Taser c2 Stun Gun Review

Taser c2 Review: All You Need to Know

If you frequently have to walk home alone at night or spend time in dangerous areas, then you know that the fear that goes along with that can be crippling at times.

You want to be able to walk with confidence wherever you want, but that fear of the worst happening gets in your way.

I personally have experienced this feeling while walking home from work at night many times, even sometimes taking a long or inconvenient route in order to feel safer.

I knew I really had to solve the problem – I didn’t want this kind of fear to get in the way of where my comfort or safety.

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This taser c2 review presents a great solution for anyone to feel safe while walking alone or in a dangerous area . It really would have helped me solve my problems, as it is very powerful and can incapacitate an attacker from a distance.

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Stun guns are one of the easiest ways to scare off or incapacitate an attacker in a dangerous situation. They are ideal for anyone who is very concerned with their safety, spends a lot of time in high-crime or urban areas, or spends a lot of time traveling alone.

They are particularly popular with women, because they enable them to defend themselves regardless of size or strength, but men can also really benefit from owning one as well.

However, stun guns do require a certain amount of responsibility to use, so people who are not capable of handling a dangerous weapon with care should consider using a different option.

Before purchasing a stun gun, you should make sure you know how to use one, and that you have an easy way to transport it when you’re on the go.

You’ll also want to compare the different models of stun guns that are on the market to find one that is powerful, durable, and has an efficient and appealing design.

The Taser C2 is made by the famous Taser brand, which is one of the most well-known makers of self-defense products in the world and this taser c2 review will highlight all its features before making a decision.

It is more compact than a traditional taser, but is still incredibly powerful, with a maximum of 50,000 volts.

It can take out an attacker from up to 15 feet away, which really distinguishes it from other types of stun guns, which require you to physically touch your assailant with the shock for it to have an effect.

This product is ideal for those who want to really invest in their safety with a high-quality defense weapon. Taser products are very well-made and are designed to last you for years. The C2 comes with a replaceable battery, and there are up to 50 firings per battery, which will last you a very long time.

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The C2 model specifically is a good choice for someone who likes the Taser brand, but would prefer to invest in something that is a bit smaller than the traditional taser gun.

A taser is also a good choice for someone who may have been considering investing in a handgun, but would prefer a weapon that is not lethal. Be sure to also check your local Laws.

Pros of the Taser C2:

  • It has the ability to take out an assailant from up to 15 feet away. This helps keep you safer, because you will not be put directly in harm’s way in order to disable them. You also have more time to run away from them after using the device.
  • It is more portable than the other Taser devices, so you can easily fit it into a coat pocket or a purse. It also has a sleek design that is easy to hold and shoot.
  • The battery lasts for over 50 firings, which means that you’ll very rarely need to replace it. Each firing lasts for 30 seconds, making it easier to fully stun your attacker. Additionally, the taser has a laser beam that helps you aim, so you don’t need to be a skilled marksman to use it.
  • Although the device incapacitates an attacker, it does not kill them or cause them permanent injury. The voltage sends the muscles into shock so they cannot move. This makes them great alternatives to guns or other, more harmful weapons.

Cons of the Taser C2:

  • Compared to other stun guns, taser products are very expensive. Although they are high quality, they may not be the best choice for the shopper who is on a budget and cannot afford to pay the high price tag.
  • The battery for the C2 is non rechargeable, so you must replace the battery if it runs out. The costs for replacing the batteries can add up over time. Additionally, unlike a traditional stun gun, tasers use cartridges when you fire them. Over time, you will need to continue buying more cartridges for the taser, which can also increase costs.
  • The Taser brand requires owners of their products to complete a background check and register the product. Although this is done for safety, many people do consider it a big hassle.

Features and Benefits of the Taser C2

The biggest benefit of the Taser C2 is that it can take out an attacker from up to 15 feet away. When triggered, it shoots a cartridge towards the assailant, which then latches onto them, delivering 50,000 volts of electricity to their system. It’s best usage is from a distance compared to a taser that can only be used at close range.

While this will not cause them permanent damage, it will keep them from moving for long enough that you can get away.

Unlike other stun guns, you can use this as soon as you see the attacker, giving you more time to get away. You do not have to wait until the attacker is close to you, which could give them more time to potentially hurt you.

If you are worried about being able to shoot an attacker effectively, you are not alone. This is actually one of the biggest concerns for many people who use tasers. Unlike a stun gun, you do have to have some aim to be able to use a taser.

However, with a little practice, it is not difficult at all to hit your assailant. This taser also comes with a light, so you can see what you are doing in the dark, as well as a laser to help you aim.

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The design of this taser is relatively small. Unlike other tasers, which are shaped more like traditional guns, this device is oblong and rectangular, with a sleek handhold and square body. It is also quite light, weighing in at just seven ounces.

It can easily fit in a large pocket or bag, which is something that makes it stand out from other taser models on the market. If you plan on carrying your taser around with you on a very regular basis, this is likely going to be very appealing for you.

This taser device does not have a rechargeable battery, which can be a deterrent for many people. However, there are replacement batteries that are readily available for it.

Since each battery lasts for 50 uses, and you are unlikely to use your taser very frequently, just one battery can last you for a very long time.

You will, however, need to buy new cartridges more often, since your taser will use a cartridge each time you fire. It is ideal to purchase plenty of cartridges ahead of time when you first buy your taser.

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  • Taser Pulse – This is the more popular parent product of the Taser C2. It has the same level of functionality as the Taser C2, as it is able to shoot from up to 15 feet away. However, the design of the product is much different from the C2. The Taser Pulse is shaped like a traditional gun, so you will need a holster to carry it around. However, many people find the trigger on the Pulse easier to use. Which one you want to use depends mainly on personal preferences. It is the same price as the C2.
  • Taser X26c – This is another product from the Taser family. It is much more powerful than the C2, and it is usually used by law enforcement agencies. It combines design aspects from both the Pulse and the C2, so it can be used like a gun, but is much more compact. This product also comes with a direct stun gun as a backup, which other taser products do not offer. This is about triple the price of the C2, so it is a major investment.
  • Vipertek VTS – If you prefer a more affordable option for your defense weapons, this one might be appropriate for you. Although it is not able to take out opponents from a distance, it is still very powerful when used up close, and it is also much smaller and easier to conceal than a taser. If you aren’t quite ready to own a taser, consider starting with a high quality traditional stun gun and then graduating to the taser later on.

If you are worried about your safety while out and about in your city, you can never be too careful. The Taser C2 is a great investment for anyone looking to protect themselves.

It incapacitates an attacker without hurting them permanently, and it can be used from up to 15 feet away, giving you more time to escape. Additionally, the compact design gives it an advantage over other Taser products because it is easier to carry. I hope you enjoyed my Taser c2 review and check it out.