Stack-On SS-10-MG-C Gun Safe Review

The Stack-On SS-10-MG-C Gun Safe is one of the brand’s entry level long gun safes that’s large enough to fit 10 shotguns and rifles. It offers gun owners an affordable storage facility for their rifles and long guns without spending over $400.

Differences between the Stack-On Gun Safe Product Lineup

Before getting into the details, we want to explain the differences between some of the most popular products the brand currently has. This will help you understand the difference between Stack-On’s gun safes and why similar sized units costs vary.

Three popular product lines of the brand’s firearm safe series include the:

  • Steel Security Cabinets these are the least expensive and work like the traditional gun cabinets except they don’t have glass fronts. They have all metal construction of hard steel but don’t come with a combination or electronic lock. Instead, they use keys to open the contents. They hold varying number of long guns with some models under $100 and the higher gun capacity units at around $200.
  • Steel Security Safes technically, this is Stack-On’s entry line of safes, since the cabinets aren’t considered safes if you were to use strict definitions. That said, the Steel Security Safes do come with either electronic or combination locks and use 2-way locking bolts to secure the door. These are more expensive than the Security Cabinets, many running from $300 and above. They also come with a longer 3-year warranty. You can tell a model is of this series in that is label begins with an SS, like the one in this review, the Stack-On SS-10-MG-C.
  • FS Series Safes the FS series as you’d expect, to begin with, FS in its label. These are a notch higher than the Steel Security Safe Series and start at a slightly higher price around $400 and up. Like the two series above, they cover different ranges of gun capacity starting from the 8 gun all the way to the 36 gun maximums. They also let you choose between electronic or mechanical locking. The major differences between the FS and SS lines are the FS includes fire resistance ability, which is 1400º F at 30 minutes. It also includes a longer 5-year warranty.

Stack-On also has higher end units including the Elite, Total Defense and Tactical series all of which include more features and security not to mention a heftier price tag.

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Design and Interior

The Stack-On SS-10-MG-C 10 gun safe come in the hunter green color which seems to be the standard color the brand uses for its manual combination lock firearm safes. Its design is combined with the gold trimmings across the front door that also surrounds the combination dial as well as the metal handle.

The entire unit is a tall 55.2 inches high, so you’ll want to find a dry, secure location that has enough headroom to set it on. At over 4-1/2 feet tall it allows you to fit various long guns, shotguns, and rifles in it.

It fits a total of 10 long guns, though you’ll want to reconsider a larger capacity if your weapons have their scopes attached to them. Since with the scope attached, it reduces the amount to about 6-8 depending on the size and type of rifles you have.

Overall, it offers close to 6 cu. ft. of space including a top shelf that lets you place your ammo, pistols or other valuables. You can also choose to place the ammo boxes underneath the shorter rifles since the barrel rests seem to be a bit high on this model.

In terms of weight, it carries at close to 150 lbs. without any items in it. This is a bit manageable to move on your own but still quite heavy so you’ll want to properly plan out where to put it down before the delivery comes. Plus, you’ll want to bolt it down once you get it in place.

The inside of the unit is nicely lined with gray carpeted material throughout including the rear of the door, which lets your guns rest on soft surfaces instead of the possibility of scratching against metal or one another. It is also equipped with barrel rests that keep each gun in place without risk of hitting one another.

Security and Protection

The exterior of the Stack-On SS-10-MG-C is made from heavy gauge steel that protects the contents from intruders. You’ll feel the weight of the unit as you try lifting it or tipping it. The door is also built with heavy metal.

Hinges are concealed on the inside of the safe, while the dialing combination lock is attached to a handle that controls 3 live moving bolts that are an inch thick in diameter each. These are spaced apart on the left side of the door and used to lock and unlock the safe.

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The inner side of the safe’s door has the other 2 bolts, which are of similar size but dead bolts giving you more stability and security.

The mechanical lock uses a 3 number combination. This is backed up by hardened steel behind it so drilling won’t be a problem as the thick metal plate helps prevent any penetration from here.


Combination locks are traditional and more reliable according to many safe enthusiasts. That’s because they don’t require batteries nor have electronics that can fail. They do however take a while longer to access, which becomes an issue for some owners. This makes them end up not opening the safe as much as they would. Though from experience, it really boils down to preference.

The Stack-On SS-10-MG-C uses a 3 combination lock which means you’ll be using 3 different numbers to open the safe. For example, our combination is 60, 40, 20.

  1. For this particular model, this will mean turning the dial to the right 3 times – passing 60 twice and stopping there the third time. That’s the first number.
  2. Then we turn towards the left for the second number, which is 40. This time we will pass 40 one time and stop at 40 the second time. That’s our second number
  3. For the last, which is 20, we turn once again to the right and stop at 20 for the first time.

That should disengage the lock and we can now turn the handle clockwise to open the door.

Note that if in any of turns you overshoot the number or make too many turns it won’t open and you should start over.

Bolting Down the Stack-On 10 Gun Safe

The unit comes with the ability to be bolted from the back and/or underneath. Though usually using both positions yields for better security. The fastening hardware and other mounting equipment needed are included. Though you’ll need to do some drilling.

SS-10-MG-C Review Summary

If you have a fairly big collection of long guns, the Stack-On SS-10-MG-C is a reliable, simple to operate manual combination lock type gun safe that lets you securely store your firearms. It comes with a rifle ready interior that has carpet covering and barrel rests that keep your weapons stored in position. Best of all, you aren’t spending an arm and a leg to keep your family and home safe.

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