Best Women’s Hunting Boots

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No matter where your hunting trip takes you, one thing is for certain - you’re going to need a really good pair of hunting boots that can handle a variety of surface textures.

From wet, icy ground to rocky hillsides, you need to be able to navigate your way safely to your destination while ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible.

Nature is also incredibly unpredictable as well, as you can sometimes find yourself facing multiple terrains on a single hunting expedition, so you’re going to need to make sure that your boots are able to handle whatever you’re throwing at them.

For women, particularly though, finding the perfect pair of hunting boots can be a more challenging task. Hunting boots are often heavy, chunky pieces of clothing that can leave you feeling weighed down and generally uncomfortable.

There are also almost too many options available to choose from when you’re looking for a pair of women’s hunting boots, and with each pair containing different features and claiming to be the best, finding the best pair for your individual needs becomes a frustrating, thankless task. 

To take all the hard work out of it, we’ve compiled a list of the best women’s hunting boots available along with a super useful buying guide that’s packed full of hints and tips on what to look out for before settling on your final selection.

So, carry on reading and pretty soon you’ll know everything you need to know in order to find yourself that perfect pair of women’s hunting boots that will keep your feet warm, dry and protected on your next hunting trip.

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Best Women’s Hunting Boots - Comparison Table

Best Women’s Hunting Boots - Reviews

The durable construction of the Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boots from Columbia makes them ideal for crossing a variety of terrains and trekking through the wilderness, all the while ensuring that your feet are kept as safe and comfortable as possible.

A mixture of leather, suede and mesh are used to form the upper construction of the boots which provides a super tough surface that won’t easily scuff or wear away, while ensuring that moisture and sweat are allowed to escape to keep your boots smelling fresher for longer. 

The soles of these boots are made from rubber, and contain a TECHLITE™ lightweight midsole that provides superior cushing.

They also feature Omni-Grip™ advanced traction technology, which is a system of specially formulated compounds and treads that can handle a wider range of surface textures and environments, and ensuring that you’ve got a steady footing at all times.

Totally waterproof thanks to the suede and leather construction, each seam of these boots has also been treated and sealed to ensure no water can enter the boots through the stitching, keeping your feet totally dry even in the heaviest downpours.


  • Constructed using a mixture leather, suede and mesh for ultimate durability as well as allowing your breathe
  • The soles are made from rubber and contain a TECHLITE™ lightweight midsole for superior comfort and cushioning
  • Omni-Grip™ advanced traction technology has also been used in the construction of the soles to provide you with the ultimate grip on a variety of terrains
  • The suede and leather construction ensures that these boots are totally waterproof
  • Their waterproofing is enhanced further by sealed seams that ensure no water can enter the boots through the stitching


  • Some customers that purchased these boots found that they ran a size too small, so it would be worth checking the measurement chart and purchasing the recommended size

Designed and constructed using 100% leather, the Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boots from Timberland won’t only provide you with the durability you need when you’re out hunting, but will also ensure that your feet are kept totally dry in wetter conditions.

This waterproofing is further ensured by the sealed seams that make sure no rain or ground water can enter the boots through the stitching, while the fully gusseted tongue helps to keep any debris from entering the boots and allows you to get a secure, comfortable fit. 

The soles of these boots are built from rubber and feature multiple tread patterns that are designed to keep you steady on your feet across a variety of terrain and surface textures.

There are also rubber lug outsoles that provide further traction, and a cushioned EVA footbed and midsole for superior comfort.

These boots also feature a padded collar which is perfect for keeping your ankles comfortable as you trek and, when matched with the gusseted tongue, will also provide stability that will help reduce strain or injury if you were to accidentally trip.


  •  Built from 100% leather for ultimate durability and natural waterproofing
  • Also features sealed seams that ensure no water can enter the boots through the stitching
  • A fully gusseted tongue helps to prevent debris from getting into your boots and gives you a secure, comfortable fit
  • The rubber soles are non-slip and have multiple tread patterns for extra grip on multiple terrains, as well as cushioned footbeds and midsoles 
  • Extra stability and comfort is provided by the padded collar heel


  • There are no added breathability features in these boots

Not only are the Thermator Hiking Boots from XPETI designed to keep your feet comfortable when you’re out on a hunting trip, but they also feature special technology that ensures your stay warm even in freezing conditions.

This comes in the form of 200g of Thinsulate™ insulation, which adds a layer of warmth to the shoes capable of retaining heat up to -25ºC, without adding any weight or bulk to the boots in the process.

The uppers of the boots are constructed using a waterproof mesh and a Hydrashield™ membrane which ensures they are totally waterproof, and they also feature a moisture-wicking mesh lining that prevents moisture and sweat from soaking into the boots, keeping them fresher for longer.

Rubber soles with aggressive tread patterns provide excellent grip and traction on multiple surface textures, and there is extra protection for your feet offered by the rubber outsole and toe cap protector, along with a molded TPU ankle support that will help keep your ankles in place and prevent accidental injury.


  •  Built using 200g Thinsulate™ insulation that protects your feet against cold up to -25ºC
  • Waterproof mesh and a Hydrashield™ membrane ensure that these boots are also totally waterproof
  • Features a moisture-wicking mesh lining that helps keep your boots fresher for longer
  • The rubber soles are built with an aggressive tread pattern that provides a steady grip on a variety of terrains
  • Extra protection is provided by the TPU molded ankle support, rubber outsole and steel toe cap protector


  • As with most hunting boots, these tend to run a size smaller than your usual size, so it’s worth checking the measurement chart before purchasing

Available in 8 different colors to suit any taste, the Women’s Mountain 600 Hiking Boots from Danner provide you with comfort and durability as well as letting you inject some personality into your hunting attire. 

Designed and built using super durable suede, these boots are incredibly tough and scuff-resistant so there’s very little chance of them showing any signs of wear and tear even after trekking through tough terrain.

They are also naturally waterproof as well, so your feet will be kept dry and protected from rain and groundwater.

They also feature a Vibram SPE™ (Specialized Performance Elastomer) midsole that is engineered to provide the most comfortable experience possible when hiking over long distances, as well as providing extra cushioning to the boots without adding to their weight.

You’ll also be provided with ultimate stability thanks to the pliable midsole and Megagrip™ rubber technology, which works in conjunction with the unique self-adaptive lug pattern grips placed at multiple angles to keep you on your feet on rocky, wet or even icy surface textures. 


  • Available in 8 different colors to match any taste or existing hunting attire 
  • Constructed from highly durable suede to provide a tough exterior that is scuff-resistant
  • The suede construction also makes them waterproof, so there’s no risk of your feet getting wet no matter how bad the weather is
  • Features a Vibram SPE™ midsole that provides comfort and cushioning without adding any extra weight to the boots
  • Megagrip™ rubber technology incorporated into the soles work with self-adaptive multi-angled grip to provide stability on multiple terrains


  • These boots don’t have any special breathability features, so although they will be great for cold weather hunting you may find them a little more uncomfortable during the summer months

Perfect for trekking through the wilderness, the 2881 Vaprtrek Hunting Boots from Irish Setter are packed full of features that ensure your feet are kept warm, dry, safe and comfortable no matter how long your hunting trip is. 

These hunting boots feature RPM Technology™ which is a specially formulated material that significantly reduces the weight of the boot while ensuring it is still incredibly tough and durable.

This gives you extra comfort with added endurance, and reduces foot fatigue even when hiking over long distances, and you’ll also be given extra stability from the ankle support.

They also feature ScentBan™ technology which is specially designed to keep your boots smelling fresh for longer. This is achieved by working in harmony with the materials used throughout the shoe and killing any odor causing bacteria before they’ve had a chance to set into the fabric.

On top of that, these hunting boots are also entirely waterproof and use patented UltraDry™ technology consisting of a combination of moisture management linings and waterproof components to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

The rubber sole with deep treads also helps to prevent slipping on wet or icy ground, and is tough enough to easily get you across rocky terrain.


  • Constructed using RPM Technology™ that significantly reduces the weight of the shoes while adding durability and endurance performance
  • Features ScentBan™ technology that kills odor causing bacteria on contact and helps keep your boots smelling fresh
  • Also features UltraDry™ technology that ensure the boots are totally waterproof
  • The rubber sole with deep tread patterns prevents slipping on wet ground and can handle rocky terrain
  • Extra stability comes from the ankle support, which also helps reduce injury if you were to accidentally slip or trip


  • People that previously purchased these boots noted that the size was true to their normal sizing, however they were a little tight in width. This was easily remedied after a little wearing-in however.

Best Women’s Hunting Boots - Buyers Guide

There’s no doubt that in order to keep your feet as comfortable as possible, as well as making sure they are dry and protected throughout your hunting trip, you need to invest in a good pair of women’s hunting boots. 

This is especially true if you enjoy year-round hunting, as you’ll be taking on a variety of surface textures while you hike and trek through the great outdoors.

However, there are a few points you need to consider before making your final decision. We’ve outlined some of these before, and giving some thought to these will not only ensure you find the best pair possible for your individual needs, but will also help you find a pair that will last for years to come.


The first thing you need to think about is what material you want your hunting boots to be made of. Different materials do different things, and while it’s essential that your boots are tough and durable, there are some extra features that certain materials offer.

The most commonly used material in the construction of hunting boots is leather. This is because it is naturally tough, and can take a fairly heavy beating without showing any signs of wear and tear. Leather is also naturally waterproof, so it’s a great choice for helping to keep your feet dry when the weather turns bad.

Another material used in the construction of women’s hunting boots is suede. Like leather, suede is also naturally waterproof and can take a good amount of use without showing any scuffs or damage. It isn’t as pliable as leather however, so it won’t mold to the contours of your feet as easily. 

There are also patented materials used to make hunting boots, such as RPM Technology™. These man-made fabrics are designed to provide you with durability and waterproofing, but have been specially formulated to last longer than natural materials.


You’re going to be walking over long distances when you’re out hunting as well, and one thing that is regularly overlooked when shopping for women’s hunting boots is the weight of the boots themselves. 

Anything too heavy will add extra weight to your body and, mixed with your already heavy hunting gear, will cause lethargy and fatigue when worn for long periods of time. 

Luckily, there are some women’s hunting boots available that have been designed to feel lightweight while still ensuring they can handle the environment and conditions you’re going to be throwing at them. So make sure you take a little bit of time to research the weight of the boots before purchasing them, as this will ensure you’re not sacrificing on comfort.


No matter what environment you’re out hunting in, you’re going to be walking across a variety of unstable and slippery surfaces which could lead to your accidentally tripping or falling down. With that in mind, it’s really important that your hunting boots offer you some support in order to prevent any injuries.

When you’re looking at the design of the boots, take into account the height of the heel collar. The higher this is, and the higher the laces go up the boot for as well, the more support you’ll be providing for your ankles and your feet.

Some women’s hunting boots also come with incorporated ankle supports, and this is always an option worth going for. This will help to keep your ankle locked in place, and in turn will prevent it from rolling or landing awkwardly if you do fall down.


The laces on your hunting boots also need to be equally as sturdy as the boots themselves. No matter how durable the materials used in the construction of the boots are, flimsy laces that will easily break or fray will basically render the boots useless.

Tough, nylon laces are the best choice to go for here, as these are strong enough to keep the boots strapped tightly to your feet without easily breaking. You can also find laces that have been coated with PVC, and these are also a good option as they’ll prevent the laces from getting soaked in rainy weather.


It’s also super important to make sure that your hunting boots are as waterproof as possible too. Wet, soggy feet aren’t only uncomfortable to hike with for hours at a time, but can also result in injury when rubbing against the inside of your boots.

There are loads of options available for waterproofing, from natural materials to man-made fabrics, but one particularly good one is UltraDry™ technology. This amazing material has been specially formulated using a mixture of linings and fabrics to provide ultimate waterproofing, and will keep your feet as dry as possible even in torrential rain.

You can also find hunting boots that have sealed seams. This is a good thing to look out for, as it will prevent any rain or groundwater from entering your boots through the stitching, which is an often overlooked design flaw.

Something else to keep an eye out for is ScentBan™ technology, which is specially designed to kill any odor causing bacteria on contact and keep your hunting boots smelling fresh.


You’ll also want to make sure that your hunting boots offer you a good level of insulation, particularly if you’re out hunting in the winter months or on mountainous terrain. 

However, keep in mind the thickness of the insulation itself. The thicker it is, the more weight it will add to the boots which in turn will cause them to be heavy and can also make your feet feel as though they are trapped.

One really good material used in hunting boot insulation in Thinsulate™, which has been cleverly engineered to retain body heat and keep your feet cozy in temperatures up to -25ºC without adding any extra weight or thickness to the boots. 


Finally, it’s always worth looking at the grip your hunting boots are offering you as well. As you know, you’ll be taking on a variety of surface textures from rocky to icy, so you need to make sure your boots can keep you planted on the ground at all times.

Rubber soles are really good at providing you with a non-slip grip, and will often feature multi-directional tread patterns that will further enhance your grip across a variety of terrains. 

Some hunting boots also feature rubber outsoles and toe protectors, which also help to expand the grip area on your boots and provide you with even more coverage to prevent you from slipping or tripping as you make your way through the wilderness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is best for women’s hunting boots?

This ultimately comes down to personal preference, however there are a couple of really good materials that will provide you with the durability and comfort you need from a pair of women’s hunting boots. Leather and suede are great, natural choices that can both take a beating and are waterproof, but there are also synthetic materials such as RPM™ that may last longer over time.

Do my hunting boots need insulation?

It’s always worth looking for hunting boots that offer insulation. Nature is unpredictable, and temperatures can suddenly drop - this is especially true if you’re hunting in winter or in mountainous environments. Thinsulate™ is a good material to look for as it can provide warmth in temperatures as low as -25ºC without adding any uncomfortable weight or thickness to your boots. 

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