Stack-On FS-24-MB-E 24-Gun Safe Review


The Stack-On 24 Gun Electronic Lock Safe is one of the top deals available for anyone with a large gun collection. It doesn’t cost as much as other models that are priced over $1000, and gives you solid protection from intruders.

It is made to hold a total of 24 long guns, and has adjustable shelving that lets you arrange the inside of the unit to fit not just rifles, but also pistols and other important belongings.

Build with fire resistant features, it meets the California Department of Justice safety standards and gives you and your family the peace of mind in terms of security and personal safety.

Design and Interior

The Stack-On FS-24-MB-E Gun Safe comes with a black finish with silver chromed lining. It has a very simple yet classical look that’s very functional. The front door is adorned with the Stack-On label, and below that the electronic keypad and the door handle.

Stack-On produces two versions of the 24 gun FS Series, this one and the Stack-On FS-24-MG-C safe. The specifications of the two versions are similar except for the color and the locking mechanisms. This one, the FS-24-MB-E comes with an electronic lock and is colored black outside, which is why the code is MB-E at the end, with B being for black and E for electronic. The FS-24-MG-C, on the other hand, comes in hunter green color and is a manual combination lock safe.

Stack-On does have other 24 gun safes like the Elite Series E-24-MB-E-S and the E-24-MG-C-S, these are from its higher end Elite line, the first using an electronic lock which the second a combination.

Inside the unit, you have carpeting that protects your rifles and handguns from dents and scratches. It also comes with 4 shelves in total. If you plan on using all the space for long guns, then you’d mostly be using the two shelves. But for a mix of firearms and other belongings, you can insert the other removable shelves at different heights to fit the length of the items.

Complementing the protective gray carpeted interior is a barrel rest that lets your rifles and shotguns stand upright spaced properly from one another to prevent them from scratching one another or moving inside the unit.

Construction and Integrity

The entire unit is a sturdy 436 lbs. that helps prevent anyone trying to steal it from easily carrying out of your home. But because of the weight, you’ll want to properly plan out where to position the safe since it will take a lot of effort to move it. Plus you want to bolt it to the ground for additional security.

Stack-On uses heavy gauge steel to protect your firearms within with external hinges that allow you to open the doors 180 degrees. While the difference between internal and external hinges are a preference, having the doors fully swing open gives you more space to work with when inserting or removing items from the unit.

For intruder penetration prevention, the electronic lock is backed up by steel plate that’s positioned behind it to prevent drills from successfully compromising your safe’s contents. This complements the hard steel exterior and anti-pry design built to secure its integrity.

On the outside, it measures 55 inches high, 29.25 inches wide and 20 inches deep. This gives you close to 12 cubic feet of space internally. The specific interior measurements are 52.72 in tall, 26.89 in total width and 14.47in deep, divided vertically into left and right shelves.

When you lock the door, you are engaging 3 live action 1” bolts that are located on the outer side (left panel) of the door. In the inner side two steel dead bolt keep the door secured shut.

One of the most valuable features of this model is its ability to withstand temperatures of 1400° F for half an hour. This helps keep all the items in the unit preserved until the fire can be extinguished.

Also included are mounting hardware that will allow you to bolt the safe to the ground though you will need your own tools to do so. This 24 gun safe comes with a 5 year warranty.


Since this is an electronic locking system it uses the digits on the key pad to access. You will be able to choose a code that’s between 3 to 8 digits in length. Keep in mind that the unit comes with factory pre-set codes of 1,5,9,#. This is a global code used by Stack-On so you want to replace the code as soon as you can.

You will need to insert a 9V battery to make the electrical parts function. This can be done by removing the cap on the keypad by pressing on the tab at its bottom and turning it clockwise. The battery connector is located underneath. A regular battery will last you a year, though the unit will warn you when it gets close to being depleted as the right warning LED will light up whenever you press any of the keys on the keypad.

Alternatively, the safe comes with what Stack-On calls a Trouble Key which you can use to open the safe if you forget your code. The key hole is also located underneath the key pad cover.

To set your code, push the reset button near the hinges on the inside portion of the door. After the yellow light and beep sound occur you can enter your code followed by the # key symbol.

When the code has been set, you’ll be able to open the electronic lock by typing your code followed by the # symbol, then turning the handle.

The system also comes with safety lockout feature that prevents it from being opened for a time period if anyone enters the incorrect security code repeatedly.

Stack-On FS-24-MB-E Summary

The Stack On 24 gun electronic safe is a fire resistant unit built for those who have a sizable or plan to have a sizable gun collection. It has a solid exterior, easy to program lock and adjustable interior that can be customized specifically for your items.

One of its best selling points is its affordable price tag which makes it less expensive as many similar models in the market.