Best Fishing Jackets

by Ben Jackson

Fishing is one of those hobbies that requires skill, expertise and, most importantly, a great deal of patience. Sitting out in the open for hours on end in hopes of getting a catch isn’t easy, but once you’ve got that first bite all that time will be totally worth it!

However, any keen fisher knows that the chances of the weather staying favorable throughout the entire day is highly unlikely, even more so if you’re fishing outside of the summer months.

Rain, high winds, freezing temperatures and even snowfall are all things that you may encounter as you wait patiently for your bait to be taken, and keeping yourself warm and protected from the elements during these conditions is very important.

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a fishing jacket. Not only will it help to keep you safe and dry as you sit out in the open air, but a good fishing jacket will also make accessing your essential gear easier, and can even improve your game.

But with so many to choose from, how are you supposed to know which fishing jacket is the best for you? To take the hard work out of it, we’ve listed five of the best fishing jackets below, each of which can battle against bad weather conditions and help you improve your chances of getting a catch.

We’ve also put together a super useful buying guide that is packed with tips on what to keep an eye out for before you make your purchase, helping you make sure you’re getting the perfect fishing jacket for your individual needs the first time around.

So, take a seat, kick back and join us as we take you on a journey through some of the best fishing jackets available.

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wantdo Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket Winter Windproof Ski Coat Parka Khaki S

Wantdo Waterproof Fishing Jacket

Our rating

Best Fishing Jackets – Comparison Table


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wantdo Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket Winter Windproof Ski Coat Parka Khaki S ​Wantdo Waterproof Fishing Jacket


THE NORTH FACE Men's Resolve Waterproof Jacket, New Taupe Green, Large ​North Face Resolve Waterproof Jacket


Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Shoreline Jacket Waterproof Breathable Nylon,Black,X-Large Tall ​Carhartt Shoreline Waterproof Jacket


FROGG TOGGS Mens Cascades Sportsman's Pack Jacket, Green, Large US ​Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsman’s Pack Jacket


WindRider Pro Rain Jacket | Foul Weather Jacket | Fishing, Sailing, Boating ​WindRider Pro Rain Jacket

Best Fishing Jackets – Reviews

wantdo Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket Winter Windproof Ski Coat Parka Khaki S

Our Top Pick

Wantdo Waterproof Fishing Jacket

Our rating

Designed to keep you warm and dry whilst you’re sitting out in the elements, this Waterproof Fishing Jacket from Wantdo has everything you could ever want from a piece of outdoor clothing.

Highly durable, it is constructed from 240g polyester fiber that guarantees warmth even on the coldest of days, and it’s water repellent coating keeps you dry in up to under 10,000mm of water pressure – ideal if you’re caught in a sudden downpour of rain.

Not only is it incredibly warm and water resistant, but the construction of this fishing jacket also makes it windproof! This is achieved by the addition of adjustable hook and loop fastener straps, an interior windproof snap skirt, a detachable storm hood and an internal drawcord hem. All of these features combine together to keep you protected from high winds whilst retaining warmth.

The multiple pockets, including internal mesh pockets, provide you with plenty of space for carrying a variety of fishing gear with you as well as keeping your smartphone protected and close to hand. This fishing jacket is also available in 17 different colors and a variety sizes, there’s an option to suit any taste.


  • Constructed from a highly durable, 240g polyester fabric that guarantees warmth
  • Has a water repellent coating helps keep you dry in up to 10,000mm of water pressure
  • A series of internal and adjustable features also ensure that this fishing jacket is windproof
  • Features multiple interior and exterior pockets that are perfect for carrying your fishing gear and smartphone in
  • Available in 17 colors and in a variety of sizes


  • Doesn’t have an special breathability features, so you may find yourself getting too hot if you were to wear it on a warmer day
THE NORTH FACE Men's Resolve Waterproof Jacket, New Taupe Green, Large

North Face Resolve Waterproof Jacket

Our rating

The lightweight nature of the Resolve Waterproof Jacket from The North Face ensures that you’re able to trek to your favored fishing location without feeling weighed down, yet sacrifices nothing in the way of waterproofing or warmth.

Made with 100% nylon ripstop DryVent™ fabric, it’s thin enough to fit over a thick sweater or zip up top, allowing you the opportunity to layer up on colder days without feeling overly bulky or uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the durable water repellent finish helps to ensure you’re kept dry on even the rainiest of days.

To add to it’s water resistancy, it also features an adjustable hood which can be rolled up and stored in a compartment around the collar, giving you easy access to it when needed as well as allowing you to store it out of the way when the weather dries up.

It also features  large, secure-zippered hand pockets, which give you a place to safely store and carry any extra fishing gear or personal items, as well as adjustable cuffs that are perfect for sliding over the hem of gloves and an adjustable waist cinching cord that allows you to find the perfect fit.


  • Made from 100% nylon ripstop DryVent™ fabric that is lightweight and thin but still provides amazing warmth
  • A water repellent finish has been applied to the jacket to help keep you dry on wet days
  • Features an adjustable hood that stores away neatly in a collar compartment, giving you access to it when most needed and allowing you to store it away again
  • Large, secure-zippered pockets give you a safe place to store personal belongings and extra fishing gear
  • Also features adjustable cuffs and a waist cinching cord so you can find the perfect fit


  • Although it’s great at retaining warmth, this jacket doesn’t offer any extra interior insulation
Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Shoreline Jacket Waterproof Breathable Nylon,Black,X-Large Tall

​Carhartt Shoreline Waterproof Jacket

Our rating

If you’re looking for a fishing jacket that can withstand even the heaviest of rainfall, then the Shoreline Waterproof Jacket from Carhartt could be exactly what you’re after, and even features it’s very own patented fabric to ensure you’re kept dry at all times.

The innovative Storm Defender™ fabric is a membrane / laminate mix that is designed to prevent any water from entering the jacket, but also has amazing breathability, so sweat and moisture that have built up on the interior of the jacket will be able to evaporate away, but water won’t be able to get in.

A built in hood also adds to the waterproof capabilities of this fishing jacket, and can be adjustable and locked in place with a drawcord to give you a comfortable fit that will keep you protected from the rain. It even features reinforced seams that ensure no water can infiltrate that way either!

To keep your personal belongings and extra fishing gear safe and dry as well, this fishing jacket also features zippered pockets that are built using the same Storm Defender™ fabric technology. And, when the time comes to give it a wash, you can simply put it in the washing machine along with your usual laundry detergent to freshen it up, meaning no dry cleaning bills or laborious handwashing.


  • Designed to keep you completely dry in even the most torrential rain
  • Constructed with Storm Defender™ fabric technology that prevents water from entering the jacket, but still allows sweat and moisture to escape
  • The built in hood features an adjustable drawcord that can be locked in place for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Also features reinforced seams for extra protection against rainfall
  • Large, zippered pockets provide you with a safe and secure place for your extra fishing gear and personal items


  • Some customers that previously purchased this jacket noted that the sizing was a little off, so it’s worth checking your measurements before purchasing
FROGG TOGGS Mens Cascades Sportsman's Pack Jacket, Green, Large US

​Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsman’s Pack Jacket

Our rating

Described as a “fishermen’s best friend”, the Cascades Sportsman’s Pack Jacket from Frogg Toggs features a variety of features that will keep you warm and dry, and that will help enhance your fishing experience.

One of the features that makes this fishing jacket so amazing is the Dri2Pore™ fabric used within its construction. This fantastic material is placed as the middle layer in between an outer layer of polyester and an inner layer of polypro, where it provides 100% waterproofing and breathability, keeping you totally dry whilst simultaneously allowing moisture and sweat to escape.

The seams of this jacket are also fully taped for extra waterproof protection, and it features an adjustable tuck-away hood for when the weather gets really wet! As if that wasn’t enough, this fishing jacket elasticated wrist cuffs, an adjustable cord waistband and a heavy duty, zippered front with a storm flap, so you can rest assured that you’ll be warm, dry and comfortable as you’re sat in the great outdoors.

A total of 18 exterior and interior pockets give you an unrivalled amount of space for carrying and storing your fishing essentials and your personal belongings, and there are also 2 D-rings placed on the chest that allow you to attach extra accessories to. There’s even an incorporated foldaway rod holder, making this jacket the perfect choice for weekend long fishing expeditions.


  • Constructed using innovative Dri2Pore™ fabric, which is layered between an outer layer of polyester and an internal layer of polypro, bringing 100% waterproof protection whilst ensuring breathability
  •  Fully taped seams add extra waterproof protection and prevent any rain entering the jacket through the seams
  • An adjustable tuck-away hood gives you even more protection from the rain, and a heavy duty, zippered front with storm flap helps keep you warm and dry
  • Elasticated wrist cuffs and an adjustable waist cord allow you to find the most comfortable fit
  • Features a total of 18 pockets and 2 D-rings, giving you ample room for all of your fishing gear as well as your personal belongings


  • When all pockets are filled with fishing equipment the fit can feel a little tight, so it may be worth ordering one size bigger than your would usually
WindRider Pro Rain Jacket | Foul Weather Jacket | Fishing, Sailing, Boating

WindRider Pro Rain Jacket

Our rating

Built for withstanding anything the great outdoors can throw at you, this Pro Rain Jacket from WindRider is the perfect attire for any fishing trip, and will keep you warm and dry as you wait patiently for your catch to bite.

The 100% waterproof outer shell ensures that no rain will get into the jacket, and the double storm flaps and adjustable hems give you even more protection against the elements. There’s also an incorporated rollaway hood that features a bill design, which is perfect for keeping rain away from your face.

A fleece lined, windproof collar helps to keep your face warm and protected from freezing winds, and the front pockets are also fleece lined to provide you with a warm place to put your hands in cold weather. The construction of this jacket also features double-zippered venting for breathability, allowing any built up moisture to escape whilst still providing amazing heat retention.

The five oversized pockets give you somewhere to store and carry any fishing gear or personal items you need for your trip, and you can rest assured that they’ll be safely kept in place thanks to the zippered openings.


  • A 100% waterproof outer shell provides totally waterproof protection
  • Features double storm flaps, adjustable hems and a tuck-away billed hood for even more waterproofing
  • The collar is windproof and fleece lined to keep your face warm and protected from freezing wind
  •  Features double-zippered venting that allows sweat and moisture to escape without losing any internal warmth
  • Five oversized pockets give you load of room for storing and transporting fishing gear and personal items


  • Previous customers found that the sizes ran a little small, so it’s worth checking your measurements against the jacket’s size guide before ordering

Best Fishing Jackets – Buyers Guide

Keeping yourself well protected against wind, rain and freezing temperatures won’t only make sure that you’re as warm and dry as possible whilst you’re waiting for a fish to nibble at your bait, but will also provide you with a lot of features that can enhance your fishing experience.

However, before settling on the first fishing jacket you come across, there are some things to consider. We’ve outlined some points below that will help you make the right choice, and find the perfect fishing jacket the first time around.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing your fishing jacket is the waterproof capabilities it has. The chances of you getting caught in a sudden downpour are highly likely when you’re on a fishing trip, especially if you’re fishing outside of the summer months, so you’ll need to make sure you’re as protected from the rain as possible.

With that in mind, look for a fishing jacket that has been built using a waterproof or water resistant fabric. Some fishing jackets feature their own patented fabric technology, such as Storm Defender™ and Dri2Pore™, which are fantastic for ensuring your kept dry even in heavy downpours.

Another really good waterproof feature is a hood. This might seem like an obvious choice when looking for a fishing jacket, but there are some that have been designed to maximize performance and keep even more rain out than a standard hood. Adjustable drawcords help keep the hood locked in place on your head, whilst a billed design allows the rain to flow off the top of the hood and away from your face, keeping your face as dry as possible.

Some fishing jackets also feature reinforced or taped seams, and these are also a fantastic feature to look for when thinking about waterproofing. Seams that have undergone this extra treatment will help to prevent water from entering the jacket in this way, so you’ll be getting extra protection from an often overlooked part of standard waterproof clothing.


Where there’s rain there’s usually wind, so it’s also a good idea to take a look at what sort of windproof protection your fishing jacket features as well.

One really good windproof design is a raised collar that has been lined with a warm material, such as fleece. This allows you to cover most of your face with the collar, and gives you extra warmth and protection against freezing winds.

Another good thing to look for when researching the windproofing capabilities of your fishing jacket is whether it contains adjustable cords. These are normally found around the hood, the waist and the cuffs and allow you to tighten them in order to prevent the jacket from flapping in a strong breeze or filling with cold air upon a particularly heavy gust of wind.


Sitting in a stationary position for hours on end is going to result in you getting pretty cold, especially if you’re fishing during fall or winter. So, it’s also important to look at what levels of warmth your fishing jacket will offer you.

The first place to look is going to be at the material that it is made of. Jackets that are made of waterproof material are more likely to keep you warm as they will already be thick enough to prevent water from entering the jacket, but a coat that is constructed from multiple layers will be hard to beat in terms of retaining warmth.

Ideally, your fishing jacket should have a waterproof outer layer, and middle layer that insulates and an interior layer made of a fabric such as fleece that will help retain the heat being provided by the insulating layer.


Although it’s important to ensure you’re kept warm on your fishing trip, it’s also important to make sure that you don’t overheat or become uncomfortable due to moisture not being able to evaporate away from your body.

With this in mind, look for a fishing jacket that also offers you a good level of breathability. This usually comes down to either the fabric used in it’s construction or specially designed features that have been applied to the jacket.

Fabric technology such as Dri2Pore™ or DryVent™ are good choices to look for, as they have been specially engineered to allow sweat and moisture to escape from inside the coat, but also ensure that you retain all the warmth as well.

Built in breathable features might include such things as zippered vents that have been placed around the jacket, and allow you to open and close them as required, allowing cool air to flow through and moisture to evaporate away.


A fishing trip requires a lot of equipment, and most of it you need to have close to hand, ready to use as soon as you feel a fish bite on your bait. The last thing you need is to be rooting around in your kit bag and risking losing your catch, so it’s a good idea to look at what sort of pockets your fishing jacket has as well.

Put simply, the more pockets it has the better. This will allow you to keep a wide variety of fishing essentials and accessories on your person, and access them easily. It also gives you the perfect place to store your smart device, wallets and other personal belongings without worrying about them getting lost or stolen.

To make sure that everything is kept secure, look for a fishing jacket that has pockets built with heavy duty zippers or hook and eye closings. This will give you peace of mind that your belongings are safely in place, and will prevent them from accidentally falling out of your pockets as you trek to your preferred fishing location.

Size & Style

Finally, take a look at the sizes that are available to you as well. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t really apply to clothing, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re on your fishing trip.

Remember that sizes do vary from store to store, and what might be your usual size in one brand may not necessarily be the same size in another. Be sure to take your measurements and then cross reference those with the size guide offered by the manufacturer of the fishing jacket you’re looking for. That way you can be certain you’re getting it right the first time around.

Many fishing jackets come in multiple color options as well, and this is a fantastic way to let your personality shine through. You also don’t have to be quite as camouflaged or stealthy with fishing as you would with hunting, so you can go as bold as you like!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best fishing jacket?

The best fishing jacket will be waterproof and able to keep you warm whilst you’re sat in the great outdoors for a long time. It should also provide you with good windproofing capabilities, and offer you a lot of pocket space to store and carry all of your essential fishing gear and personal items.

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