Best Frog Rods

by John Wren
best frog rods

It’s natural for anglers to try their luck with many kinds of lures in the search for that perfect formula that’ll guarantee a catch, but sometimes even the best may need a primer on the best rods and lures to look for.

If you’re looking into frog rods and fishing with frog or toad lures then we can probably help, since we’ve compiled a list below of the best frog rods with their pros and cons laid bare for you to see.

Along with that we’ve got a small buyers’ guide and an FAQ so that you can learn what makes a rod better for frog fishing over other types, as well as the qualities and features you want in any decent rod.

With that knowledge you should be able to find the best deals for the fairest price.

Our rating

Why it’s our top pick

Need to hop off? If you can’t stick around and want to get your purchase over with as soon as possible, we have our top product right here to save you some time.

Our top frog rods were the Cast-Frog-7’2” rods that are part of the KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series, a series of high-performance rods that have topped our lists before.

Here’s what we particularly liked about them:

  • Combines lifting strength with a fast, tournament-performing action, thanks to this rod’s Elite Carbon Blanks and Nano Resin Tech construction.

  • Made with High Modulus graphite and S-Glass to be lightweight while maintaining its performance.

  • A long casting frog rod at 7-foot 2-inches long that combines heavy power and fast action fishing.

  • Fuji guides and Winn golf grips make your fishing experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Best Frog Rods – Comparison Table

Best Frog Rods – Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Lew's Team Greg Hackney Frog Rod 7'3"-1 HVY
  • Team Lew's Greg Hackney Frog Rod 7'3"-1 Hvy
  • Team Lew's Greg Hackney Frog Rod 7'3"-1 Hvy
  • Team Lew's Greg Hackney Frog Rod 7'3"-1 Hvy
  • Team Lew's Greg Hackney Frog Rod 7'3"-1 Hvy
  • Team Lew's Greg Hackney Frog Rod 7'3"-1 Hvy
Bestseller No. 3
Lew's KVD Series Rods
  • Lew's KVD Series Rods
  • Lew's KVD Series Rods
  • Lew's KVD Series Rods
  • Lew's KVD Series Rods
  • Lew's KVD Series Rods
Bestseller No. 4
Abu Garcia 7’6” Veritas Frog Casting Fishing Rod, 1-Piece Rod, 12-25lb Line Rating, Medium Heavy Rod Power, Moderate Fast Action, 3/8-1 1/4 oz. Lure Rating
  • ABU GARCIA 7’6” VERITAS FROG CASTING ROD: A balanced and lightweight rod specifically designed to fish lightweight frog baits. 1-piece fishing rod is designed for increased sensitivity.
  • 12-25LB LINE RATING, MEDIUM HEAVY POWER, MODERATE FAST ACTION: The Veritas Frog Casting Fishing Rod is up for the next challenge. Lure rating of 3/8-1 1/4 oz. The Texas-rigged hook keeper works well...
  • GRAPHITE CONSTRUCTION featuring exclusive Powerlux 100 to deliver a 15% stronger* and 5% lighter** rod. The strength of this rod helps pull big fish out of heavy cover.
  • 10 TITANIUM ALLOY GUIDES: Built with zirconium inserts to allow for a lightweight balanced rod. Also features ROCS (Robotically Optimized Casting System) guide train for maximized casting distance...
  • ERGONOMIC CUSTOM REEL SEAT provides a dependable anchor point for the reel. Closed cell EVA split grip handle (type D) with a Rubber rod butt delivers greater weather and wear resistance.
Bestseller No. 5
Dobyns Rods Fury Series 7’3” Casting Fishing Rod | FR735C | Mag Heavy Extreme Fast Action | Modulus Graphite Blank with Kevlar Wrapping | Fuji Reel Seats | Baitcasting Rod | Line 12-25lb Lure ¼-1 ½ oz., Black/Green
  • BUILT FOR: Frogs, Pitchin' & Flippin' and Small Swimbaits. The Fury Series is sensitive, light, strong and balanced at an exceptional value! A tournament favorite, choose from 17-technique specific...
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Dobyns Rods are designed and created by bass fishing legend Gary Dobyns. These high performing rods are made from the highest quality materials. A modulus graphite blank, Fuji...
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY: Constructed by anglers, this perfectly balanced rod offers max sensitivity from line to hand and delivers unparalleled accuracy when you need it most. Smoothly and tirelessly cast...
  • FOR EVERY SITUATION: Each rod is tailored to provide outstanding performance for every application. Looking for a budget-friendly option, adding to an arsenal or taking fishing to the next level,...
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Dobyns Rods values the satisfaction of our customers by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner.
Bestseller No. 6
Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Signature Series Pro Tournament Bass Fishing Rods Drop Shot/Ned Rig, Finesse Topwater, Micro Jig, Skipping Special, Shaky Head/Wacky Worm, Crankbait, Chatterbait, and Frog Rod
  • Cemented among the best in the world of professional bass fishing, Bryan Thrift has accrued over 3-million dollars in career earnings, collected a number of titles, and a host of tournament wins. The...
  • QUALITY DESIGN: The Bryan Thrift Series of Rods by Fitzgerald Fishing are Designed 100% by Thrift himself, with 11 models to choose from, 9 Casting and 2 Spinning, anglers are sure to find the right...
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: The Bryan Thrift Series Rods use American Tackle TI Forged guides that have been strategically placed to maximize the action and performance of each particular rod. In addition to...
  • DESIGNED: The Bryan Thrift Series are great for Bass and inshore fishing. Well balanced, lightweight, and easy to fish all day, the Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Series Casting Rods combine the outstanding...
  • STEP UP YOUR GAME: We pride in making great and exceptional products for every angler whether you're a Beginner or a Pro. Not only do we offer high quality professionally designed rods, but we also...

Best Frog Rods – Buyers Guide

How to choose the best frog rods

When searching for rods to perform any kind of specific technique or fishing style with, you need to pay more attention than usual to what different rods are capable of.

That said, versatility is something to be desired in most products if you’re after an efficient purchase that’ll stretch your cash as possible.

That’s why the rods you’ll see above are primarily made of graphite, since it can offer strength and fast action in equal measure, and all for an affordable price.

In this guide we’ll break the rods down to what properties you’ll want from them, such as the type and length of the rod, its power rating, and action rating, elaborating on which materials and features help these as we explain.

Types of Rod

You’ll want a baitcasting rod rather than a spinning rod for frog fishing. Spinning rod outfits are best for smaller lures so they aren’t the best option when looking for a frog rod. Instead you’ll want a casting rod like those above, preferably with a capable baitcaster.

Casting rods let you increase your accuracy, which you’ll need with the longer lengths of rod that frog fishing demands, and the improved aim is better for disturbing bass hideouts where they’ll be lurking for frogs.

These hideouts usually take the form of weed beds and lily pad groups. Baitcaster reels are more accurate than the standard spinning reels, and they’re much less tiring to use too for when you’re fishing over the course of a day.

Length of Rod

When looking for good frog rod lengths, you should follow the general rule that a frog rod shouldn’t fall below seven foot, and can be as long as seven foot and ten inches, though we imagine a few extra inches won’t hurt too much if you know what you’re doing.

Longer rods allow you to hold them up straight with more control, which is useful for when you hook that bass.

You’ll see all of the rods above fit into this size bracket. Longer rods are better for longer casts and they can generally have more power behind them, but accuracy is harder to nail down for less experienced anglers.

Within the length parameters you’ll want to pick a size that you’re comfortable with and will be easier to use at your local fishing spot depending on that spot’s size, space, and depth.

We’d recommend seven foot six inches as the sweet spot for a frogging rod, but an inch or two in either direction shouldn’t hurt either.

Power Rating

Frog fishing changes how you need to think about power for a lot of anglers. Many conflate heavier power with handling heavier fish and lures, but the power you’re after with frog fishing rods are needed to be able to pull bass out of the weeds that they’re hiding in.

This needs a rod with quite some endurance, strain-tolerance, and stopping power.

Medium rods lack these features and will make fighting with the bass a chore a lot of the time, if not a downright failure.

You should also be using a heavy braid which only really works with heavy power rods, or at the least medium-heavy, so those should be the ones you’re going for.

Action Rating

When considering the action rating of your frog fishing rods, you should aim for fast action rods or even extra-fast action rods. You should do this because the tip sensitivity and easy hooking ability of these rods make for a more reactive catch.

Faster actions tend to cast shorter distances, but that’s why you’ll want a longer rod to compensate for that.

With slower action rods you sacrifice a lot of sensitivity, which makes fishing in obstructed waters difficult since you need to discern when you’ve caught a bass, or some weed bed.

You’ll want the fast to extra-fast action rating so that your casting accuracy and striking ability benefit from the more sensitive tip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color frog should I use?

The color of frog you go for will depend on your fishing waters and the weather around those waters. If you’re fishing in muddy waters or on a sunny day in cleaner waters, then you’ll want to instead present the dark mass of the frog by using a darker-colored frog, maybe even black.

Otherwise, if you’re fishing in skies that are overcast or rainy, and the water is not muddy but stained, then you want a frog lure that’s more eye catching, leading you to brighter colors.

This often leads anglers to choose the most striking colors like white or chartreuse.

What gear ratio is best for frog fishing?

Anglers often prefer a faster gear ratio reel from 6:3 to about 7:3 so that you can have faster-burning presentations and keep the lure constantly moving. This allows you to better simulate the hopping and swimming movement of frogs.

What time is best for fishing for bass with frog bait?

As with any other topwater fishing, you’ll generally find that the early morning and late afternoon are better times of day to cast your frog out.

That said, you can throw a frog all day, but when the sun is rising and setting in the morning and late afternoon is when bass tend to be the most active.

As for the time of year, we’ve found more luck with frog baits through the summer period, from early summer till the start of fall.

This is because bass go after larger fish bait in the spring and early summer periods before transitioning more to alternative, smaller baits like baitfish and frogs.

The above applies to most of the States, but if you’re in a southern area that enjoys hotter temperatures than you may want to pay attention to water temperatures.

When the water temperatures reach 70 degrees or thereabouts, frogs can be used no matter the weather quite long into fall, until the cold weather and frost starts to roll in.

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