring-loaded device that allows you to pogo with the assistance of a spring. – Pogoing on a rebounder is a great way to practice and get a feel for pogoing, while reducing your risk of falling. – A pogo rebounder is a great way to start pogoing if you’re new to it. It is also a great way to maintain your pogoing skills if you haven’t pogoed in a while.

Pogo jumping techniques for adults

– If you’re new to pogoing, you may want to start with the basic pogoing technique. This is a great way to get the hang of things and gain some confidence in your skills. The basic pogoing technique involves standing with your knees slightly bent and holding the handle of your pogo stick with both hands. The next technique is the bunny hop, which is similar to the basic hop, but you bounce higher and your feet come farther off the ground. The pogo scissor involves crisscrossing your legs while pogoing and hopping with one leg at a time. The last technique is the pogo sprint, which is a more advanced technique that involves keeping your feet on the pogo stick at all times.


There are many benefits to pogoing, including the fact that it is a fun way to stay active. These also make a great gift for people who like to be outdoors. It is also a great cardio workout, as pogoing uses your leg muscles like running does. It is a great way to build upper body strength as well. It is also a great way to relieve stress. Does age matter when it comes to using a pogo stick? Most manufacturers recommend that people be at least 12 years old to use an adult pogo stick, but younger kids can use them with adult supervision. It is important that children are tall enough and have the strength needed to use a pogo stick safe.

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