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by John Wren

For many, positioning themselves in a tree may be their preferred way to hunt. This gives you a clear vantage point of the area surrounding you. A climbing treestand gives you the height and comfort in one item, providing a place for you to stand and also a seat for when you find yourself needing a rest.

We have browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best climbing treestands ensuring that they conform to a high standard of quality, comfort with the correct safety features in place. Below, you will also find a buyer’s guide packed with our top tips for selecting the best product for your needs.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Best Climbing Treestand – Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand - Realtree Timber
  • The Viper SD remains a favorite amongst hunters
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction makes transporting and climbing a breeze
  • Sit comfortably for hours thanks to the suspended foam-padded seat with cushioned backrest and padded armrests
  • Covered by Summit’s 5-year limited warranty
Bestseller No. 2
OL'MAN TREESTANDS Multi-Vision Climbing Stand, Steel Construction with 21" Wide Net Seat, Gray, One Size (COM-04)
  • LEGENDARY TREESTAND: The OL’MAN Multi-vision treestand is loved by gun and bow hunters everywhere.
  • 3 TREESTANDS IN 1: Configure the Multi-Vision for the way you hunt. Set up this legendary climbing stand with the classic OL’MAN straight bar, or with the included reversible Gun Rest/Foot Rest to...
  • QUIET: The Multi-Vision Series is the quietest climbing stand on the market. It remains our best-selling tree stand.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Steel Construction. Standing Platform measures 18-inches x 32-inches. Weight Limit: 300-pounds. Seat Style: 21-inch wide net. Overall Weight: 29-pounds. Seat Pad Cover: Black
  • OL’MAN EXPERIENCE: From our lightweight design to our rugged durability, OL’MAN Treestands are the highest quality treestands on the market today. We’re focused on customer service and comfort...
Bestseller No. 4
Summit Treestands Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  • One of Summit’s lightest treestands at 18 pounds
  • Ideal for smaller-framed hunters
  • Incorporates the same engineering features as the flagship Viper SD in a smaller seat frame and foot platform
  • Covered by Summit’s 5-year limited warranty
  • Aluminum 5-Channel Platform Frame with Dead Metal, Sound Deadening (SD) Technology
Bestseller No. 5
Summit Treestands Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  • Comfort-engineered climber that is a favorite for larger-framed hunters or those looking for extra room
  • Includes the same design features found in standard Viper SD
  • Has a higher maximum weight limit of 350 pounds
  • Covered by Summit’s 5-year limited warranty
Bestseller No. 6
Ol'Man TREESTANDS Alumalite CTS Climbing Stand, Aluminum Construction with 21" Wide Net Seat
  • FEATHERLIGHT TREESTAND: Bowhunters and gun hunters have plenty of gear to haul in and out of the woods. The Alumalie CTS is built to be lightweight, offering hunters an easier option to get up in the...
  • OVAL TUBING: The OL’MAN Alumalite CTS Treestand uses oval tubing in its construction. The oval shape is a much stronger shape than round tubing and is less likely to become misshapen over time. This...
  • COMFORT: The Alumalite CTS features patented ComforTECH seating with a seat width of 21-inches. Hunters can look forward to a comfortable experience in the trees for hours. Entry and exit are super...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 21-pounds. Weight Limit: 300-pounds. Seat width: 21-inches. Platform size: 18-inches x 32-inches. Aluminum construction.
  • SUPERIOR HUNTABILITY: From our lightweight design to our rugged durability, OL’MAN Treestands are the highest quality treestands on the market today. We’re focused on customer service and comfort...
Bestseller No. 7
Hawk Ultra-Lite Climber Portable Aluminum Big Game Hunting Tree Stand with 20" x 27" Platform & Adjustable Net Seat
  • PORTABLE HUNTING TREE STAND - HAWK Ultra-Lite Climber Hunting Tree stand boasts Fold Flat technology - this treestand quickly collapses down to an ultra-thin size for transportation; Ultimate...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE - Ultra-Lite Climber Treestand from HAWK is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum which makes this hunting equipment strong and tough while remaining rather lightweight...
  • RELIABLE HUNTING GEAR - The Ultra-Lite Climber Treestand features an Auto-Latch micro-size cable that provides simple and silent tree attachment; Also, this hunting stand delivers added climbing...
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT - This Hawk's hunting tree stand incorporates padded armrests and a Hammock net seat that is quiet, versatile, and extremely comfortable; The seat features silent slides for standing...
  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - This heavy-duty tree stand incorporates premium Teflon washers that ensure noise-free, no-squeak performance; a Full-body safety harness, pair of neoprene backpack straps, and...

Best Climbing Treestand – Buyers Guide

There are several features that you will need to consider before purchasing your climbing treestand. As there are multiple variations available on the market, it is crucial to select the product that is going to cater to your needs effectively.

We have listed some criteria below that we would recommend you considering before making your purchase.

What is a climbing treestand?

A climbing treestand is used to ascend a hunter into a tree to reach their chosen vantage point. This is done by securing and locking the seat around the tree using the straps provided. Lifting your legs as you climb, you can then raise the platform of the climbing treestand.

A climbing treestand gives you a much clearer view of the area surrounding you in comparison to what would be visible if you were on foot.

The design

A climbing treestand is designed in two parts, the seats itself and the platform below. This provides you with a comfortable place to sit for the duration of the day, or when you need to rest, and the platform provides a secure surface for resting your feet preventing them from dangling uncomfortably below.

Safety features

When ascending to a height in a tree, safety is paramount. It is important to ensure that your tree stand has all of the necessary safety features in place. The harness system holds you in place as you sit down. Also, pay attention to the weight limit. The majority of climbing treestands have larger weight capacities allowing you to sit comfortably while allowing you to move freely while remaining fully supported. There should also be a harness separate from the stand itself that wraps around the tree.

The Comfort

The comfort of a climbing treestand is a crucial influence in the success of your hunt. If you aren’t able to sit comfortably this is likely to affect your interest in the area surrounding you. Ideally, you should invest in a climbing treestand that has a sturdy padded seat with support for your back too. A pivot seat is also beneficial as this allows you to move around freely without any restrictions or compromise of your comfort.

As climbing treestands are available in a variety of sizes, it is important to select the size that is most comfortable for you. The size of the seats themselves can differ. A restriction on the space that you have available is likely to affect your overall comfort and is also going to affect how freely you can move.

Setting up and assembling the treestand

Ideally, your chosen climbing treestand should be easy to install as this saves you a lot of hassle when you have reached your chosen destination. One with complex hinges and straps is likely to result in confusion and difficulties with assembly. Opt for a climbing treestand that has easy assembly instructions as this will make the process much easier. Ensure that each of the joints is secured and locked into place beforehand.


If you are a regular hunter, the durability of your climbing treestand is crucial. You want to choose a tree stand that is made using high quality, sturdy materials as this is going to ensure that it will withstand daily wear and tear without deteriorating. Also, there may be occasions where you find yourself caught in the middle of adverse weather. If this is the case, a durably designed product isn’t going to degrade following exposure to these weather conditions.

The weight

If you are likely to be walking for a distance on foot to reach your destination, ideally you will benefit from a lightweight climbing treestand. The majority tend to weigh around 20 pounds which makes them much easier to transport between locations without putting any unwanted pressure and weight onto your back.

The weight capacity can also differ between the style of climbing treestand that you choose. You will find some that are built with larger hunters in mind and others that are smaller. This effectively caters to the individual needs of each hunter.

The Tree Type

Some treestands have wider capacities than others. It is important to pay attention to the diameter of the tree that your chosen treestand is compatible with. If you are hunting in an area with a mixture of wide and thin trees you may be limited to the size tree that you can set your treestand up in.

The Cost

The budget that you have in mind is likely to be largely influential in the climbing treestand that you choose. If you are working with a lower budget, then you are still very likely to find a product that fits this. However, it is crucial to ensure that you don’t sacrifice the safety and quality for the price. With treestands retailing at varying price points we have aimed to include a variety in our guide retailing at affordable and more expensive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are climbing treestands dangerous?

If used incorrectly, yes a climbing treestand can be dangerous. It is paramount that all safety guidelines are followed to prevent the occurrence of any accidents. Whilst some don’t appear to look substantial in their build structure, climbing treestands are actually safe to use. They provide a safe and secure way to climb a tree to reach your chosen vantage point.

Will a climbing treestand scare away deer?

Unless you are positioned fairly close to the deer, then it is unlikely that they will spook. They typically tend to do so if they see or hear you. The majority of climbing treestands are relatively quiet when they are in use and the lack of noise ensures that you don’t scare or spook any surrounding deer when you are in the process of climbing the tree.

Are climbing treestands expensive?

No, not all climbing treestands are necessarily expensive, some great options retail at affordable prices, while there are others that are a little more pricey. It is crucial that you don’t sacrifice the safety of your product for the price. It is worth spending a little more to ensure that your climbing treestand has all of the important features in place.

Are climbing treestands comfortable?

Most are made with foam padded seats which provide comfort while you are sat down, this is particularly beneficial for hunts where you find yourself situated in a tree for a lengthy amount of time. The overall support offered by the treestand is highly influential in how comfortable it is, ensuring that you are able to sit comfortably for the duration of the time that you are in the tree.

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