SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Review – Worth the Money?

In this he SOLARAY Pro ZX-1 review you will find why this LED tactical flashlight is the best flashlight from the SOLARAY stable. Widely accepted and hailed as one of the best tactical lights around in the security circles, it comes with a max beam power of 1200 lumens, a zoom lens, 5 different modes, focus feature and water resistant make. 

Let’s look at some tech specs first.

  1. Hardened Anodised Aluminium body.
  2. 18650 3.7v 2200mAh lithium-ion battery, comes with wireless battery charger and a pair of batteries.
  3. 6.25 inches long and clocks in only 0.31 pounds. Ideal for all outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etc.
  4. Aimed at security personnel with military grade make, durability and water resistant features.
  5. Adjustable lens, allows focus lock in.
  6. Uber Bright XM-L T6 Cree LED chip.
  7. Ultra bright with 1200 lumens, enough power to zoom on distant objects or light up a room. Lasts upto a maximum of 3 hours on this setting. Can cover both longer distance or wider areas thanks to the zoom feature.
  8. Has 5 functional modes, switchable with the click of a button. Apart from the low, medium and high beam modes, there’s a strobe feature as well as an SOS signal for tricky situations. 
  9. Rechargeable upto 500 times and gives a lifetime usage of 10, 000 hours.
  10. Includes an LED solar powered keychain.
  11. Comes with a 6 months guarantee.
  12. Has a maximum throw of 135 meters. Zoom feature is 2000X for the shortest distance of 5 meters.
  13. Super fast recharge time, upto 4 hours for full battery recharge.

That’s quite a slew of features this little flashlight packs in its diminutive frame. For the price its offered at, consider it a steal. It doesn’t come with a holster but has a wrist belt that is convenient.

Another inconvenience is the lack of a heat sink. Continuous usage will render the flashlights very hot to touch, and also be damaging to the LED. Its powerful enough to guide you through a mountain biking expedition, monitor a farm, and light up smaller areas completely.

Works well in all weather conditions, even if not completely water proof. At low power, beam is weak, so keep the batteries charged. Now that we’ve more or less mapped the official features, let’s turn to its actual performance in the field vis-a-vis the advertised claims.

 Here’s the complete SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Review

Since we’ve already covered a majority of the pros and features, let’s start with what’s lacking in this product. It’s a made in China product which isn’t bad per se, but there are visible differences between this and other products in this range that are manufactured in land.

Let’s begin with the 1200 lumens light beam as advertised by the seller. Compared to other flashlights that show 600 lumens to 800 lumens, this one wasn’t as bright. So, what gives? The zoom feature that dazzles with its 2000X power has a very limited range of 5 meters.

Even if you use it with less power, the light turns square with dark spots in places. That’s because of the lens design, making this feature not all that useful. Intelligent memory chips that remember preferred settings is an option that’s being provided by default in similarly priced flashlights.

Clicking on a button in a series to switch light modes until you hit the preferred mode doesn’t cut it. It gets tedious after a while. Another annoying thing is the way it’s programmed to cycle to the next mode once it’s switched off.

Although it has a sturdy body, the paint job is poor and prone to visible scratches. Also, it has a plastic lens. This doesn’t bode well for the lens, the LED or your hands when the device starts heating up.

This implies that the advertised 1.5 hours of 1200 lumen beam that it’s capable of isn’t happening because you wouldn’t be able to hold the flashlight once it starts heating up. Definitely can’t be used as a tactical light by security personnel as reliability is a big issue.

Rough usage will lead to visible scratches, lens damage, and cracks. Will not hold out in rough terrain. The claims of lighting up a room do not hold, even with a minimal time battery discharge, the beam loses power. The AAA batteries provided loose steam pretty fast. Charger make looks unsafe.

Revisiting the price, NITECORE, Olight, Fenix and more provide a much more sturdier make flashlight with a lesser price tag. Those are made with military grade aluminium casing, CREE LEDs and have a proper heat sink.

Another big sour point is the battery pack. Both the cordless charger and batteries provided do not appear to be safe for everyday charge and use.

And the biggest flaw is it doesn’t live up to its outlandish 1200 lumen beam claim. The beam is closer to 400 lumens, loses intensity pretty fast, zoom feature turns the beam square imprinting the LED structure inside. If the star attractions are such a let down, what am I paying the marked up price for?

In a competitive market flooded with an array of flashlights with customised features for unique situations, this one has tall claims that it doesn’t seem to hold up to. Adding to its woes is the steep price that renders it too expensive to be a regular flashlight and too unreliable to be a tactical flashlight.

Conclusion: This SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 review states that this flashlight is good enough for regular household use when handled delicately, but not competitively priced with regards to similar devices in the same price range. Doesn’t hold up in rough conditions so not recommended for tactical usage