Best Hunting Slingshot on the Market Reviewed

Choosing a hunting slingshot can be tough, do you go for a modern molded ABS catapult or a more traditional wooden one? Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, however, there are a number of things you need to consider before you make a decision.

In this article, we will take a look at what we at Outdoors Magazine consider the best hunting slingshot on the market. Short on time? – Click here to view our favorite slingshot on Amazon.


Traditional slingshots were crafted from wood, branches in fact with a natural fork. Nowadays we can manufacture pretty much any shape, size, and design you can dream of and when it comes to slingshots and catapults for hunting – they have everything.

The more modern style is constructed from plastic, they typically have more features such as aiming sights and arm or wrist braces. This is thanks to the progress made in the elastics used to propel your ammo. Stronger bands means more force placed on the wrist, hence the need for a brace.

With that being said, I’m old school and my favorite is either all wood or in the case of our top pick The Scout Hunter a 100% American made, polycarbonate construction with wooden look handle and a forest green fork.

The Elastics

You can buy elastics pretty cheaply these days and if you’re serious about slingshot hunting then you will go through your fair share of these. So whilst you should certainly pay attention to what kind of elastics are used, it’s better to understand how they can be removed and changed when needed. Having a quick and easy band replacement system is far more important.

With the Scout Hunter, you get the innovative design of the easy to use FlipClips™. These are caps that are held in place by a screw on both sides and they simply trap the elastic in place.

This system makes them easy to replace when out in the field when time is of the essence. What’s more, any elastic available on the market will fit this model, so it is extremely versatile too.

Size and Weight

There are a few parts to the slingshot, when it comes to the overall height we’re looking at 5.75″ tall with 2-3/8″ between the two forks, which are 4″ in length overall. The width of each fork 3/4″.

The Scout Hunter 2 weighs in at 4.6 oz so it’s extremely lightweight which is an added bonus since fatigue will no pose a problem when hunting with this little beauty.

1Features and Specifications

  • Will fit any elastic available
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Heavy Duty Polycarbonate
  • 100% Designed & Made in the USA

What Customers Are Saying

I feel confident that this piece will suffice for any beginner, intermediate or advanced hunter out there that is looking to take down small prey.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Beginner to advanced hunters or those just looking for a cool slingshot that won’t break the bank. Most of the people that own this tool have commented on the great value for money and the build quality which is on par with many high-end models.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

If you are looking to hunt game larger than the size of a rabbit I would suggest you look more a larger and more capable catapult. The scout hunter 2 is designed for smaller game animals such as squirrels and birds.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does this come with bands?

Yes, the slingshot does come with 10″ bands that are 0.030″ thick. You can buy better bands but the ones supplied will suffice.

What prey is this slingshot capable of killing?

With the correct shot placement, you could easily take down a rabbit or pigeon with this.

Do you have to use Ammo with this slingshot?

We recommend you do since some state restrict what can be projected in hunting, however it can fire stones and other objects.

What kind of range does this have?

I’ve hit targets up to 175 yards away with damn good accuracy but it does all depend on the kind of ammo used. For beginners, your range will be much less than this but with practice, you will get better.


What we love about the Gen 2 Scout Hunter Slingshot is its price, which represents a steal when compared to others in its category. Also, the accuracy and durability of this model really do stand out. If you’re looking for a reliable hunting tool, then the Scout Hunter Gen 2 is a great option for you.

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Disclaimer: Please check your state laws before buying and hunting with a slingshot, at the time of writing not all states allow hunting with a catapult or slingshot. We accept no responsibility for your actions whether it’s purchasing or using one of these weapons. make sure you know the law of your state and principality.

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