How to use a Tactical Pen For Self Defense

This year has been a crazy one for almost all of us. With the candidates for president, the police brutality, and the violence against minorities, feeling protected is something we all have to think about.

The world that we live in now isn’t as pure and innocent as we all would like to dream. Your loved ones should be able to walk the streets and feel safe from harm.

Whether it is signing your vote on the ballot or protecting yourself from outraged attackers you should feel safe and what better way to kill two birds with one stone but with a tactical pen?

I know, I know, what is a pen going to do against someone trying to rob me or a dog trying to attack me. You would be surprised to find out the things that a tactile pen can do.

But while learning the things it can do; you must also learn how to use it. Here is a How-To post to assist you with using a tactile pen for self-defense.

What is a Tactile Pen?

Most people do not know what a tactile pen is. No, it is not your ordinary blue or black ball point. A tactical pen is a high-quality pen that gives you all the normal functions as a purpose designed “fist load” secondary weapon like a Kubotan stick, except it is in the form of a uniquely designed pen.

It is sometimes called a “multi-tool”. Most of them have sharp points that are hidden in their tips. They also weigh a bit more than a normal pen to ensure that they can deliver a very strong strike.

A feature that I adore (due to movies) is its ability to break glass. Who would not want to use their tactical pen to shatter glass into a million pieces and not make a sound?

Tip: Try to carry your tactical pen somewhere handy. Do not have it at the bottom of your backpack or purse as it is no good buried.

How-To Use a Tactile Pen For Self Defense

Defending Yourself

A Tactile Pen can come with some great features and one of those features are the sharp, pointed tips. Almost all of them use this feature for a good use of offense if ever you come in contact with an attacker.


A use when defending yourself with a tactical pen is stabbing. Let’s say someone is coming toward you and you believe that your arm span is longer than theirs.

This use can be very effective to you. When stabbing using the pen, try to aim for spots that can make the attacker immobilized. The eyes are a great place to aim for as it will blind the assailant and cause them to become disabled for a period of time for you to escape.

The Adam’s apple can also be a pivotal location to puncture because if you can’t breathe how are you going to fight?

Tip: Just because it has the name “pen” does not mean every pen can do these things. Trying to break a glass window with a blue ball-point pen will not work.


Using the device as a knife can also be a good way to protect you. If you tilt or turn the pen upside down and jab your attacker in a soft tissue area, you can hurt/wound them for you to run.

Be sure to only wound them and try not to aim for areas that can cause long term issues.


Another good method to use is the swiping/slashing method. Even though the pen does not possess a blade to do major damage, the sharp tip on the top of the pen can cause some sort of damage.

Swing the tip of the pen in a striking motion. When you’re going down, put more force into it to make it more powerful.

Tip: One sharp poke may not disable the attacker. Use multiple strikes as a better approach to ensure  victory.

Pressure Point Striking

This is a tactic that most law enforcement uses because it can take down an enemy in seconds. You can access certain pressure points but simply pressing or pinching on them.

If you know and understand your attacker’s weak spots you will have an advantage. If they limp, then a sensitive pressure point would be in the legs.


Once you have realized that you have the upper hand, you must plan your escape. The quicker, the better. First, figure out what is the best way to immobilize the target.

Once you have it in your mind, execute the plan and follow through. When the attacker is immobilized make your escape.

Car Troubles

This is where the tactical pen gets, even more, respect. It comes with a glass breaker. Let’s say you can not get your car unlocked fast enough, the pen can break the window of the vehicle so that you can easily open the doors with the button and get inside the car.


Many of the tactical pens come with a DNA collector. The end cap of the pen can be used to collect a blood sample of the attacker.

So, if by any mean, you feel like they may return or you want to find out who they are, you can go to the police and hopefully get some answers.

Which Tactical Pen Should I Buy?

Now that you have the basics of how to protect yourself using the pen, it is time to buy one. But which pen is right for you? Here is what you should look for when choosing a tactical pen.

Point of The Pen

You do not want a dull pen. You want a pen that has a nice and sharp tip for some of the self-defensive uses.


A pen that you can hold with a firm grip is essential. We would not want the pen to slip out of our hands in the middle of an altercation.


Not everyone that sells tactical pens are good at making them. The quality of the pen will determine if the point is sharp, the weight is correct, and even the amount of force needed to wield is good enough for you.


This is an added bonus based on your preference. Although I do believe that all of the tactical pens comes with a glass breaker feature that goes above and beyond expectations some may not.

Just research and see if the features that it does support are things that you are interested in.


Many law enforcement units use tactical pens in their day to day duty to protect them. Sure, they have more than that and so should you.

Having a tactical pen is a great tool for emergencies when you do not have any other type of equipment to defend yourself with. Self-defense is basically sticking up for yourself and that is what you have to do sometimes.

So, use these tips on how to use a tactical pen for self-defense and apply them to your life today.