Best Tactical Lunch Box Kit in 2017 Reviews

When it comes to carrying a lunchbox on extended trails and trips, or a job that requires you to spend a considerable duration outside with no cafeterias within reach, you need to pack your food accordingly.

It should stay fresh, hot and inviting when you get to it after hours of tiring work, while also keeping the juices cold and tasty. A tactical lunch box kit is designed for maintaining food and liquids at desired temperatures, while being compact, handy and easy to lug around. Below we talk about the best tactical lunch box kit available today.

Best Tactical Lunch Box Kit in 2017 – Reviews

ThinkGeek Tactical Lunch Box Kit

ThinkGeek easily has the market monopoly in tactical lunchbox kits, since it’s the only maker that defines its lunchbox kits as tactical owing to the MOLLE webbing on the back. Calling it a tactical lunch box kit implies your lunch will have the utmost security and its quality won’t be compromised under duress. Does this lunchbox actually live up to its fancy name? Let’s see.

Its padding on the interior and external Cordura material make it durable as well waterproof. It has MOLLE webbing on the back to attach other tactical products like flashlights or keychains, earning it the fancy term. It also has extra detachable pouches on the sides for condiments, light snacks or food sachets.

A resealable snack pouch called the tactical nourishment pack keeps your food hot even after hours and stops it from getting soggy. Accompanied with a thermos that can carry upto 12 oz of liquid, with a cap that doubles up as a cup.

It also works with a push button control mechanism to pour out liquids. Easy to carry top handle bag. Removable shoulder straps are also provided in case this is the only bag you’ll be carrying with you.

Plastic D-ring on the front and two on the top facilitate attaching it to your backpacks, waist belts or the shoulder straps provided. Easy to clean using a damp cloth and soap.

It’s big enough to hold an iPad mini, so you don’t have to worry about the quantity of food you can pack. Weighs a little over a pound without food.

A single zipper closure on top ensure there’s no spillage or leaking. This tactical lunch box kit has long term durability and can work at the same efficiency even after a year. 

Having said that, the thermos cap could use some improvement, develops a silicon like smell after a while. It’s a structured bag but doesn’t hold it under pressure, squishes easily…ahem…not very tactical of it! Also, do not confuse the resealable snack pouch with insulation, this bag isn’t insulated.

Fancy name and design aside, this is a better lunch box to carry than the regular ones given the functions it serves at a very low price. If you expect it to transmit bluetooth messages, count your calories, taser thieves or act as your bullet proof vest, you are looking at the wrong product!

Now that we’ve cleared the air about what a tactical lunch box kit is, let’s look at one that serves the purpose of such a kit and provides better insulation without laying claim to the aforementioned fancy tag. All in one, this is one of the best tactical lunch box kit on the market.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Lunch Bag


This is an affordable lunch box bag that is insulated and can be bought for a cheap price. It’s much bigger than the kit above, holds up to four boxes with an ice pack. You can also include a water bottle by Rubbermaid designed to fit in with this bag.

Note that most insulated lunch box kits that can hold a big meal do not come as a complete package. You will have to shell out extra for the boxes and water bottle or thermos, whichever you prefer.

The advantage of buying these things separately is being able to create a lunch box kit customised to your needs. This lunch box bag comes in two sizes, small and medium. Rubbermaid also makes custom lunch boxes to go with this kit so you don’t have to hunt for the right sizes. It’s completely insulated to help maximise the effect of the ice pack.

The bag also has provision for a bottle of water in a side mesh pocket.

The Rubbermaid lunchbox sandwich kit has been designed with a reusable ice pack, sandwiched between the boxes, that keeps the food fresh.

This lunchbox kit keeps your food smelling fresh, doesn’t impart a plastic taste or odour to the contents, has secure lids to avoid leakage, and a modular stacked design to occupy less space. Can be used in microwaves, dishwaters, freezers. These containers are PBA free and last a long time. All containers are different sizes, to fit in different meal options.

Now all you need to complete this kit is a liquid holder. A chug bottle with BPA free material, ridged and contoured at the right places for a firm grip, designed by Rubbermaid. For two dollars more, you get a whole lot of space, insulated carry bag with extra pockets, zip lock, top handle, and detachable shoulder straps.

The downside to this lunch box kit bag is the loosely sewn straps on the side that are bound to come off if the load you carry is heavy. Some reinforcement would be required lest you end up with a strapless bag.

Apart from Rubbermaid, similar Neoprene insulated lunch box kit bags are also good for the purpose of carrying food on long outings while retaining its freshness. You can try the kit by Fashneo for a single holdall with a sleek stylish look. Nordic by Nature has a lunch bag kit that comes with a separate sleeve for holding your water bottles.

If you aren’t about the basic black, try out Ofeily’s range of colourful lunch box kits that are waterproof, made with neoprene and insulated to keep your food fresh for a good few hours. And if you are missing the tactical preparedness of these lunch box kits, just attach a tactical stun gun or flash light to the side straps and make your own personalised tactical lunch box!