Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing

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On the lookout for the best kayak paddles for fishing? We’ve got you covered.

Though you might have a top-notch fishing kayak with all of the latest features, it’s important to not overlook the importance of a quality paddle, either.

In fact, more often than not, your kayaking paddle (and it’s compatibility with your height and the width of your kayak) will make all the difference when it comes to getting that big catch.

For that reason, we’ve spent some time searching for the best kayak paddles for fishing on the market so you don’t have to!

We’re going to be going through our favorites below, as well as explaining some technical jargon and what criteria to look out for in our helpful buyer’s guide area.

Got some questions? No problem. We have an F.A.Q section at the bottom of this article, too!

So, whether you’re fishing on a mellow lake or getting tropical on an ocean kayak, we’re sure that this article will help you find a paddle that’ll help you hook plenty of fish in no time!

In a hurry?This is our Winner!

Our Pick

Pelican Kayak Paddle Accessories | Aluminum Shaft with Fiberglass Reinforced Blades | Lightweight, Adjustable Kayaks Paddles | Perfect for Kayaking Boating & Kayak Fishing, 89', Black

Pelican Kayak Paddle

Our rating

Why it’s our top pick

If you’re pinched for time, look no further: the Pelican Kayak Paddle is an excellent choice and is sure to satisfy all of your kayak paddling needs.

Ideal for fishing (or just embarking on a leisurely kayaking tour) this impressive paddle features an impact resistant fiberglass and reinforced polypropylene feathered blade design for excellent durability, adjustable drip rings to keep your hands dry and an enforced push-button connection with angle adjustment.

Here are some other reasons as to why it’s so great:

  • It’s 89 inches (so it’s not too long or too short)

  • It is made of aluminum, so you know it’s sturdy!

  • Two piece construction that makes storing and travelling easy as-can-be

  • A shaft shape that goes from a rounded shape to slightly oval in order to help you hold it correctly

Our verdict? This paddle is strong, durable and has a bunch of useful features.

We think it is a great ‘all-rounder’ choice for anyone looking for a new paddle for fishing!

Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing – Comparison Table


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Product Name

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Pelican Kayak Paddle Accessories | Aluminum Shaft with Fiberglass Reinforced Blades | Lightweight, Adjustable Kayaks Paddles | Perfect for Kayaking Boating & Kayak Fishing, 89', Black ​Pelican Kayak Paddle


Best Marine Kayak Paddle | Carbon Fiber Shaft & Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Blades | 220cm, 234cm, 250cm Lightweight Floating Paddles | Fishing Oars & Kayaking Accessories ​BEST Marine and Outdoors Marine Kayak Paddle


SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN (008680) , 44.5 inches ​SeaSense X-TREME 1 Kayak Paddle


OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle 230cm/90.5in Alloy Shaft Kayaking Boating Oar with Paddle Leash 1 Paddle ​OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle


XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddles 87-Inch 96-Inch for Kayaking Boating ​XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddle

Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing – Reviews

Pelican Kayak Paddle Accessories | Aluminum Shaft with Fiberglass Reinforced Blades | Lightweight, Adjustable Kayaks Paddles | Perfect for Kayaking Boating & Kayak Fishing, 89', Black

Our Top Pick

Pelican Kayak Paddle

Our rating

Affordable and impressive, the Pelican Kayak Paddle is adjustable which will allow you to ‘feather’ your paddle blades so that they are offset from each other.

This is really handy because it will reduce the wind resistance of your upper blade while it’s moving through the air for a more effortless paddling experience.

Not only that, it’s reinforced fiberglass blade is a great option for kayakers of all different levels, and has less chance of chipping or cracking thanks to it being reinforced – so you know you’re getting excellent value for money.

Our favorite feature of this paddle is the design of the shaft! It goes from a rounded shape to a slightly oval shape (which is also known as indexing) which serves as a guideline for where you should be placing your right hand in order to maximize your strokes as much as possible.


  • Adjustable drip rings to help keep your hands and the shaft as dry as possible
  • Affordable
  • Ovalization (the shaft shape helps to encourage correct positioning of the hands)


  • You might find this paddle a little heavy
Best Marine Kayak Paddle | Carbon Fiber Shaft & Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Blades | 220cm, 234cm, 250cm Lightweight Floating Paddles | Fishing Oars & Kayaking Accessories

BEST Marine and Outdoors Marine Kayak Paddle

Our rating

Next up is the BEST Marina & Outdoors Marine Kayak Paddle.

This is a great kayak paddle for fishing because its paddles are made of a carbon fiber shaft (which is the best material for paddles) and reinforced fiberglass blades for the most streamlined and effortless paddling experience possible.

Designed in order to allow you to relax, soak in your surroundings and fish, this paddle is ultra-lightweight and will allow you to effortlessly glide through the water without feeling fatigued or weighed down.

It’s 234cm (which makes it suitable for just about everyone) and separates into two pieces for each travel and storage.

It also features two dip rings that will prevent water from running down the shaft, as well as a 5 foot leash that will keep your paddle securely attached to the kayak when you need to use two hands for fishing, grabbing a drink or taking a picture of the scenery!


  • Lightweight and high quality
  • Fiberglass, firm blades that will provide power while gliding through the water
  • Classic design


  • No grips on this paddle
SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN (008680) , 44.5 inches

​SeaSense X-TREME 1 Kayak Paddle

Our rating

A certified way to take to the water with ease, the SeaSense X-TREME 1 Kayak Paddle features a lightweight aluminum shaft with molded plastic blades for a comfortable and enjoyable kayaking experience, with its black molded plastic blades offering durability.

An inexpensive pick ideal for kayakers that prefer to fish in more mellow waters, this SeaSense paddle features foam rubber grips for complete ease-of-use and is balanced for smooth handling.

It has three position adjustments to let you tailor the angle to your own personal preference, while its two piece construction means that you will be able to store it with ease!


  • Drip guards
  • Excellent value for money
  • Length is suitable for most people


  • Plastic blades may crack easily than other blade materials
OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle 230cm/90.5in Alloy Shaft Kayaking Boating Oar with Paddle Leash 1 Paddle

​OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle

Our rating

If you’re a kayaker on a budget, you’ll love the OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle. Durable and affordable, this kayak paddle is made with a high-quality aluminum alloy shaft and a fiberglass reinforced blade.

This combination of materials ensures a stiff paddle that will be able to glide through the water with ease, optimizing your stroke without making you feel fatigued and letting you focus on the most important thing: fishing!

Made with you in mind, this user friendly paddle is designed with a shrinking PE tube cover that will allow for a better grip that will help to prevent your hands from forming any blisters, while preventing them from feeling the cold on those chillier tours.

It features a length of 230cm (90.5 inches) which is a moderate length that will be suitable for most people, including your friends and family!

Not only that, this paddle also comes complete with a free bungee paddle leash that will help to secure your paddle to your kayak which will come in handy when you want to take a break, grab a snack or just appreciate the beautiful views.


  • It has three locking positions to allow you to adjust the angle to suit you
  • Features two dip rings that will help to stop water flowing from the blades to prevent your hands getting wet
  • Affordable price point


  • Some may find it to be too heavy
XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddles 87-Inch 96-Inch for Kayaking Boating

XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddle

Our rating

The XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddle is another excellent choice worth your consideration. For starters, it is a two piece design which allows for easy storage and even easier transportation.

It consists of a durable aluminum shaft, while the rest is made of marine-grade materials to ensure high quality performance that will last.

It features an ergonomic gasket on one side for a nice grip with added no-slip control, while three locking positions will allow you to adjust the feathering angle between 0 and 60 degrees to suit you.

There’s also an enforced push-button connection for added convenience, while drip rings will help to stop water from travelling up the blade and getting your hands and the shaft wet.


  • Suitable for left and right handers
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to transport and store


  • Some find this paddle to be too heavy

Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing – Buyers Guide

Decoding the Types of Features on a Paddle:


Kayak paddles contain two blades. The blades provide the surface area on the paddle that allow the paddler to propel themselves through the water.


The shaft is the handle of the paddle (this is the part that connects the two blades together).


To put it simply, this is a ring or a band that is usually made of metal that will help to strengthen the joint and, in the case of paddles that contain multiple pieces, the ferrule is the joint joining the two pieces together,


Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is a lot more resilient and tough than other types of plastic (meaning your paddle will be less likely to chip or crack!). This type of plastic is also heat resistant.

Carbon Fiber

This is the best material on the market for paddles as it’s so durable and lightweight, making it the most expensive type of paddle, too!


Feathering refers to the angle that the blades are positioned apart from each other. Many kayak paddle shafts allow you to rotate the ferrule on the shaft so that the blades are at an angle to each other rather than just straight in order to reduce the wind resistance while paddling.

Dihedral Blade

Dihedral blades are easily identifiable by the ribbed separation down the center of the blade. This perpetuates a natural flow of water over both halves of the blade.

Asymmetrical Blade

When holding the paddle and looking at the blade, you’ll notice that an asymmetrical blade features a long top that tapers downward to the bottom and becomes more narrow. This design provides a much more efficient paddling style and is able to glide through water effortlessly.

What size paddle should I pick?

No matter what, the perfect paddle will be strong, durable and comfortable to use. However, there are a few factors to consider!

Even if you’re embarking on a short kayaking tour, you will still be carrying out thousands of strokes, so the right paddle for you and your boat is really important. When choosing a paddle, here are four starting points that you should bare in mind:

  • The type of blade – the paddle’s blade material will affect the way it performs in the water

  • Length – the length depends on the width of your boat and how tall you are

  • Shaft choice – the type of shaft shape will help to improve the paddle’s effectiveness when cutting through the water.

Finding the right length paddle is relatively straightforward. All you need to remember is this: the longer the boat, the longer the paddle needs to be! As for your height, short paddlers will need a shorter paddle, while taller paddlers will need a longer paddle.

This brings us onto the type of blade! Keep reading for a quick run-through on the different types and their individual benefits:

Fiberglass Blades

Fiberglass blades offer outstanding durability and top-notch performance at a moderately placed price point. They are more lightweight than plastic or nylon blades and though they can be prone to chipping, they hardly ever crack and offer great efficiency in the water thanks to the flexibility it offers.

Plastic and Nylon Blades

Plastic and nylon blades are the cheapest option, making them ideal choices for paddlers on a budget. Though these materials are pretty resilient and hard to crack or chip, they don’t offer much flexibility so you might find that your stroke suffers with this material option.

Carbon-Fiber Blades

If a blade is made of this material, chances are it’s going to be high quality and premium. These blades are lightweight and offer unparalleled energy transfer with each stroke for an optimized and consistent stroke performance, again and again.

So, now you know all about the types of blade materials, what about shaft materials? Well, aluminium shafts are the most affordable without compromising on a good performance. However, be mindful of aluminium shafts as they do tend to react to the temperature they are exposed to (they can get both very cold and hot).

On the other hand, though fiberglass and carbon shafts are more expensive, they are strong, resilient and ultra-lightweight and will ensure maximum paddle performance.

Like we mentioned above, the blade design is also very important to consider. Most paddle blades feature an asymmetrical- dihedral shape. Asymmetrical blades are quite narrow and will be shorter on one side than the other in order to angle it and make the blade more streamlined while gliding through the water.

A dihedral blade has a rib down its middle which allows the water to flow over each half of the blade. In general, narrow blades are more comfortable to use as they are lightweight, making them ideal for long tours, while wider blades provide more powerful strokes to accelerate quickly, making them a popular choice for kayaking surfers or those who enjoy whitewater kayaking.

Lastly, you’ll need to consider the shape of the shaft! Bent shaft paddles will position your hands at a more comfortable angle when paddling, which will reduce the chance of discomfort or fatigue in your joints, while straight shafts will provide uniformed strokes through the water (these are usually the most common type).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which paddle is right for me?

When considering which paddle is right for you, it’s important to consider what level of kayaking you are going to be participating in. If you are going to be trying out whitewater kayaking or touring in choppy waters, you might want to go for a higher angle paddle.

However, if you’re going to be taking on the world of kayaking at a more leisurely pace, your best bet is probably going to be a low-angle design paddle which is more suited to mellow waters.

How do I use my paddle?

Whether you are an expert kayaker or a beginner, it’s always a good idea to brush up your knowledge on how to correctly and safely use your paddle.

It’s really important that you learn the correct technique when gripping a paddle so that you make sure that you can achieve the most efficient paddle stroke possible – and there’s plenty of different paddle strokes to get used to.

Let’s start with the basics. Just like the name suggests, the forward stroke is for going forward, while a reverse stroke is for going backwards or slowing down.

The next stroke is known as a sweep stroke, and is used to help turn the kayak left or right. The draw stroke is a swift motion stroke that is used when you need to move the kayak sideways.

Simple enough to follow, right? Now you know the names of some paddles strokes, we’re going to quickly run through how to hold your paddle.

First, you want to position the paddle blades properly. After you do this, adjust your grip on the shaft and then gently relax your hands in order to allow a secure, yet totally comfortable grip of the paddle.

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