Looking For The Best Kydex Holster That Won’t Let You Down? The Top Models Reviewed & Compared

by Ben Jackson
Best Kydex Holster

Today we’re talking about the best Kydex holster, and more specifically which holster is the best holster you can get for the money. We get this question here at Outdoors Magazine since a lot of our readers are concealed carrying on a daily basis or they want to.

What is a Kydex Holster

A Kydex holster is a type of holster for firearms, made from Kydex, a thermoplastic material. Kydex is a strong, durable, and lightweight material that is easy to mold and shape into a variety of holster designs.

Kydex holsters offer several advantages over traditional leather or nylon holsters. They are highly resistant to moisture and abrasions, making them ideal for use in rugged or wet environments. They also retain their shape, making it easier to draw the firearm quickly and smoothly, and they are often quieter when the firearm is drawn, making them a popular choice for hunting or tactical use.

Additionally, Kydex holsters are often customizable, allowing the user to select the color, texture, and design that best fits their needs and preferences. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a low-maintenance option for firearm owners.

Overall, Kydex holsters are a popular choice for their durability, strength, and versatility, and are often used by law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians alike.


What we’ve learned from experience is that holsters really do matter, in fact, the holster you use can really determine what kind of gun you can or can’t conceal.

So in today’s article, we will review the 3 best Kydex Holsters on the market.

What to look for when buying a Kydex Holster

With so many options, it can often be a tough decision to make when it comes to buying a holster. So, we’ve narrowed down the field to the best 3 for you.

Before you dive right in, be sure to check out what key attributes you should look for when it comes to a reliable and robust night sight.


You must, of course, ensure that your firearm will fit the holster, otherwise, you could find yourself wasting your money and having to make DIY adjustments to it, to make it fit properly.

You could also have the worst issue with a loose fitting gun that’s not secure, so when moving at pace, say running or jumping or even stretching to reach something, you weapon could come loose and that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Build Quality

Kydex is one of the most well known and used materials for gun holsters on the market, and for good reason. It’s strong and durable and can be shaped into any design manufacturers can dream up.

Its quality is shown by the fact that it is used for aircraft bulkheads, knife sheaths and numerous other products that require a strong and durable material to house or protect.

Concealment Capabilities

If you’re looking for a Kydex holster for concealed carry then be sure to pay attention to the profile of the holster itself. Some are much bulkier than the others and despite all of them claiming to be a “pancake” style design, there is a big difference in depth between some holsters.

So keep in mind that if you will be carrying outside or on the inside of the waistbelt, the type of holster you choose will differ greatly for each use. Some will be just fine under the belt, but others will be too big, bulky and uncomfortable to carry for long durations.

The Best Kydex Holster for 2020

With so many companies out there producing quality Kydex holsters the big problem most people have is which one do you choose and why. Let’s go ahead and dive right into this.

Bestseller No. 1
POLE.CRAFT Glock 19 Holster IWB Kydex Holster Fit: Glock 19 19X 25 44 45 (Gen 1 2 3 4 5) & Glock 23 32 (Gen 3 4) Pistol- Inside Waistband - for G19 G19x G23 G25 G32 G44 G45 9mm Holster (Black, Right)
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE: Please feel free to use our portable holster to protect for Glock 19 Holster. This is our high-quality KYDEX IWB Holster tailored for Glock 19 19X 25 44 45 (Gen 1-5) & Glock 23...
  • US .08” KYDEX HANDCRAFT: It is lightweight, sturdy, durable, sweat-proof, waterproof and washable, providing comfort and confidence in any situation. Glock 19 Holster covers the entire body,...
  • CUSTOMIZE THE CANT: Use the universally and easily available phillips screwdriver to customize the CANT of a 1.5-inch standard belt clip for faster gun removal and best hide under the garment. Nylon +...
  • ADJUSTABLE RETENTION PRESSURE: Use a universally available phillips screwdriver adjust the screw to achieve the tightness adjustment, to achieve the best extraction strength, and strive for the...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We confidently offer a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind when choosing PoLe.Craft IWB KYDEX Holster. If our Glock 19 Holster do not work as promised, please return a...
Bestseller No. 2
Universal Hybrid Kydex&Nylon Holster for Pistols, Gun Holsters for Men/Women, 9mm Holsters for Pistols, Concealed Carry 380 Holster for Women,Fits G19 G17,M&P Shield and Similar Handgun,Kydex
  • 【Wide Adaptability】This Universal Hybrid Kydex&Nylon holster fits over 50+ handguns. Please check the image to see specific gun models that fit in this holster. Compatible with G17 G19, Taurus G2C...
  • 【 Tips For Retention Adjustment】All FIVE Screws have to be adjusted together to find the perfect retention for different handguns. Please refer to video or image to see how to adjust retention to...
  • 【Breathable Design with Soft Skin-Friendly Material】The surface of the back is designed with multiple air-hole cushion, making it comfortable to carry all 24 hours even it’s for inside waistband...
  • 【Suede Leather Give No Scratch】Smooth, soft suede leather help protect the slide from scratching.
  • 【Tight Stitching, Smooth Edge】Clean tight stitching covers all edges to holster long lasting and comfortable.
Bestseller No. 3
Taurus G2C Holster / G3C Holster, IWB Kydex w/Claw & Optics Cut, Tailored Fit: Taurus G2C/G3C/Millennium PT111 G2/PT140 Pistol, Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry, Adj. Posi-Click Retention & Cant
  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with Taurus G2C / G3C / Millennium PT111 G2 / PT140 pistol - Incompatible with any Laser/Light
  • OPTIC CUT & CLAW - This G2C holster Taurus are designed to accommodate wide variety of optics - Claw can eliminate printing made holster more concealable when carrying(equipped with extra screws for...
  • COMPENSATOR & OPEN MUZZLE CUT - Taurus G3C holster can accommodate with various compensators - Over-Cut open muzzle accommodate with threaded barrel
  • FULL LENGTH SWEAT GUARD & POSI-CLICK AUDIBLE SYSTERM - Full length sweat guard can prevent sweat towards your pistol - You can hear a clear "CLICK" sound when firearm was firmly seated
  • 0.08 INCH US KYDEX MADE - The Taurus G2C IWB holster is made of .08" (2mm) US Kydex material, which possess rugged, durable, waterproof, washable and lightweight characters - Super suitable for daily...

Are Kydex Holsters Suitable For Everyone?

Now here’s the problem with Kydex holsters and trying to figure out what works for you could see you end up with a drawer full of holsters. It is indeed the best Kydex Holster but not the best for everyone.

Now there is a secret I’m going to let you in on, and this is for the bigger guys and gals amongst us. You may think that appendix carry doesn’t make sense for us, because we’ve got that little bit of extra weight on the front, however, let me tell you that appendix carry is 10 times more comfortable than carrying strong side.

Not only that but it feels way more comfortable knowing exactly that the gun is right in front of me and I can look down and see it.

I don’t have to worry about my shirt riding up to reveal the weapon, I know exactly what’s going on up front, so I really like carrying appendix.

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