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Stack-On PWS-1522 Wall Safe Review – Worth the Money?

Home safes come a wide variety with each of the different styles having their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The Stack-On PWS-1522 is a wall safe that can be easily installed into your home like it came with it. The advantage of this type of safe is that they are more easily hidden with the use of furniture, picture frames or portraits which is the ultimate defense against theft. After all you can’t open or steal what you think isn’t there.

On the other hand, because they are inserted into the walls, these types of safes don’t have as much room for storage as the larger gun safes.


In this review we take a closer look at the Stack-On PWS-1522. As mentioned previously this is a wall safe. It uses an electronic locking mechanism to let you quickly access the contents. It is very inexpensive costing $90 making it a very viable home firearm protection solution.

Look and Feel

The Stack-On PWS-1522 Wall Safe in this review comes with black finish and has a very simple setup with the digital controls and door knob located at the center. Personally, we feel that the size of the front panel could have been easily much smaller but that’s a bit of aesthetics.

Since the height at which you’ll be installing it will be up to you, the design allows you to position it as high or as low as you wish so that it is exactly at eye and arm level of whoever will be accessing it most, which relieves you or having to crouch or bend down to get items out.

This model comes with a 3 year warranty and measures 18.8” from left to right, and 20.6” from top to bottom. It has a depth of 3.75” which means that your firearms will be stored standing up resting against the safe’s back wall. The unit does with straps that allow you to keep your handguns positioned this way without falling down.

Stack-On includes two removable shelves which lets you divide the portions of the safe’s contents into 3 equal levels which is useful in that it allows you to maximize the area inside.

Security Features

The main security feature of the Stack-On PWS-1522 is its ability to be hidden from sight. Unlike the larger 8 or 16 gun safes which you have no way of hiding, these can by placed in the most unsuspecting locations and hidden behind mirrors, paintings or other furniture.

The unit comes with complete steel construction and built with extra plate behind the locking mechanism to added protection. It’s doors are tightly closed making it resistant to prying and the hinges are situated in the inside of the unit not leaving them exposed to intruders.

Locking Mechanism

The front panel is very similar to many Stack-On safes of this safe. They come with a 10 digit key press pad, emergency backup key access and door knob. This system is among the easiest to use as you can quickly get into the safe without turning those dials multiple times to the right and left.

The system comes with audio beep feature that sounds when you press button. This option can be turned off for more stealth in case of situations where there is someone trying to break into your home.

The unit comes with backup keys that you can use if the battery runs out or when first setting up the safe (see below). Though it does have low battery light indicators to warn you when the batteries are starting to lose power.

As an added tamper resistant feature, it will block attempts for a certain time period after 3 incorrect attempts were made.

Programming and Operating the Digital Lock

The Stack-On PWS-1522 comes with the 4 AA batteries you’ll need to get it up and running. But because they aren’t inserted yet, you’ll initially need to use the included backup keys to open the unit.

The keyhole is located behind the cover in the middle of the front panel. You can open the safe by turning the key to the left and then open the door knob to unlock the unit.

Battery Installation

Once that’s done, the first thing you want to do is to look behind the door and open the battery compartment to insert the batteries. The unit will come pre-programmed with the code 1,5,9 followed by the key to open the lock. You’ll want to change this to your own since that’s the same code all PWS-1522 units come with.

Changing the Code Combination

To change the security code, look behind the door to the inside portion (close to the hinges), there will be a red button. When you push this you will get 20 seconds after the beep and yellow light go off to enter your own 3 to 8 digit code using the key pad.

When you’ve entered your new code press the “#” to validate it and the yellow LED should go away telling you the code has been reset successfully.

Opening the Safe

To open the unit, you’ll type in your security code followed by the “#” symbol. The LEDs will infrom you if the code is correct or not. You should see the green light come up. After that, you can turn the door knob’s handle to the right to open the door.

There are two safety features included in the system. One of which is a lockout mechanism which will block any attempts for 20 seconds initially after 3 failed tries. If you enter 3 more incorrect codes, it will be blocked for 5 minutes before you can try again.

Installing the Stack-On PWS-1522 to the Wall

While this may sound daunting it isn’t, though you’ll still need some basic tools. The unit has holes drilled onto its sides which will allow you to bolt it to your home’s structure. The safe fits the standard 16” on center and is built to fit easily with that measurement. Instructions of mounting the safe are included in the owners manual.

PWS-1522 Review Summary

Overall the PWS-1522 wall safe is a low cost, easy to install and effective home firearm storage unit that lets you keep it away from sight.

It’s ability to be hidden from view gives any robbers the difficult task of not knowing that there’s something there that’s valuable which they won’t find. At $90 it is among the most inexpensive options for a handgun owner.

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