Helpful Tips for Staying Safe on a Boat Trip

by Ben Jackson
Helpful Tips for Staying Safe on a Boat Trip

Summer is the best time to head out on the water and enjoy an afternoon on the boat. You can have a better time by arriving prepared, whether you prefer to just relax on the waves or focus on boating activities like fishing or parasailing. Here are a few helpful tips for staying safe on a boat trip to ensure you and your fellow passengers have a more pleasant experience.

Sun Protection

One of the biggest dangers of spending a day out in the sun is the one that you may not even notice affecting you until it’s too late. You should always take proper precautions against sun exposure when you plan on spending an afternoon out on the water. Apply sunscreen every two hours and try to stay in the shade when it’s available. Sun protection will not only help ensure you have a better time, but you won’t sour the memory by associating it with the really bad sunburn you get later that evening.

Avoid Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a common ailment for several people. It may create a sense of dizziness or nausea when your eyes and inner ear send mixed signals regarding movement to your brain. Thankfully, many possible tricks to help avoid motion sickness exist when you’re out on the water. Of course, the best option is to take something ahead of time, like Dramamine, to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Have Proper Supplies

Spending time on a boat is an incredible feeling. In fact, we highly recommend taking a boat out on the lake for your next vacation. However, one of the most important tips for staying safe on your boat trip is ensuring you have all the necessary supplies before casting off. You should have life jackets for every passenger on board and a fully stocked first aid kit. It would help if you also packed a radio, chargers, and enough rations and water in the event of trouble. You can worry less when you know that you have the right supplies for any potential emergency.

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