Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

by Ben Jackson

I’m sure that every biker will agree with the fact that there’s not much greater feeling than zooming along on a motorbike.

Wind in your hair and and the feeling of it slightly forcing you back as you push on, weaving across the lane with ease. When the sun is shining on a glorious summer day, this is truly perfection. 

However, what happens when the rainy months close in and you’re stuck riding around in rain and snow storms?

Sure, when you first buy your motorcycle the fact that you have no cover is incredibly freeing and exhilarating, but the fire you feel inside while riding is soon put out with the countless spontaneous rain showers you have to endure.

Soon enough the cover a car offers is envied and craved, so you have to find new ways of keeping protected when out and about. 

Of course you can’t be riding around holding a flimsy umbrella overhead, so you’re going to have to invest in some high quality rain gear. Rain gear is loosely translated into a coat and pant set that fully covers your body and keeps you dry even in long rides. 

No one wants to receive their rain gear and find out during the first wear that it’s actually not waterproof only to return home drenched and miserable, so we’ve found the top five rain gear sets to give you an easier ride. 

In a hurry?This is our Winner!

Our Pick

Frogg Toggs UL12104-12LG Ultra Lite Rain Suit Blue, Large

FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit

Our rating

Why it’s our top pick?

The rainy months are soon approaching, along with the hot summer months, so it’s important to get some motorcycle rain gear to keep you dry while not weighing you down with thick and sweaty materials. 

While we’ve scoured the market for the top five rain suits you could use during these conditions, our favorite has to be FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit because: 

  • FROGG TOGGS is a reputable brand who specialize in waterproof gear for all kinds of sports. 

  • Comes in four different colors that are designed to make you visible to other drivers on the road. 

  • Attractive price point for such a high quality rain suit.

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear – Comparison Table


Product Image

Product Name

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Frogg Toggs UL12104-12LG Ultra Lite Rain Suit Blue, Large

FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit


Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit; 100% Waterproof, Pants and Jacket Included with Reflective striping (Black, X-Large)

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit


Viking Cycle Nomad Rain Suit for Men & Women 2 Piece Waterproof Rain Jacket Pant Gear Lightweight Reflective Raincoat with Hoodie

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear


SWISSWELL Men's Rain Suit Waterproof Lightweight Hooded Rainwear for Golf, Hiking, Travel, Running(Charcoal,Large)

SWISSWELL Men’s Rain Suit


FROGG TOGGS Men's Standard Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit, Dark Green/Black Pants, Large

FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic All-Sport Rain Suit

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear – Reviews

Frogg Toggs UL12104-12LG Ultra Lite Rain Suit Blue, Large

Our Top Pick

FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit

Our rating

Our first option is a rod made to be up to tournament performance standards, as the name suggests. 

The KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Fishing Rods are actually a set of hefty rods that can be between six foot eight inches and seven foot eleven inches depending on the type of product you go for, each with different length, power and action. 

For spinnerbait casting we recommend the Spin-Crankbait-7’3” variant which has middle of the road power and action, and it’s the model around which this review was written. 

Thankfully, many of the pros in the construction of the Tournament Series translate to their other models, so you should definitely check out their other rods if this specific one isn’t what you’re looking for.

Constructed with sensitive Elite Carbon Nano Tube Resin technology by virtue of being part of KastKing’s Speed Demon Pro rods, these rods promise to be the lightest but most sensitive rods you’ve ever held while still maintaining lifting strength. 

This particular spin-crankbait rod is made with a composite of S-Glass and High Modulus graphite to achieve this unparalleled lightweight performance combined with a spinning wheel for better control over the pace of your reeling. 

Lining that rod are fuji guides and real seats so that your line is only ever disturbed by curious fish, not annoying line functions. 

Custom Winn Grips feel much like the comfortable golf club-style grips so that your fishing can stay comfortable but firm. 


  • A 7 foot 3 inches long but medium power and action tournament performance rod.
  • Fuji guides, reel seats and custom Winn golf-style grips ensure a smooth and comfortable fishing experience.


  • Pretty specialized model, means it’s only good for spinnerbait techniques but lacks versatility.
Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit; 100% Waterproof, Pants and Jacket Included with Reflective striping (Black, X-Large)

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit

Our rating

Our second option is one that brings quality at an affordable price point, the Ardent Denny Brauer Baitcasting Rod. The first thing you’ll notice with this piece of kit is its length, coming in at a very long seven foot six inches. 

This is right up there in terms of which lengths of rod are ideal for spinnerbait casting but will be perfect for casting across large bodies of water to present your spinning bait to the fish in a less conspicuous way. 

Fast action and medium-heavy power-rated, it’s the kind of rod that will perform wonders if its wielder knows their technique, and it looks great whilst doing them. 

This is because of its fuji aluminum oxide line guides and high-performance cork grips which ease hand fatigue and better help you feel the vibrations from when the fish take the bait. These make this product not only aesthetically pleasing but easy-to-use.

It’s also rather lightweight, being constructed with graphite graded as Intermediate Modulus 8, the perfect sweet spot between durability and flexibility. Another point in this product’s favor is the fact that these features all come at an affordable price where other rods are concerned and are protected by a three-year limited warranty. 

If you like what you see written here then check it out in the link below, we think it could be just what you’re looking for if you’re in need of an affordable but effective long rod that works well with spinnerbaits.


  • Measuring in at 7 feet 6 inches, is on the large side for those looking for range. Cast as far as you want.
  • Fuji aluminum oxide line guides with high-performance cork grips make for an aesthetically pleasing but efficient product.
  • IM-8 graphite construction is lightweight and promotes stability and durability during fishing.
  • Three-year limited warranty.
  • Affordable price point.


  • Only comes in one color variation on-site, and sometimes ends up arriving in different colors anyway depending on the source.
Viking Cycle Nomad Rain Suit for Men & Women 2 Piece Waterproof Rain Jacket Pant Gear Lightweight Reflective Raincoat with Hoodie

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Our rating

The rods from the folks at Ugly Stik are known for their durability and this Elite Casting Rod is no exception. 

This fishing rod is made with their trademarked Ugly Tech construction but this time around they’ve added graphite for less weight and more sensitivity. 

It’s all in one piece so that it’s unfailingly durable with no folding points that will compromise its structural integrity, and it also keeps the line in place due to its stainless steel guides, making this a rod to depend on. 

For all their reputation for being durable, this brand’s rods had a problem with sensitivity in the past. Thankfully this stays in the past as now this product features their fiberglass Clear 

Tip that is sensitive to the slightest of nibbles, and clear to boot so that fish can’t spot your rod craning their food down to them and become suspicious. This product is also the most affordable on this list! 

This affordability makes it great for beginners learning spinnerbait technique, or anyone looking for a bargain on a durable but sensitive fishing rod that’ll perform spinnerbait techniques. 

Its cork handle can wear fast, especially if it’s your favorite rod, so you may need to look into replacing it but that shouldn’t be difficult with the money you save on this superbly affordable product.


  • A 7-foot rod made with trademarked Ugly Tech construction, now with added graphite!
  • Ugly Tuff Stainless steel construction at the guides to make a durable and dependable rod.
  • High sensitivity thanks to its Ugly Tech Clear Tip feature. You can feel every nibble!
  • Cheapest option on this list, high quality for what you pay for it.


  • The cork handle isn’t the best, you may wish to replace it if this is going to be your go-to rod.
SWISSWELL Men's Rain Suit Waterproof Lightweight Hooded Rainwear for Golf, Hiking, Travel, Running(Charcoal,Large)

SWISSWELL Men’s Rain Suit

Our rating

A six-foot ten inch bait launcher that’s designed to be tournament-grade, the Lew’s Tournament Performance TP-1 Speed Stick Casting Rod is a medium to heavy in terms of power and very high in action, making it perfect for use as a spinnerbait fishing rod. 

It features a durable and lightweight one-piece IM-8 graphite construction, much like number two on this list, but retails for a slightly higher price point than other rods with these same specs.

What other rods don’t have, however, is Lew’s exclusive SoftTouch graphite reel sets so that every part of the rod can be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. 

It also places all control in your hands thanks to Winn’s Dri-Tac grips, and boasts a MicroWave guide system that reduces wind knots and grants you can increase in your cast distance and accuracy, accuracy being something much desired when dealing with an almost seven foot fishing rod. 


  • 6-foot 10 tournament-grade rod with fast action for spinnerbait fishing.
  • IM-8 Graphite blank construction with Winn Dri-Tac grip for superior rod control.
  • MicoWave guide system reduces wind knots and gives an increase in cast distance and accuracy.
  • Lew’s exclusive SoftTouch graphite reel seats make every part of this rod constructed for lightness and comfort.


  • Pricier than other similar rods on the market.
FROGG TOGGS Men's Standard Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit, Dark Green/Black Pants, Large

FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic All-Sport Rain Suit

Our rating

Our last product here is for those of you dedicated to the brand and the sport of fishing. It’s the G. Loomis 12681-01 E6X Spinnerbait Casting Rod 812C SBR, a six-foot nine inches fishing rod that comes with the biggest price tag here by a rather wide margin. 

The Loomis E6X was the product on everyone’s lips during our preliminary research into the best spinnerbait rods. This is because it was specially designed for spinnerbait fishing, boasting extra-fast action tips to lower cast trajectory, improve accuracy, and ensure that you stay in control when wrestling the largest of bass. 

It’s light, responsive and offers a nice combination of flex and power. It’s also very versatile within its specialization, not suffering from the lack of versatility that the KastKing at number one struggles with. 

This is because this rod is designed to work with lure weights of 3/8 to 1/2 ounces, the full range of spinnerbait lures an angler could want. Not only that, but it works with many different kinds of blade bait and methods of casting. 

Overall, this is a very good rod, don’t let its place on this list put you off. What let it down was its price and skill requirement but if you qualify for both of those factors, then this should definitely be the one for you.


  • This 6-foot 9 rod has E6X tech construction that enables it to be extremely light and sensitive.
  • Designed for both 3/8- and 1/2-ounce lure weights, very high performance.
  • Very versatile for being a specialized product, works with many blade baits and types of cast.


  • The extra-fast action will absolutely be too much for beginners, experienced anglers only.
  • The priciest product on this list by a wide margin.

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear – Buyers Guide


Probably the most important feature of any motorcycle gear to take into consideration is how safe the piece is. Visibility is an incredibly important factor to look for as bikers are more exposed on the roads than any other driver, and they’re also typically harder to see.

Dangerous accidents can be prevented with either colorful gear or reflective stripes if you’re wanting a more understated look. 

Another thing to consider is the particular fit of your rain gear. Loose sleeves, waistline or hood can flap in the wind and be distracting for you as the driver. This is obviously dangerous and could cause a serious accident, so it’s wise to look for gear with adjustable cuffs and hood. 


What’s the point of a waterproof rain suit when you’re dripping with sweat on the inside? You should look for a suit with breathable material such as mesh to keep you cool while protected from the rain. Some suits even have air vents that will keep the air circulating well during your ride to keep you comfortable and dry. 


Rain gear needs to be waterproof – that goes without saying. However, it’s also handy to get a suit that can withstand other weather conditions such as high winds. There are many suits that offer protection in all weathers, so it’s worth looking into. 

Another consideration is that some suits are more waterproof than others. This means that some will work better in heavy rain, and some won’t even try to keep you dry in torrential downpours. If you’re wanting an all weather suit, make sure you check that the suit is for heavy rain, not just light rain. 

Seams are also an important part of keeping a suit waterproof, and it’s also something that manufacturers tend to forget.

Seams are where two fabrics meet each other and therefore are the weakest sections of the gear, so they should either be double stitched or heat sealed to keep the water out. 


Like we mentioned earlier, the fit of your rain gear is very important. Making sure there are no holes that rain can seep in is super important in keeping your dry, so look for a suit with an adjustable waistband, hood and cuffs for the arms and legs.

Some suits have extra preventative measures, such as Velcro cuffs and drawstrings, which tend to be more protective and more likely to protect you, so look for the best measures possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear rain gear on a motorcycle?

Rain gear is typically lightweight and thin so it can be used all year round without keeping you too warm in the summer months, so it is designed to be worn over your regular clothing.

It is advised that you wear your protective gear underneath to keep you safe, and therefore you should consider choosing a size up from your normal clothing. 

You can tuck the sleeve cuffs into your gloves, the neck or hood into your helmet, and your pant legs into your boots. Rain gear is designed to act like a second skin, so it should be easy to manipulate and fit however you find it most comfortable.

Are FROGG TOGGS good for motorcycles?

The FROGG TOGGS rain suits that we looked at above are both equipped with different features to keep you safe and dry while on your ride. These include bright colors to keep you visible, adjustable cuffs and hoods, and three layer breathable materials so you remain comfortable. 

Having said this, there are multiple different rain suits designed by FROGG TOGGS which may not be as suitable for motorcycles, so do your research if you’re looking at one other than the two we looked at above. 

What is the best waterproof material?

Waterproof technology is constantly changing and therefore there isn’t just one material which is the best. Materials have simply been coated with other substances, such as wax, polyurethane and fluoropolymers to make it waterproof. This means that waterproof materials range in price, so the best is often dependent on your budget. 

Some of the most commonly used and highly regarded materials are polyester coated with PVC and thermoplastic polyurethane, because they’re very effective and reasonably priced. However, all things come with pros and cons so weigh up these before making your decision. 

Are motorcycles waterproof?

Motorcycles are designed to be ridden in all weather conditions, so yes they are waterproof. Having said this, if you’re going to leave it out in the rain for days or weeks at a time, you may want to consider purchasing a rain cover to prevent rusting and keep it on top form.

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