Kelty TN2 Tent Review

Carrying a tent is one of the most cumbersome parts of hiking, so when looking for new camping accommodations, light weight was top of my list. Of all the products I researched, one clearly stood out- the Kelty TN2 Tent.

Perfect for either single or double occupancy, this tent is compact and has plenty of great features too. If you love camping and hiking but hate carrying a bulky tent, then the Kelty TN2 is an awesome solution!

Kelty TN2 Tent Review

Light Weight But Spacious

Nobody likes hauling bulky luggage whilst hiking, so the great news here is that the Kelty TN2 tent weighs in at only 4lb 9oz (that’s just a little over two kilos). You can easily slide the tent into your backpack, and unlike heavier models, you’ll hardly even notice that it’s there.

Designed to be easily portable, packed size is only 14 inches by 11 inches, and 3 inches deep. Shorter 14-inch aluminum poles help keep that packed size down. But that doesn’t mean that you’re getting a tiny tent!

You’re still getting a 27.5 square foot floor area, which can easily accommodate two full-length sleeping bags.

Simple Snap-Click Assembly

Don’t like the struggle to put together a complicated tent after a long day of hiking? That’s no problem here. The Kelty TN2 features simple snap-click assembly. No more sliding poles into pockets that seem too small!

Colour coded poles now click into fabric and plastic tabs (also color coded!), meaning you can set up the Kelty TN2 in minutes. And taking your tent down in the morning is as simple as unsnapping the poles, folding the fabric, and stowing everything away in the provided cover. It’s really that easy!

Double Entry

Stumbling tired into your tent, maybe still kitted out in your warm hiking gear, can be tough. But the Kelty TN2 features large, zippered entries that allow easy access to your tent.

And since there are two entries (one on either side) if you share your tent, no one needs to clamber over anyone else. There’s even a roll up “Star Gazing Fly” that allows you to lie in your sleeping bag and stare at the stars (whilst still protecting you from insects with a mesh inner door).

Features and Specifications

Packed, the Kelty TN2 measures 14x11x3 inches and weighs just 4lbs 9oz.

Once assembled, you get 27.5 square meters of internal space, with an 83×50 inch floor, and 42-inch high ceiling at the tent’s peak. That includes a 10×10 foot vestibule area (great for storing dirty outdoors gear away from your sleeping area).

There are two large entry doors, one on either side, both zippered. There are also plenty of internal storage pockets sewn into the walls of the tent.

This is a three-season tent (not suitable for freezing winters, but great for the rest of the year). There’s also a Star Gazing Fly, for bedtime viewing of the outdoors!

All seams are taped, and clear windows are welded in, so the Kelty TN2 is completely weatherproof. Simple, color coded assembly means you can put up your tent in minutes.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love how easy the Kelty TN2 is to put together, those color-coded poles and tabs are a cinch to deal with. And the whole package is easy to stow, and so light weight that you hardly notice you’re carrying it!

Whilst most customers were more than satisfied with the Kelty TN2, some did mention slight leakage issues. This appears to happen in strong rain, with leaks appearing around the fly and window edges, or close to where the Star Gazing fly rolls up.

Only a few customers mentioned this, however. And a quick application of sealant appears to solve the problem, leaving tents rain free and dry. Many other reviews emphasized the durability of the Kelty TN2.

Given all this, it’s easy for me to recommend the simplicity and light weight of the Kelty TN2, with benefits far outweighing small issues.

Who Should Buy This Product?

The Kelty TN2 is perfect for the novice camper. For those with little hiking and camping experience, the Kelty TN2 is easy to put together and easy to carry. That leaves you with more time for the great outdoors, and more space for other things in your pack!

It’s also a good choice for those that enjoy camping but perhaps don’t go as often as they like, making a larger, more expensive tent a difficult investment to make.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

This product isn’t going to be the best choice for professional campers or those who regularly go out hiking. These customers are likely to be looking for more features, and probably require a four season, rather than a three season, tent.

Weight is also less of an issue for those used to carrying a heavy load. This is also not a good choice for more than two people at a time!


Lightweight, easy to assemble, and with nice extra features like the Star Gazing Fly, the Kelty TN2 is a great tent for the beginner or mid-level campers and hikers. Assembly takes only a few minutes, and small packed size means that you’ll have plenty of room left in your backpack for other necessities!