Looking For Camping Gifts? 15 Great Ideas for Camping Couples

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Are you looking for a holiday gift idea for that couple on your list that absolutely LOVES spending time in the great outdoors?

Forget getting them a toaster or tie this year. Give them a gift they are sure to enjoy, something they can use on their next outdoor adventure. Here are 15 great camping gift ideas for couples.

1. Hammock for Two

This is a great gift idea for couples that love to be in the great outdoors. This is a large hammock that is big enough for both of them to snuggle up together in under the stars. It is made from high quality parachute fabric and comes in a variety of colors. It can hold up to 660 pounds and is weather resistant.

It comes with all the clips and straps you need for easy set-up and includes a handy carrying bag for when it is not in use. It weighs just 2.3 pounds, so it is easy to take anywhere. It is sure to put a smile on your favorite couple’s face when they unwrap this present this year.

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2. Coffee Gift Box for Campers

This is a wonderful present for the couple on your list that loves coffee. The Coleman Camping coffee maker makes up to 10 cups of coffee over a camp stove or fire! It includes exactly what you need to enjoy a wonderful coffee break while they are on their next big adventure.

The steel base can stand hot temperatures over open flames so you can make coffee without electricity. This makes it the ideal solution for the couple that likes to be on the go and out in nature. This will be an unexpected surprise for that coffee loving couple you know.

3. Sleeping Bag for Two

Every camper needs a good sleeping bag. Now you can give your camping couple the gift of a double sleeping bag which will allow them to sleep together and snuggle up on those cold nights. This double size bag is perfect for couples. It comes with a compression sack included for easier transport.

It has a double zipper on both sides so they can enter and exit from either side, making getting in an out much easier. The bag is rated to handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees and is truly a gift they can use from the beginning of camping season in early spring until late into fall.

4. Hanging Camping Organizer

This is a great gift for the couple that loves to be on the go. This little portable organizer comes with everything you need to organize your toiletries and cosmetics. It is made of durable material and hangs so you can keep everything off the ground. It contains four bottles and two jars to hold all your shampoo, conditioner, and shaving supplies.

It has compartments to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and all your cosmetics. It is lightweight but sturdy, with reinforced seams. It is water resistant and designed to keep all your supplies dry in inclement weather. This is a great gift for your favorite outdoorsy couple.

5. Aeros Pillow

The Areos pillow makes a great gift for your favorite camping couple. These comfortable pillows are inflatable so they can be packed easily into any backpack. They are lightweight and space saving. They are constructed from soft knit polyester that is strong and durable.

Each pillow has a synthetic fill between the air bladder and the pillow case which increases comfort and helps to wick away moisture. Each pillow contains curved inner baffles that contour to the shape of your head to cradle it in comfort. These pillows are truly perfect for the couple that loves to go camping.

6. WineCubby Reusable Foldable Wine Bag Set

This handy WineCubby is sure to make you favorite campers smile. The kit comes with one reusable plastic wine bag and a funnel for pouring. Never again will a broken bottle of wine ruin their trip. The wine bags are flexible, lightweight and easy to take with them anywhere they might happen to venture off to.

The plastic bags are BPA free, leak proof and capable of holding one full bottle of wine in each. Your camping couple is sure to use these nifty little bags time and time again for those romantic outdoor getaways.

7. Car Charger Splitter with USB Port

This is a remarkable gift for that tech-savvy camping couple you have problems shopping for. This triple socket car charger with 4 USB ports is sure to please. There is nothing worse than being stuck outside without any way of charging your phone or tablet, or other mobile devices.

This device comes with a built in car battery voltage meter so you can check the vehicle voltage in real-time. With this handy charger your favorite camping couple can both charge their devices at the same time, and they will definitely thank you for it.

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8. JOTO Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case

This JOTO Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case will be the perfect gift for that couple on your list that enjoys camping. While traversing in the wilderness it is very easy for your cell phone to slip out of your pocket or fall out of your hands while maneuvering over things. This handy waterproof case is capable of holding a variety of cell phones, as well as your keys or credit cards.

The touch friendly case is waterproof up to a hundred feet. It has an added benefit, you are even capable of taking pictures and videos while under water without distortion. This is a great gift for any couple that is into camping or that might enjoy trying their hand at underwater photography.

9. Double Sleeping Pad

Give the gift of comfort to that camping couple that you know this season. This Double Sleeping Pad is sure to give them many great nights of sleep while they go on their adventures. This pad is lightweight and folds into its own compact carrying case for easy packing and storage.

The pad is durable and comes with two valves which make it capable of being inflated or deflated with ease. It is wide enough to easily accommodate two people. The pad is thick enough for back sleepers, as well as side or stomach sleepers, so they can sleep in any position comfortably. This gift is sure to please.

10. Yuoto Outdoor Fanny Pack

A unique and useful gift for your favorite camper is the Yuoto Outdoor Fanny Pack, which is sure to give them a smile this year. This handy fanny pack is multipurpose and attaches to your waist as well as your shoulder with the single shoulder strap.

The pack is very breathable and is built for comfort. This fanny pack is capable of holding numerous things, such as mobile devices, food, keys, up to two water bottles or anything else you may need to carry. This is surely a perfect gift for that couple who needs to carry a lot with them while they are out and about.

11. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

For those camping couples who enjoy going out no matter how inclement the weather is, the FBS Car Travel Inflatable Mattress could come in handy. This inflatable mattress would be perfect for those making long trips, or those who may need to sleep inside the vehicle for a little extra warmth or for added protection from the elements.

It can be used in mostly any common car or SUV. Simply inflate and the couple can take a nap or sleep together just about anywhere. The mattress also includes two inflatable pillows, a bag for storage and an inflator/deflator pump. This gift is sure to give the camping couple on your list a good night’s sleep.

12. REDCAMP Camping Cookware Mess Kit

For those camping couples on your shopping list that enjoy convenience, the REDCAMP Camping Cookware Mess Kit would make the perfect gift. This wonderful 10-piece set includes everything you may need for a couple to eat. The kit includes a pan, a pot, a fork, two bowls, a ladle, a lid, a spoon, and a soup spoon. It even includes a loofah to clean everything after you finish your meal.

The kit comes with its own case, and is lightweight and easy to carry on your back while traveling to any site. This mess kit has all the components they would need for any couple to have a nice romantic meal anywhere.

13. The Midland Two Way Radio

The Midland Two Way Radio makes a great gift for any outdoorsy couple. This set of radios has 50 different channels. The radio also has an amazing 36-mile range so no matter how far your friends are apart, they are still able to communicate with each other clearly.

Not only are you giving them a way to communicate, you are providing them with a way to truly stay safe while on their adventures. The radios are water resistant so even in wet weather, they are sure to be useful. Every couple that loves the great outdoors should have a set of these two way radios.

14. Coleman Queen Sized Airbed Cot

If you have ever slept on a camping cot, you know how narrow and uncomfortable they can be. It is impossible for a couple to share one together. The Coleman queen-sized airbed cot is a solution to these problems. This cot is the ultimate in camping comfort. Your friends will feel pampered when they lay on this cot.

It also features two side tables that have cup holders for the ultimate experience in comfort. A pump is included with the cot for easy setup. Your favorite couple that loves to camp is sure to thank you for this comfortable addition to their camping gear collection.

15. Smartphone Charger with Solar Panel

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the wilderness and your cell phone dies on you. Since the advancement of GPS technology, many campers rely on their phones to help them navigate the woods. This great 16 Watt solar panel dual USB charger can be just the solution you are looking for.

This unit is waterproof and it is even foldable to easily fit inside any camping pack. The camping couple on your list is sure to love this present. It is a very practical thing for any camper to take with them any time they decide to go camping or hiking.

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We took our time in selecting these best 15 camping gift ideas for couples that spent much of their free time outdoors. You can make them even happier by selecting one of our top recommendations, they’re sure to love it!

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