7 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

by John Wren
Reasons to own a gun safe

According to a recent survey, 43% of households in the US have firearms. But how many of those homes have their firearms secured? Simple negligence or a gun in the wrong hands can be deadly. (I could tell you heartbreaking stories.) And not locking up your gun can cost you a fortune as you will soon find out.

Safety and security should be high-priority. Part of gun ownership is responsibility. Therefore every gun owner should keep their weapons secure and out of reach. The only way to do this is by keeping firearms in a gun safe.

But is it really worth the money to buy one?


Need proof? Below is a quick list of seven reasons to own a gun safe.

1. Keep Your Guns Safe From Burglary

One major reason to have a gun safe is to keep them protected from burglars. Your guns might be the most expensive possessions in your house. Don’t risk losing your hard-earned investment.

They may also have sentimental value, like the Marlin 1894 my grandfather gave me. It would be bad day if you lost your favorite collection.

According to this survey 380,000 guns are stolen each year from private owners. Let that sink in.

Over a quarter of a million firearms stolen. Each year.

Reports identify the use of those guns in criminal activities. To top it off, you may face lawsuits for owing that gun. To avoid this, you need to make sure only you have access to your guns. Therefore you need to keep your guns in a double-layered steel box. Multi-lock mechanism and advanced security features of a gun safe make it nearly impossible for thieves to steal your guns.

The following details will help you in the selection of the right gun safe:
A fireproof gun safe doesn’t mean the safe is anti-theft. The thickness of the metal and lock matters most.
A hammer can break thin metal cabinet. So an ideal gun safe should use 7-11 gauge steel.
Different locking mechanisms are available. You may choose between a dial lock, electronic lock or biometric.
If you want extra security then floor safes are best. Although floor safes are not ideal in events of the fire.
You can ensure extra precaution by anchoring the safe. It will buy you extra security.

2. Protection of Guns in a Fire

Fires ravage everything in a home. Hopefully you an emergency exit plan for you and your family. But what about your valuable guns? You don’t want everything you own to go up in flames. You can protect your weapons by keeping them in a fireproof gun safe which provides additional protection from open fires.

It can resist firing up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (982 °C). Buying a gun safe with a good fire rating brings you peace of mind. Fire ratings let you know how long a safe can withstand fire.

The thick insulation layer of gun safe protects its contents from external damage. In the event of a fire or natural disaster your guns will be the last thing you will have to worry about.

I’m going to make your search for fireproof gun safe easier. You should consider the following features before buying one:

  • It should have a good fire rating. Some safes have fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories (also known as “UL”). Other manufacturers determine in house rating.
  • An ideal safe should resist fire for up to 60 minutes. It’s temperature tolerance should be 1,600-1,900 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Look for a safe with heat-activated door seals. The seal expands itself in heat and protects your documents and guns.
  • Buy one that’s slightly bigger than you need. I can double as a safe for documents and other valuables.

3. To Ensure Child Safety

You may think a trigger lock is safe and it will keep the gun non-functional. But that doesn’t stop your teenage son from knowing you have put the gun in a drawer. There is always a threat your kid might take it out and mess around with his friends. Therefore child protection against firearms is high-priority.

Children will always be curious and inquisitive. You will not want your children playing with guns. Even if you tell them multiple times how dangerous they can be. If a child gets hurt you will be held liable. This will lead to heavy fines and jail time. According to the Washington Post, more than 250 people were shot by children in a year.

Depression is common among teenagers. This means an increased risk of suicide. The only way to keep guns out of kids reach is by keeping them in a gun safe.

Moreover, many laws have been passed to ensure safe access to firearms. Child protection law is one of them. According to the law, your guns should be kept in a safe and secure place such as Gun safe. In case of negligence, you will have to face criminal liability charges.

4. Protection of Valuables

You may think gun safes are only for guns. But that’s not true. You can protect all your expensive items such as jewelry or cash in them.

Their advanced security features make them perfect for holding any confidential document.

So in the event of theft, fire or natural disaster, you will not have to worry about losing valuables.
You may want to consider the following points when buying a safe for protecting valuables:

  • Give yourself room to grow. Leave extra space for additional items or documents over time.
  • All safes are not fireproof. If your safe is not fireproof it is of no good use.
  • The contents inside a safe may get rusty with time. It is suggested to install a dehumidifier or water absorbing material to protect the valuables.

5. Insurance Discount

Many insurance companies require an additional policy for full coverage. And for full coverage, you may have to purchase a gun safe. Insurance companies often offer discounts if your safe is fireproof. Separate discounts are available for additional security features. It is better to invest in a safe with an alarm. In case of theft or damage, you need to provide the safe’s certification to insurance companies. They typically will reimburse quicker if you have your documents in order.

You should discuss the risk and liability associated with gun ownership with an insurance agent.

6. Fast Access To Your Firearm

Is your gun locked and hidden somewhere in the house? Will you be able to have quick access in the event of intrusion?

What if the bad guys get to your guns before you can?

One of the main reasons for having a gun is protection for you and your family. But what good does that do if you are wasting time trying to time find your guns when you need them for self-defense?

To ensure fast access you need to keep guns in one safe place: the obvious answer is a safe. An even better idea would be a biometric gun safe.  They work by scanning your fingerprint, allowing them to open in seconds.

You can also store ammo and gun accessories in one spot, making it easy to keep it all together.

7. Protection From Lawsuits

Having a gun safe protects you from lawsuits. Plain and simple.

Imagine a burglar breaking into your house, stealing your gun and killing someone with it. If the police recover your weapon then the victim may sue you.

By having a gun safe you can prove that you have done everything to prevent misuse of your firearms. Moreover, there are many conditions in which you may lose a gun. If your weapons are lost you will have to prove you took necessary measures to secure your gun. Having a gun safe will help you demonstrate this.

You can also be slapped with lawsuits for poor handling of guns. You don’t want to be sued for poor safety habits. Having guns in a gun safe will advocate for you being a responsible citizen.

Know your local laws.

Some states require you to have a gun safe if you children. While others require you to have a gun safe even if you don’t have children. Don’t lose a ton of money over simple negligence.

As you can see from the above reasons buying a gun safe is a long term investment.

My best advice: invest in a gun safe before buying a new gun.

Start looking for the one that will meet your needs. My gun safe has enough security features to buy me peace of mind. What has your gun safe got? Please let me know in the comments below.

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