Best Snake Boots – Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Hunting, hiking, and other outdoor adventures will probably lead you to an area where snakes are in abundance. Or you might already be living in a region where this threat is present all the time. And while not all snake bites are dangerous, you can never identify in advance the one which is going to be.

Read on to get the best snake boots for every day use or your next adventure trip.

With over 7,000 people1 getting bitten by venomous snakes every year, you should protect yourself by investing in a pair of the best snake boots. They won’t only protect your feet from the crawling enemy but also lessen the impact of an otherwise fatal injury.

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Irish Setter Men’s Vaptrek Waterproof

Our rating

Why it’s Our Top Pick

Whether you’re partaking in hunting, trekking or any other outdoor activity, the Irish Setter Men’s Vaptrek Waterproof boot has all the relevant features to make your journey safe and comfortable.

  • The usage of RPM technology in the manufacturing of this boot has provided it with two specific benefits
  • This technology uses composite material which takes a few pounds off of the boot, making it lightweight
  • The Vaptrek is incredibly comfortable to wear

Best Snake Boots – Comparison Table


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Product Name

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No products found. Irish Setter Men’s Vaptrek Waterproof


LaCrosse Men's 376121 4xAlpha 16' Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot, Realtree Xtra Green - 10 Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot-M


LaCrosse Men's 425618 Venom 18' Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot, Realtree Edge - 11 M Lacrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG


Rocky Men's Lynx Snake Boot-M, Mobu, 11.5 W US Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof


Danner mens Sharptail Snake Boot 17' Dark Brown Hunting Shoes, Dark Brown, 12 US Danner Men’s Sharptail Snake Boot


Chippewa Men's 17' Pull On 23913 Snake Boot,BrownEsspresso,11 E US Chippewa Men’s 23913 Pull-On Snake Boot

Best Snake Boots – Reviews

No products found.

Our Top Pick

Irish Setter Men’s Vaptrek Waterproof

Our rating

The first product on our list is the a product whose name kept popping up in snake boot circles which has overwhelmingly positive reviews on its Amazon page.

These boots are lightweight, but lightweight doesn’t mean that it’s a wimp when faced with water. With its Ultra Dry construction – which combines waterproof components with a moisture management lining – this waterproof snake boot will keep your feet dry for longer periods.

Odor management is another area where this boot really shines. Irish Setter has added what it calls ScentBan to every material which ends up making the boot, with the result that any bacteria which might cause odors in the short term will be killed in its infancy.

When it comes to your protection, the Vaptrek is taking no chances. Hence the reason why it comes with an Armatec toe and heel, both of whom are abrasion-resistant. No fans or thorns can get past the Snake Guard material which uses a combination of synthetics and leather to ensure your safety.

Lastly, putting on/taking off these boots is a cinch thanks to its speed-lacing system. They also come with a rear pull-on tab which helps you in achieving a snug fit by attaching the shoe’s rear as close to your skin as possible. Then there’s the dual-density footbed which positively impacts the shelf-life of this model.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Resists odors from developing.
  • Abrasion-resistant toe and heel.
  • Waterproof construction.


  • The priciest product on this list.
  • Not for slick surfaces.
LaCrosse Men's 376121 4xAlpha 16' Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot, Realtree Xtra Green - 10

Lacross Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot ​

Our rating

Though not visible from the outside, its interior is made of a layer of neoprene, a material which you don’t normally see in hunting boots. Such a bold choice does have its benefits, though, as neoprene uses its insulating properties to keep your feet warm and dry for longer periods.

Sweat is the enemy of every hunter. Lacrosse knows this fact better than most, which is why it employed Aircric technology to make this boot breathable. This technology functions by infesting the exterior of the boot with unseen pores which allow easy movement of air to keep your feet sweat-free.

As the Alpha Snake Boot comes equipped with a slip-on design, you can wear or remove it with minimal effort. Equally useful is the strap which you can see behind the calf-area as it allows you to adjust the boot’s tightness according to your comfort.

Furthermore, beneath the boot are slip-resistant rubber soles which all but guarantee your safety in rough areas. Its camouflage design gives you the freedom to venture into the wild without getting detected whereas the waterproof construction keeps you comfortable when trekking through wet areas.

On top of everything else, even when you step onto a snake, the four layers of underfoot snake guard protection that this model comes with would keep you safe. A shin guard is also on offer to protect you against species which can aim higher than your feet.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Squashes oder.
  • Abrasion resistant toe cap.
  • Waterproof construction.


  • Need some time to break in.
  • Might run large in size.
LaCrosse Men's 425618 Venom 18' Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot, Realtree Edge - 11 M

Lacross Men’s Venom Scent APG

Our rating

Did you come here in search of the toughest snake-proof boots around? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, your search ends with the Men’s Venom Scent APG Snake boot from Lacrosse.

The Venom Scent APG uses a combination of neoprene and rubber to make its interior gives its users two highly sought-after benefits. While neoprene guarantees that your feet will remain dry regardless of how humid it is out there, rubber makes the Venom Scent APG last ages with its toughness.

Some of you might mistake the length of the 18-inch shaft as proof that it can’t be comfortable. What you don’t know, however, is that the shaft is flexible. With all the laces that crisscross it across the length of your leg, you can easily adjust the shaft’s tightness to make it comfortable.

Equally comfortable are the boots which you can lace all the way up to the toe. You also get a side zipper which makes removing the boot a cinch. And complementing all of it is the camouflage design which makes your feet hard to notice for the species crawling next to them.

Additionally, the high-quality rubber that you can see on the underside of the boot helps it maintain a solid grip on unstable and shaky ground. Also provided is a contoured ankle design which complements your body weight to maintain your stability.

On top of everything else, these boots provide additional cushioning in the shape of their PU footbed and EVA midsole. Both of them combine to add two layers beneath your feet so that you don’t feel anything which might have the misfortune to get trampled beneath your feet.


  • 18-inch flexible shaft.
  • Side zipper for easy removal.
  • Neoprene makes it breathable.Camouflage design.
  • Camouflage design.


  • These boots tend to be on the heavier side.
Rocky Men's Lynx Snake Boot-M, Mobu, 11.5 W US

Rocky Mens’ Lynx Waterproof

Our rating

Rocky is an American outdoor brand which has been producing quality footwear for hunters for almost a century. However, in case you have doubts, it’s not its brand-name but the performance of the Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof snake boots which convinced us to recommend it to our readers.

At the cost of sounding technical, Rocky uses what it calls ProLight BioMech technology to make the outsole of these boots. What this technology does is empower the outsole to offer huge traction on the most difficult of surfaces. So you can safely trek across slippery surfaces.

Furthermore, a considerable portion of the boot is made from thick nylon which not only protects you from snake bite but also shields your shins from getting whipped by painful thorn bushes. You also get a full leather trim which looks great but more importantly offers good resistance against abrasion.

Assuming that hunters are rugged beings who don’t value subtleties, most manufacturers don’t care for versatility when producing snake boots. Fortunately, Rocky is different. It supplies the Lynx Waterproof in 10 different shades to let you match your boot’s design with that of your hunting environment.

In addition to the features mentioned above, both the heel as well as the toe of this boot are abrasion-proof to shield the wearer from any impact. Also, since these are laced-up boots, each wearer can tinker with the laces to get the perfect size for themselves.

Finally, to make sure that you remain comfortable in these boots, Rocky provided them with a thick and comfortable EVA midsole. A terra suspension midsole, which provides cushioning and support, is also there. And to make sure you take benefits of all the other features, a side zipper makes putting on these boots a cinch.


  • All-terrain Lynx outsole.
  • Durable CORDURA upper.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Comfortable EVA midsole.


  • Quality of zipper is questionable.
  • Breathability is less than other models we compared.
Rocky Men's Lynx Snake Boot-M, Mobu, 11.5 W US

Danner Men’s Sharptail Snake Boot

Our rating

The Danner Men’s Sharptail Snake Boot combines excellent protection with a comfortable design. It boasts a breathable fabric which doesn’t allow sweat to accumulate around your foot and provides a more natural fit and feel.

Comfort and practicality are two features which you don’t normally see in the same boot. Luckily, the Danner Sharptail provides this unique combination. While its cushioning footbed allows this boot to caress your foot, the leather exterior, by offering 360* protection, makes it a practical choice.

Yet another rare combo which this boot provides is that of breathability and waterproofness. And it relies on its Gore-Tex lining for the same. On one hand, the invisible pores in the lining allow air to get in/out of the boot with ease. On the other, the pores are impenetrable to any water droplet.

Additionally, to make sure that this boot lasts longer and continues to provide you with an adjustable fit, its rear gusset plays a crucial part. Supported with rugged hardware, the rear gusset not only allows the boot to maintain its shape but, and maybe because of it, enables it to last longer.

What’s more, while this boot is rugged and all that, it doesn’t compromise your ability to walk freely. That is, because its interior is made of lightweight 9000 denier nylon whose breathability plays the yin to the yang of the full-grain leather upper.

Finishing our review of the Danner Sharptail on a low note, we weren’t impressed with the filament surrounding its ankle space. It’s very tough so people with wider feet might encounter some problems with the filament.


  • 360-degree protection.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Gore-Tex breathable lining.


  • Isn’t made in the USA.
  • Tough filament around the ankle.
Chippewa Men's 17' Pull On 23913 Snake Boot,BrownEsspresso,11 E US

Chippewa Men’s 23913 Pull-On Snake Boot

Our rating

Go through the reviews of snake boots, and you’ll notice that a majority troubles you with layers and layers of laces. Sensing this as a difficulty which its users can do without, the Chippewa Men’s Pull-On Snake Boot has two adjustable straps to let you slip it on within five seconds.

Most users would detect in their first viewing of the Chippewa 23913 that it doesn’t look like a snake boot. It has no camouflage appearance. There are no patterns gracing the shaft. Even laces, which some traditionalist hunters think are a must-have for snake boots, are absent here.

If anything, this bold comes across as a double-edged sword. While on one end the brown espresso color of this boot makes it suitable for casual or work wear, the absence of any camouflage pattern whatsoever means that your feet won’t be invisible in the jungle.

Apart from its rebellious design, you’d find everything else on this boot in conformity with a long-held belief of how snake boots should be. It comes with a 17-inch safety shaft which doesn’t only look great but also provides protection up to your mid-calf.

The combination of viper cloth and leather, while looking great because of the color, won’t forget its duty of providing you with 360-degree protection. The absence of laces means you have two adjustable straps – one around the ankle and the other at the top of the shaft – to slip on and tighten this boot.

Finally, we can’t finish our review of the Chippewa 23913 without pointing at some of its drawbacks as highlighted by the users of this boot. There’s one particular complaint which kept on resurfacing as we were reading the reviews: its users have noted that the boot comes in larger than expected.


  • Dual-purpose design.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Straps provide a snug fit.


  • Not camouflage.
  • Boots might run large.

Best Snake Boots – Buyers Guide

How to choose the best snake boots

Like the species against which they’re going to protect you, the best snake boots don’t come in the one-size-fits-all category. Instead, they are available in different types, materials, and styles. That makes it hard for anybody without prior knowledge to identify the best option for them.

To arm you with the same knowledge, this buying guide comes into play.


There are a number of materials manufacturer use in making snake proof boots. In most cases, you’ll see a pair containing two or three different materials to further enhance its protection level.

Some of the common materials used in making snake-proof boots include

  • Leather: When it comes to the protection afforded to the wearer, leather boots come out on top. Though their heavyweight might make them troublesome for long hikes. So if you want to choose leather for the protection it provides, make sure it comes in the form of a blend.
  • Synthetics: If you’re willing to wear a boot which won’t be breathable or super-flexible, synthetics such as Gore-Tex and Kevlar will justify your choice with their hard-to-penetrate weaves. The best snake boots combine synthetics with leather to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Denim: Most of us are aware that Denim fabric is used to create jeans. Its thickness allows the manufacturers to use denim alongside other materials to increase protection. Though most manufacturers employ denim in a blend with other materials.

Design and Style

As you might already know, you can’t pick a pair of shiny boots to wear to the jungle. Their enhanced appearance will make such boots a target point for everything crawling under your feet. It’s imperative, therefore, that you make the right design choice.

  • Camouflage appearance:  Never go for boots which come in flashy colors to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Though you can settle for those whose natural looks haven’t come at the cost of basic camouflage.
  • Mid-calf shaft: When selecting the length of the boots, keep two things in mind: your comfort and safety. Make sure the shaft of your boot, the part which goes above your ankle, extends at least up to the mid-calf area.
  • Over-the-top pulls: These are loops sewn into the side of snake boots to help the wearer get them on. We recommend over-the-top pulls is because they are standard, easiest to tie even for a beginner and cost less.

Your Comfort level

Regardless of how bullet-proof a boot you might end up selecting, it won’t come to your rescue if you aren’t wearing it. Sounds like common sense? You’re right; but if a boot is uncomfortable, to begin with, you are extremely likely to leave it behind to make your journey pain-free.

Most pairs which are comfortable to wear offer the following qualities.

  • Air circulation: Some snake boots use breathable fabrics to aid air circulation and keep sweat away. Others incorporate linings in their design to wick away sweat, before allowing it to evaporate. Make sure your boot employs a mechanism to allow easy airflow.
  • Waterproof: In contrast to what many people choose to believe, you don’t have to choose between a waterproof boot and a breathable one. There are options out there, like the ones we mentioned above, whose breathable fabric also keeps water at bay.
  • Closures: Both laces, as well as Velcro straps, are equally comfortable on snake boots. While the former provides the most custom fit, the latter comes handy for putting the boot on/off with ease. Consider the type of environment you’re going to use them before choosing the closures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between regular boots and snake boots?

Unlike their regular counterparts, snake boots are made of puncture-proof materials. They employ a combination of leather, synthetics and (in some cases) Denim to create an impenetrable snake-guard lining which is then stitched between the boot’s inner lining and outside material. That’s the reason why when you compare them with regular boots, snake boots tend to be heavier.

How often should you replace Snake Boots?

The answer to this question depends on how you use the boots and take care of them. Examine your boots regularly to check whether there are any signs of significant damage. Damaged midsoles, worn-out soles, separated uppers, and too much flexibility are signs that you might need to replace your gear.

Can you wear snake boots in other environments?

Fortunately for their shoppers, snake boots happen to be quite versatile. Many outdoorsmen take advantage of this feature by wearing them whenever they’re walking on rough terrains and sharp rocks.

What to look for when choosing a pair of snake boots?

As stated earlier, there are three factors which deserve your attention while shopping for a pair of snake boots.

First, you need to make sure that their material is sturdy enough to protect you against bites. Second, the design of the boots should complement the environment you’re going to wear them. And finally, they should be comfortable.


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