Several Reasons Why the Great Outdoors is Good for Your Health

by John Wren
Several Reasons Why the Great Outdoors is Good for Your Health

There’s a reason why people always say that getting outside is good for you and going for a walk or a hike. It’s because spending time exploring and being in nature has amazing benefits for your mental and physical health. Spending time in the great outdoors does wonders for your mind as well as your body. If you feel like you spend most of your life cooped up indoors, perhaps it’s time to venture outside more often. Emerging research shows that spending time in natural environments is good for our health in many ways and with fall here, now is the time to start walking, hiking or fall camping. A walk through the woods or hike at a local park has so many benefits, from improving mood and increasing self-esteem to lowering stress, improving concentration and reducing the risk of depression. Let’s delve deeper into why getting out of the house is so good for you!

Seeing the Great Outdoors is Good for Your Mental Health

We spend a lot of time indoors, and that might not be good for us. Spending too much time indoors can lead to vitamin D deficiency. This can affect your mood and make you more susceptible to depression. Being outside in the sun can help prevent this deficiency. Nature has a calming effect on our brains. This is why being in a park or garden is so relaxing. Research shows spending time outdoors can help reduce anxiety and make us less stressed. One study found that just 10 minutes of exposure to nature is enough to lower stress hormone levels by 50%. Being outdoors in nature is also good for your mental health in other ways. It can improve your mood, boost self-esteem and make you feel more connected to the world around you. Spending time in nature can even reduce feelings of social isolation, which is something a lot of people struggle with.

Nature is Good for Your Mental Wellbeing

Nature has positive effects on your mental health, mood and general wellbeing. When you spend time in the great outdoors, you can experience these benefits for yourself. A study found that when people took a walk through a forest, their levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone) increased. In another study, participants who simply looked at images of nature experienced lowered levels of tension and anxiety, as well as increased feelings of calmness and peacefulness. Research has shown that from these benefits, people experience an increased sense of wellbeing, a clearer mind and a reduction in feelings of loneliness.

Hiking and Being in Nature Can Help with Depression

Here’s something that will make you want to get out and walk in the great outdoors even more – hiking can help reduce symptoms of depression. Spending time in nature has been shown to be beneficial in treating depression. When compared to spending time in an urban environment, being outside in nature is proven to have a stronger effect in reducing symptoms of depression. The positive effects of being in nature go a long way in reducing feelings of sadness and anxiety and boosting the mood. This mental health benefit of the great outdoors is likely caused by the smell of plants and trees. Research shows that the smell of vegetation is strongly associated with feelings and memories of being happy. The smell of vegetation is also proven to have a calming effect on people.

Being Outdoors is Great for Your Physical Health

Getting outside can lead to improvements in your physical health, such as better sleep and mood. Outdoor activities and exercise don’t just have mental health benefits, they can also lead to physical health benefits. For example, being active in the great outdoors can help you sleep better. Research shows that being active in natural environments can improve sleep quality for almost everyone. Exercising outdoors is also good for your mood. It has been shown that outdoor exercise can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, even in people who were previously experiencing high levels of those emotions. Overall, exercising outside can be good for your physical and mental health.

Greater Mobility and Strength Through Exercise

Exercising in the great outdoors can improve your strength and mobility, particularly if you are exercising in nature. Many people who exercise outside have reported better mobility and strength when compared to those who exercise indoors. This could be due to the fact that exercising outdoors in natural environments can increase your metabolic rate. Exercising in nature can also increase your mental well-being and reduce your levels of stress. It has been shown that exercising in nature can be particularly effective in reducing stress. There is also evidence showing that exercising in nature can improve attention and self-control, which could be helpful for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Breathing Fresh Air is Good for Your Lungs

A lot of people spend their time indoors, but this can lead to issues. Because most indoor environments are poorly ventilated, they lack fresh air. This can be particularly problematic in the winter, when people spend more time indoors and the air is often laden with harmful pollutants. Poor air quality in the winter can negatively affect your health. It can make you more prone to allergies and infections and can also negatively impact your mental health. Studies have shown that people who are exposed to polluted air have higher levels of stress and anxiety. Being outside in nature can help you avoid these issues. Being in an outdoor environment that is well-ventilated can help clear the air and make the air cleaner, which can be good for your mental health.


Taking advantage of the great outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. Being outside in nature can help lower your stress and improve your mental health. It can also help you lead a healthier lifestyle by improving your mood, increasing your metabolism and improving your lung health. Getting outside is great for your health, no matter what the season is.

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