Stack-On PS-20-B Biometric Safe Review


The Stack-On PS-20-B is a large biometric safe that allows you to store personal items together with your firearms. It is a cost effective and safe way to store multiple hand guns along with important documents and belongings in an organized manner.

The safe is large enough to divide into 3 split levels and is equipped not just with a biometric recognition system but lets you use a 4 button keypad or keys to open it.

Design and Interior


With a size that’s similar to that of a mini fridge, the Stack-On PS-20-B home safe comes with a 3 year warranty and steel construction all around. Painted in an all back exterior the unit has a base that’s 13.8 inches lengthwise and 12.25 inch deep. It stands 19.75 inches tall allowing you to store different items over one another using two removable metal shelves.

In the middle of the door is its control panel which houses the three methods by which you can access its contents. To the right is its fingerprint reading scanner where you insert your thumb or other finger for recognition and an activation button below it.

In the middle of the control panel is a 4 button key pad that lets you use your own security code as a secondary locking measure. Underneath the 4 buttons is a small removable panel that covers the key hole where you can use the emergency backup key.

At the left of the panel is the door’s knob which you turn clockwise once the system has recognized your fingerprint or digital code to open the lock.

Inside the Stack-On PS-20-B Biometric Safe

The inside of the safe is lined with foam material to make it soft enough for any metal items not to scratch the walls. The foam also serves another purpose which is to keep the items from sliding around which would otherwise happen on the slicker polished metal.

There is a lot of room in the safe which you can thankfully divide into 3 levels using the 2 included metal shelves which can be removed should you wish to store taller objects. Each level easily stores 3 guns laying down though if you have more can use only one shelf and have the pistols on the lower level standing up which lets you store even more.

The PS-20-B comes with holes that have been pre-drilled at the factory making it ready to be bolted. Stack-On includes the fastening clips needed, though you’ll need some basic tools like a drill, 3.8 inch drill bit and wrench to get it completely mounted.

Security Features

As mentioned above, the Stack-On PS-20-B safe offers 3 options for access. Its main feature, the biometric system allows you to quickly get in and take out your firearm in times of emergencies. It lets you store as many as 32 fingerprints which gives you the ability to save different fingers at various angles and pressing pressures.

You want to try to save multiple recordings per finger using not just varying angles, but also with different pressure on the scanner’s reading surface. This gives you a way to access the contents quickly since you’ll be inserting your finger using different amounts of pressure and from different angles depending on when you’re seated down, standing up or in other positions.

The doors are locked using a couple of bolts that are engaged by the turning of the door’s knob switch. It is also designed to be pry resistant not to mention passes California’s DOJ firearm safety standards.

The safe uses internal hinges leaving nothing for intruders to pick at from the outside. Their only real choice is to drill through the safe’s steel exterior.


One of the safe’s best features is its fingerprint reader is very responsive and allows or denies access within 3 seconds or so indicated by the green LEDs located on the top portion of the control panel.

The digital and biometric lock use 4 AA batteries that are stored in a panel behind the safe’s door. Removing the panel will reveal a battery tray where you can power up the device.

When you get the safe, you’ll first access it using the key then insert the batteries to give the device power. You’ll also want to replace the factory set digital code which is 1,2,3,4, then followed by the activation button under the finger reader. When accepted, you can then turn the knob switch to open the door.

Accessing the safe via fingerprint is similar, press the activation button to wake the system, insert your finger in the reader, wait for the LED lights to accept the print (if valid), and turn the door’s knob.

Fingerprint Recording

To record new fingerprints, you’ll need the safe’s door open as the reset button is located behind the door. It is color red and hard to miss. You’ll hear audible beeps and the fingerprint reading scanner will glow red waiting for you to insert your finger. A few beeps and green LED light will then inform you that the information has been stored and you can add another one.

Changing the Digital Code

Replacing the code with your own can be done by pressing the #1 button for 5 seconds. This will cause the green LED to light up.

From there you’ll need to enter the current code (or factory set code) and press the activation/enter button under the fingerprint reader.

When a beep sounds, you can then encode your own code. This Stack-On computer system allows you to use codes that are 4 to 8 digits long using the 4 buttons. After you’ve pressed your code, push the activation button to save it.

Stack-On PS-10-B: A Smaller Alternative

The PS-20-B is priced at $150, and is larger than your regular handgun safe. That’s because it’s built not just for pistols and revolvers but also for storing other important belongings for safekeeping.

For a smaller option, the Stack-On PS-10-B is half as tall and 2/3 as deep as the PS-20-B. It also comes in at $99, and allows you to split the inside into two levels using a single metal shelf.

Stack-On PS-20-B Summary

The Stack-On PS-20-B is a large biometric access safe that allows handgun collectors to store all their pistols and revolvers in one secure location without getting a full-sized gun safe. It comes with a couple of metal shelves that lets you organize the items as you wish. At $150, it is among the most cost effective fingerprint recognition safes for guns around.