Taking Part in a Spartan Race? Make Sure Your Socks Are Up To The Challenge

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Spartan races are tough obstacle races that include strenuous physical activities, such as wall climbing, fire jumping, barbed wire crawling, tractor pulling, rope climbing, and so on.

You need to ensure you have the appropriate clothing and footwear for such an endurance feat. One crucial accessory that is often overlooked this race are the socks you wear.

Your feet are put through hell and to get the best performance you need to know which are the best socks for a Spartan race.

The Best Socks for a Spartan Race

When choosing socks, give priority to the wicking ability and densely knitted fabrics as opposed to thick fabric. Also a snug fit that’ll stop mud and other gunk getting into them. Stay away from cotton socks, they aren’t made for tough endurance races.

MudGear Obstacle Race Compression Socks

Mudgear’s Outdoor performance socks are specially designed for Obstacle races, making them the perfect go-to pair for Spartan Races.


  1. Graduated compression socks for extra muscle support.
  2. Padding around calves for protection while climbing. Also protects from rope burns.
  3. Boost in post-exercise recovery due to less muscle movement.
  4. Help prevent muscle fatigue.
  5. 168 needlepoint compression, extra resistance to abrasion.
  6. Superior wicking ability, draining moisture and water throughout the race, leaving feet dry and warm.
  7. Competitively priced. You can take these through a couple of races without wear and tear.
  8. Do not bloat when soaked, no extra weight weighing you down.
  9. Stay up at knee level even during extreme sports activities.
  10. No cramps, injuries, blisters, post race.
  11. The inbuilt weave also helps with plantar fasciitis.


  1. Since they are extra compressed, sometimes they lead to burns.
  2. Overheating could be an issue if you aren’t used to extreme pressure.

Sox Graduated Compression Tall Socks

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These Polypropylene, nylon, lycra and spandex socks are made with the perfect materials to withstand a rugged terrain outing and also use Silver Drystat technology.


  1. Super efficient at keeping feet warm and wicking moisture. When you are dealing with mud and water bed obstacles, these would be ideal in not soaking through to your feet and making your shoes soggy.
  2. Graduated compression socks, help with plantar fasciitis, support  leg muscles, avoids blisters and blood clotting.
  3. Odour resistant, so you can go on for a day without having funny smelling feet, bacterial or fungal infections.
  4. No friction with footwear due to ultra thin toe seams.


  1. These are technically not made for obstacle races unlike other special design socks, but more than serve all the requirements of a Spartan race.
  2. For people who prefer socks that just cover the feet and end at the ankle, these could be very uncomfortable despite the benefits of wearing knee high socks for a Spartan race.
  3. Heavy duty compression, band at the top holds on despite rigorous activity, if you are sensitive to that kind of pressure, it might feel like blood circulation cut off at the top end, highly undesirable when you need to perform extreme endurance feats.

Drymax Run Lite-Mesh Mini Crew Socks

These lightweight running socks by Drymax are ideal for people who prefer foot socks to knee high or ankle length socks. They only cover the portion of your feet that are covered by shoes.


  1. Apart from nylon, spandex and polyester, these socks are constructed of 48% olefin fiber. This makes them extra comfortable, improves resistance to wear and tear, no colour fading, almost stain proof, and no abrasions.
  2. The lightest running socks you can find.
  3. Designed to keep the wedge in place, no slipping in the shoe.
  4. Mesh fiber design lets your feet breathe, keeps them cool, dry and comfortable.
  5. Affordable as it gets.
  6. Easy to wash and dry in the long term. Dry very quickly.


  1. Lightweight design is perfect for shorter distances/durations. For longer durations, these are inadequate and lead to blisters sometimes.
  2. Thin make compromises a little on cushioning comfort.

Balega Outdoor Moh-rino Vtech Enduro Quarter

These special endurance socks are designed to withstand the onslaught of mud, rocks, and blisters for extreme sports. Obviously, wicking moisture and keeping feet dry is assured by default.


  1. Extra soft cushioning due to merino wool fibers blend.
  2. Snug fit that comes up to ankles, no slipping inside the shoes.
  3. Perfect for long duration and extreme obstacle races as the cushioning keeps feet blister free.
  4. Ideal for wet weather conditions, fast dry action, no soaking. Also, manage to keep feet warm and dry in extreme cold.
  5. Special V-tech molded arch support design by Balega.
  6. Heel pockets are deep knitted for improved fit.
  7. Seamless toe design to avoid abrasions.


  1. Unwashed socks are a perfect fit, but, owing to the woolen content, there’s considerable shrinkage in size after washing, leading to fit issues.
  2. The longevity is questionable with wear and tear starting with the first wash.
  3. Easily develop holes after a few washes, rendering them non-usable.
  4. Although merino wool is softer than other varieties and provides extra cushioning and thickness, it get’s a little uncomfortable after long durations, leading to chafing.

Injinji Men’s Trail Mini Crew Toesocks

Injinji Men’s Trail Mini Crew Toesocks

Injinji’s trail socks are designed to keep mud and dirt out of your shoes and socks.


  1. Mesh top lock designed with a double elastic cuff that stays in place even as you jump, climb, or jog, keeping everything out.
  2. Unique 5 toe fit system, engineered to keep blisters and abrasion away. Fits snugly around the toes and prevents rolling cloth feel.
  3. Comes with three weight options, lightweight for regular use, midweight for gym use, and trail weight for rugged terrain and obstacle course races. These are as thick as woolen socks and stay dry and cool for long durations.


  1. These are competitively priced but still fall on the steep end of the spectrum.
  2. 5 toe design needs careful handling, prone to holes and shredding in this region.
  3. The toe seams sometimes lead to blisters which could be avoided.

You have five different type of trail socks to choose from for the best socks for a spartan race. Which one is the best? You decide based on length, cushioning, compression, material used, and price tags.

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