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When people start to get into shooting, the purchase of a range bag is often not a huge priority. After all, when you’re first starting out, you often don’t need much more than a firearm, ammo, and some protective gear. 

However, if your visits to the gun range start to become more frequent, or you find that hunting on the weekends with your friends is something that you’d like to take more seriously, there’s no denying one simple fact. Sooner or later, you’re going to end up with more gear, and it's going to be harder to carry it all!

When that time comes, it’s very important that you pick one that suits your individual needs. Luckily, there are plenty of great range bags on the market available to purchase this year, each created with your convenience in mind.

In this article, we have carefully selected our top five picks for you to choose from, as well as including a helpful buyer’s guide area to help you make the most informed decision possible. Ready? Let’s begin.

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Our top pick is the BLACKHAWK Sportster Deluxe Range Bag. This highly functional shooting bag will be able to carry all of your essential gear and guns to the shooting range and back again! 

Here’s what we love about this range bag:

  • It features dual-density foam padding that will be able to keep your firearms and other items safe and secure when inside the bag.

  • Long-lasting and reliable, it is constructed of thick PVC laminate that will be able to withstand frequent use and general wear and tear.

  • For added convenience, the Sportster Deluxe features wraparound web handles and a detachable shoulder strap that will make carrying your heavy guns and ammo a breeze.

  • It features 3 large dual-zippered exterior compartments, multiple internal pockets, and one slash pocket.

Our verdict? The BLACKHAWK Sportster Deluxe Range Bag is affordable, big on convenience and features plenty of compartments that will allow you to not just store all of your firearms and gun range essentials, but also make sure that they’re organized!

It’s a fantastic choice for all levels and abilities.

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One of the most standout features of the BLACKHAWK Sportster Deluxe Range Bag is how spacious it is. The main compartment of this bag has enough room for just about everything you would want to have with you at the shooting range.

As well as this, you’ll also find two smaller interior pockets that are ideal for valuables, plus a removable pistol pouch with super soft fabric to protect your firearm’s exterior.

Additionally, to ensure maximum durability, this bag is made from water-resistant 600 denier polyester, with two rows of locked stitching for durability along the seams.

For this reason, it's tough design can hold a lot of weight, while its minimalistic design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without rummaging through a bunch of different pockets. 

For added convenience, the Sportster Deluxe features wraparound web handles and a detachable shoulder strap that will make carrying your heavy guns and ammo a breeze, while lockable zippers will provide additional protection and security.

It's got our seal of approval.


  • Smart and practical black design
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Plenty of compartments for easy organization and to keep items from scraping against each other
  • Affordable


  • The shoulder strap has a plastic clasp which some have found to break easily

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, the I Belong Outdoor Range Bag needs to be on your radar.

Carefully designed to be strong enough to carry all of the equipment needed for a successful session at the range, without being so big that it weighs you down, the I Belong Outdoor Range Bag is compact, convenient and sturdy.

Its quality build is made of a tough, 600D polyester that will easily be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, as well as being water-resistant.

Made with your comfortability in mind, this nimble range bag features a hand carry strap, as well as shoulder strap attachments that have been carefully cross-stitched at the stress points and sewn down to the bottom of the gun bag to ensure it can withstand heavy items without a hitch.

It also features an extra-strong clasp to make sure that everything stays securely fastened inside of the bag.

To ensure maximum security and safety, this range bag is fully padded with high-quality locking zippers that will stop items falling out. It also features five large compartments and two smaller compartments that will allow you to keep your gun and accessories organized and separated.


  • It is fully padded, with the larger compartments containing zipper locks.
  • In total, there are twelve magazine pockets located on either side of the outer compartments that can hold single stack or double stack magazines. 
  • A great budget-pick that will serve you for a long time.
  • Smart, black design.


  • Some find the bottom of the bag to be flimsy.

If you’re not overly into organization and would prefer the simplicity of keeping all of your gun gear stored in one place, you might get the most use out of the GunMate 19199687 range bag. 

Its design is a lot more simple and straightforward than other types we have already talked about. It features a spacious main compartment that includes both a removable hook and loop dividers, which gives you the versatility to adjust the bag into one ‘big’ compartment if you so desire.

Additionally, this no-nonsense range bag does feature zippered side compartments, which we think is a really useful design feature that will allow you to keep your pistols tucked away. You can even lock these side compartments for additional safety!

It’s made of durable nylon that holds its shape even when empty and has a thick, sturdy base plate that stands up very well to wear and tear, especially if you find yourself frequenting the gun range or hunting a lot.

We love this feature because it means that, even if you remove the contents of the bag, you won’t find that it crumbles inwards.


  • The dividers are removable, which gives you the option of just one big compartment, as opposed to lots of smaller ones.
  • There is a comfortable strap to make carrying and transporting it much easier.
  • The high-quality zippers will keep everything secure and safe inside the bag
  • There is space to keep larger pistols.


  • Does not feature a large variety of compartment spaces like some of the others we have included.

The Ruger Pistol Range Bag is next up on our shortlist. It is made from heavy-duty Endura fabric, which means that its stronger than the average range bag, while its padded bottom and sides are better able to protect your expensive guns and other accessories from damage.

Made with your convenience in mind, this bag has 3 MOLLE loops that give you the opportunity of adding more pockets if you wanted to expand its storage capacity, as well as a couple of mesh pockets and 6 magazine holders. You’ll also find foam inside of this bag which offers a further level of protection.

The padded shoulder strap also makes the Ruger comfortable to carry, both to the gun range and if you’re walking long distances while hunting. Though it is not one of the flashiest range bags out there, it comes with all the essential features a shooter needs, which are plenty of pockets, a tough design, as well as giving you the option to expand it.

The ammo carrier is a nice touch and also makes it a little easier to organize the items inside. If you’re looking for a range bag that will do the job without any bells or whistles, this is the range bag for you.


  • Features a detachable pistol rug for added convenience 
  • Very comfortable to carry and transport thanks to the shoulder strap and carry handles that can be velcroed together for complete ease-of-use
  • Striking black and red colorway design 
  • Compact but can hold a lot of gear with no issues 


  • It’s not big enough to carry a longer firearm

As an alternative to the ‘standard’ range bag design, if you’d prefer hands-free transportation to and from the range, we strongly recommend the G.P.S Tactical Range Backpack.

Convenient and functional, this backpack features three removable pistol storage cases that are padded and offer enough space to hold 1 pistol and 4 magazines within each, while the rigid honeycomb frame of the backpack along with the lockable zippers to ensure that your pistols remain secure. 

As well as this, the Tactical Range Backpack has also been equipped with a Visual I.D. Storage System that features designated, marked areas for keeping earplugs, shooting safety glasses, ear muffs, tools, and much more.

Additionally, if you find yourself caught in the rain, the included waterproof pull out cover will work to help keep contents dry during wet weather, while the sturdy front pocket unzips and drops flat to double as a work surface. How smart is that?

Plus, made with your comfortability in mind, this backpack also features a chest strap and padded waist belt which will help you to better stabilize the load, which we’re sure will come in use if you find yourself hauling a plethora of gear to try out at the range, or you’re spending the day hunting with buddies!


  • A great choice for those who want to keep their hands-free.
  • For additional support, this backpack is equipped with a chest strap and padded waist belt to offer better stability while carrying the weight.
  • It comes with a waterproof rain cover that will help to keep all of your gear and firearms safe and dry.


  • Some have found that the chest strap easily breaks. 

Best Range Bag - Buyers Guide

No matter what range bag you decide to go for, one thing’s for sure: you need something reliable that will make your trips to and from the shooting range more enjoyable, not more difficult! Here are some considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Its Durability 

This is one of the most important considerations to think about when selecting a great range bag. No matter what, the range bag that you choose should be strong and rugged enough to be able to take the wear and tear of regular use.

Additionally, as your gear can quickly add up, your range bag will ultimately have to carry a lot of weight, so make sure it is tough enough to withstand this without any breaking or tearing. 


The Size 

Next up we’re going to be talking about the ideal size of your range bag. Generally speaking, the ideal size (or capacity) of your range bag all comes down to your specific needs.

If you only find yourself frequenting the shooting range a couple of times a year, you will probably get better use out of a slightly smaller range bag.

However, if you have a lot of gear and accessories, or you find yourself visiting the gun range every weekend, you’re going to need a range bag that is going to be able to hold all of your firearms and ammo with ease. 


Compartments and Organiziation 

Ultimately, this all comes down to your personal preference! Some people like everything to be in its own place. If this sounds like you, we strongly recommend going for a range bag with plenty of different compartments that will allow you to give your firearms, ammo and protective gear their own separate area.

On the other hand, if you’re the type that prefers to just chuck everything into one big compartment, there are plenty of range bags that have this storage style.

In our opinion, we recommend selecting a range bag that has a variety of compartments. At the very least, it will stop your gear from clanking against each other and potentially getting damaged.


Comfort Level

Like we were saying earlier, range bags have the tendency to get heavy - especially as your hobby grows and you find yourself purchasing more accessories!

For this reason, we recommend making sure that the range bag you end up selecting comes with a strap, handle, or some other kind of carrying feature that will allow you to comfortably carry it without putting any strain on your neck, shoulders, arms or back. 


The Appearance

Admittedly, this is definitely one of the least important features, but we still think that its important to consider. When you look good you feel good, right? So, with that being said, we recommend picking a bag that you think looks good and suits your personal style and preference.

For instance, you might like the look of a traditional range bag or have a specific color in mind that you would like it to be. Additionally, some people like to go for a range bag that doesn’t give away any clues as to what might be inside, which might be something that you’d like to consider.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you correctly organize a range bag? 

There’s no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to what gear you own and the storage design of your range bag. 

If you’re the kind of person that can sometimes struggle to stay on top of your organization, you might want to consider a bag with more pockets and compartments to help keep all your accessories in their own separate places. 

We also recommend popping valuables (like a cellphone) in a zipper compartment so that it doesn’t fall out. 

When do you need a range bag?

Again, this all comes down to when you feel ready to buy one!

However, if you’re already beginning to think of purchasing one, that’s a surefire sign that you’re ready to start using one, especially if you’re finding that your trips to the gun range are becoming more and more frequent, or you’ve got more gear than hands!

What should you keep in a range bag?

As a general rule of thumb, your range bag needs to be able to hold all the range essentials that you own now, while also having additional space to fit any other accessories you end up buying.

The range essentials that you’ll be packing into your range bag will be items such as ammo, magazines,  protective gear for eyes and ears, a basic first-aid kit, valuables such as a wallet, as well as snacks and some water.

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