Looking For RV Gifts? 25 Ideas for The RV Camper in Your Life

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Campers and RVers love the great outdoors, the fresh air and the cozy evenings by the campfire with a hot drink (or cold beer!) and a great story. Hitting the road and going to see new and different locations can be exciting, but it can be hard to find gifts for RV campers who love to travel and camp.

In this article, we look at 25  unique RV gifts that will give you some inspiration and ensure you buy them something that they can use on their next adventure.

25 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for RV Owners

1. Moso-Natural-Purifying-Eliminator-Eliminates

Moso Natural Air filters come in pretty, square linen sachets that are filled with bamboo charcoal.The bamboo charcoal helps clean the air by trapping in odors, dust, bacteria, and allergens. You can find them in over 8 sizes varying from a 5×5 cm sachet to a much larger one that is 30×30 cm.

These sachets are a must have if your special RV camper has a pet or suffers from allergies. They are very easy to use because you only need to place these little bags in several places inside the RV.

They are 100% natural and reusable, all that these bags need is a few hours under the sun once a month to rejuvenate them. Your RV lover will definitely appreciate them for making the air quality a little healthier.

2. Shower House Caddy

An inevitable part of the RV lifestyle for most folks is obviously making a run across the camp to use the showers.

Carrying all the toiletries in hand can be a difficult and daunting task. Simplify the daily trips of your favorite RV owner by giving them this amazing shower caddy. As a special rv gift idea, you could also fill it with their favorite toiletries.

This caddy comes with lots of compartments of different sizes and is made out of Oxford Mesh that resists mold and mildew build up. Built with a sturdy hook to hang it on the wall or shower head.

You can find it in black, gray, blue and even orange and pink for the men. You favorite RV camper is sure to get some great use out of it.

3. Packable Picnic Blanket

Every RV camper loves to have a good picnic every now and then, or spend nights laying out watching the stars move overhead.

Consider giving them this ultra-compact blanket that comes with weighted corners to prevent it from flying upwards on windy days. It is made out of soft material on top, which makes it great for sitting or lying on.

The bottom is made out water-repellent material so the blanket stays dry and neat, even on rainy days when the campers are not so dry and neat.

The blanket bag comes with convenient backpack type straps, so even the little one can help in carrying it. This will be a great gift for your camper on the go this season.

4. Portable Wine Glass Holder

This makes a perfect gift for that one RV lover who can’t imagine an evening without a glass of red wine!

These wine glass holders are a must have because they are unique and versatile. They can be used in a number of ways.

The glass comes with 3 standard attachments, so your RVer can easily stake the glass in the ground, suction the cup it to a smooth surface or simply attach it to their camping chair.

No more spilling drinks or losing your wine glass with this handy gift. Your friends will thank you for getting them this cool little gift idea.

5. Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

This electricity usage monitor will be ideal for the tech junkie RV lover. It is very useful because it monitors the electrical loads of any and every device that is plugged into it.

With a few of these nifty little devices, you can monitor an entire RV.  With this RV gadget, you can see what devices are using the most amount of power and perhaps substitute the device with a more efficient one.

Plus, this monitor checks the quality of power by assessing the voltage and line frequency, thus preventing devices from burning up from power fluctuations.

This is important if you are hooking up to a new or uncertain power source. This little tool makes a great traveling companion for your favorite RV camper.

6. Headlamp

Every camper needs a good flashlight. Outdoors Magazine has you covered.

They often find themselves trekking across the unfamiliar ground when they get to a new campsite. This hands-free light is ideal for these outdoor adventures.

It fits over your head and even comes with a handy carrying case when it’s not in use. The dimmer button allows you to control the brightness of the light.

The soft, elastic head strap ensures a comfortable fit for anyone. It has a high beam, a low beam, a red light, and even a strobe light feature to give your camper the proper illumination no matter what situation they find themselves in.

Get one for your favorite camper today so they can stay safe and free their hands up to do other tasks at night.

7. Packable Camping Hammock

Give your RV camper the luxury of a hammock this season. Hammocks are fun. Especially when they are extremely compact and do not take up much space in the luggage compartment.

This hammock comes with its own handy carrying bag. All the straps and hardware you need to set up the hammock are included in the kit.

This particular hammock is super sturdy. The hammock is quite big and can withhold up to 500 lbs, making it perfect for couples to snuggle in.

It is sure to bring a smile to the face for your favorite RV camper this season.

8. Resistance Bands Kit

Gifts for RV owners don’t just have to be all about the camping and traveling. Being on the road for hours on end can make it hard to get enough exercise.

You no longer need to worry about this with these handy elastic fitness bands. This kit will be the perfect gift as it comes in a compact storage bag.

The set includes 5 different colored bands that each features a different level of resistance to make them a perfect fit for people of any fitness level.

Comfortable handles make them easy to hold and use. Your camper is sure to get a lot of use out of this gift when they are stuck traveling all day and need a good stretch.

9. CAMPINGMOON 3-in-1 Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Grill

There is a very simple rule you need to follow when choosing a gift for an RV camper—anything that makes the trip easier and more fun is a great gift.

This is exactly what this gift does.

All that your RV enthusiast will need to do is light it up, use it and enjoy it. It will burn itself out slowly giving enough heat energy to cook a proper hot meal.

It can be used as a fire pit, camp stove or BBQ grill as you need. Sturdy and long life with a thick stainless steel frame.

10. Solar Landscape Lights Outdoor

Outdoor LED landscape lights are perfect for an RV camper who likes to enjoy a drink outside after dinner.

These solar powered lights will create a festive atmosphere charing during the day and lasting up to 10 hours. They are made out of water-proof stainless steal material and are good to be used even on a rainy day.

Beautiful and very easy to setup, you just place in the ground with no wiring needed!

This is a gift sure to light up a smile on your favorite RV camper’s face when they open it up.

11. RV Patio Mat

For RVers who cherish cleanliness, this reversible mat will be a nice.

It is made out of a durable, yet soft material, that is easy to clean. Just sweep or spay with water, leaving you with a clean surface. Mold and mildew resistant.

It can be used as a ground cover and is easy to clean. The corners have loops which can be staked to hold in place. This will prevent the mat from moving on breezy days.

This is sure to be a useful gift for the RV camper on your list.

12. Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

This nylon lounger is perfect for the RV camper that wants to lounge a little while they are on the road.

It is very versatile and has many uses. It is a couch. It is a beanbag-type chair for the kids, its water-proof and can be used in the water to lounge on as well.

It does not require an air pump and it can be easily inflated by opening the air gauge on the side of the lounger and simply “scooping” air into it.

It’s lightweight and can be compressed down to a very small size making it perfect travel buddy for an RV camper.

13. Scrubba Travel Wash Kit

Scrubba Laundry Bag is simply great as it can be used for washing and drying dirty laundry. It is a self-contained unit that can be used anywhere without any electricity.

Just add water and soap and you are ready to do laundry. It cleans great because the inside layer contains hundreds of Scrubba nodules that act like an old-fashioned washboard.

It is made out of durable polyether TPU material that resists mold and mildew build up. No longer will they need to search for a laundry mat to get their clothes clean.

Your RV lover will surely love this gift.

14. Campers Travel Journal

No products found.

This travel journal offers several inside pockets to store small travel memorabilia, while the vintage-inspired paper cover adds a unique appeal.

This makes a wonderful gift option for individuals that like to write about their travel experiences. Plus, it can be used to note important information such as best camping grounds, reservation information, and amenities that are available at each location they visit.

Photos can be added to make this a fun souvenir of their grand adventure. It is even eco-friendly because it is made from 100% recycled paper.

This makes a beautiful and unique gift idea for the RV camper on your list.

15. Wenzel Camp Coffee Pot

Is your RV enthusiast a coffee lover too? Gift him this pretty, lightweight aluminum coffee pot. It can brew up to 9 cups of coffee at a time.

Wire handles and an easy pour spout make pouring and hanging over the fire easily. It includes a percolator basket to hold the coffee grounds and prevent them from getting into the coffee.

This pot is suitable to be used on grills and open fire. It will make the perfect gift for your favorite RV camper that just can’t live without their cup of morning coffee.

16. Camp Chef Flat Top Tool Kit

You don’t have to be an RV enthusiast to love your fried eggs and bacon. With this flat top, your special someone will be able to turn any grill into a great flat top in minutes.

It is perfect for making breakfast, lunch or dinner. It features a very convenient grease drain and a diffuser plate that eliminates any unwanted hot spots.

The kit contains two spatulas, a griddle scraper to get rid of the burned bits and two squeeze bottles to store oil and a sauce.

No camping adventure will be complete without good cooking supplies, and this flat top cooker is one of our favorite RV camper’s dining kits.

17. No Slide Serving Tray

RV campers love to spend every free minute outdoors. This fun non-slip tray will help serve drinks to household members without any spills.

The 17-inch non-slip surface is made out of durable BPA-free material that does not scratch while the rubber grips ensure steady serving experience.

This tray is suitable for hot and cold beverages. Easily carry all your drinks at once across uneven terrain without the fear of spillage.

It’s even dishwasher safe! Score for the RV enthusiast in your family.

18. Garmin RV GPS (with Traffic)

This is an essential device that everyone with an RV should own. This GPS system was specifically designed to cater to RV campers. It features a 7-inch durable glass screen and the routing option includes important information such as legal weight and height restrictions on different roads.

The menu offers thousands of different points of interest such as festivals, parks, and animal-friendly locations.

It helps you prepare, plan and most importantly enjoy long interstate trips. The RV camper on your list is going to be overjoyed to receive this gift this year.

19. Roku Streaming Media Player

Is your RV lover having trouble keeping up with their favorite programs while they are on the road? This little device is the perfect solution.

Gift your special RV camper this Roku streaming media player and watch him enjoy over 1900 channels of movies and sports. The set comes with several pairs of headphones so that one can enjoy late night movie watching without disturbing other household members.

Also, this media player works with practically any TV set with an HDMI connection. It is sure to bring hours of entertainment to the entire family.

Get one for your camper friends today.

20. Camping Smartphone Projector

Here is a great new device that is sure to please. This camping projector will allow an RV camper do enjoy hours of entertainment.

The projector has a silicone side compartment to place your smartphone into and works by projecting the small smartphone screen onto a larger canvas such as a wall.

 It is made out of corrugated cardboard which makes it easy and quick to assemble. The durable glass lens magnifies the picture up to 8 times without any additional power source.

The back pocket can house a charger and small portable speakers. This is a great little surprise for the RV traveler on your list.

21. Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

This >pocket water filter was specifically designed to be used by RV campers and other outdoor travelers.

Sometimes you may find you need water while traveling, but you are not near any public water sources. This filter is perfect for times like that.

The filter is made out of silver and ceramic elements that kill bacteria as well as any live microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns.

The pump handle is made out of strong, heavy-duty plastic. This water filter is even used by the US military abroad. Give your favorite RV camper the gift of clean, safe water today. You never know when they may need it.

22. Solar Power USB Charger

When you are on the go, you never know when your cell phone may die and you may need to use it.

This is especially important when you are traveling in case you need to call for assistance. This dual USB phone charger is capable of charging two phones at the same time.

It has 2 built-in Lithium polymer batteries that are included.

Strong hooks enable an RV camper to just hang the charger to a backpack while strolling or hiking and the sun will keep your phones or other electronic devices ready to go when you need them.

23. Inflatable Portable Hot Bath Tub

This is the ultimate gift for any RV camper. You just cannot go wrong with this portable hot bath tub.

It is easy to operate through the digital remote control and has a timed heating system. It can easily accommodate 2-4 people at a time and inflates using a built-in spa pump.

The tub is easy and convenient to set up and so much fun to use. Who doesn’t enjoy lounging around in a hot tub while having a few drinks and making some new friends?

24. Flameless Lighter

The one thing you always need when you are RV camping is a reliable lighter. The Suprus lighter is a great choice for those on your gift list this season.

This beautiful and stylish lighter is USB rechargeable. It works by creating a powerful electric spark and uses no harmful or dangerous fuels. It is reliable and environmentally friendly.

It has a long neck so it can even reach the deepest candles or far back in your heater if it needs to be lit. It is safe because it has a slide-out tip that retracts when it is not in use.

Anyone that owns an RV should have one of these so they will never need to worry about not having a lighter again when they need one.

25. Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Here’s a good gift idea for your favorite RV camper. Get them a new ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser before they hit the road for their next grand adventure.

This beautiful and functional item will help them freshen the air in the RV and adds humidity to the dry air travelers may typically encounter. It is quiet and has the option of steam or no steam.

It has an automatic shutoff feature and the aroma is beautiful.

They can replace dangerous aromatic candles with this much safer unit. It has beautiful LED lights that change color.

This item is a beautiful addition to any motorhome and your friends will get years of use from it if you get them one this season.

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