Sentry Safe X055 Security Safe Review

Not everyone needs a large gun safe. In fact, many gun owners only own one or two handguns. This makes it besides the point to get a huge safe when you only need something that that fits one maybe two small firearms.

In situations like these, the Sentry Safe X055 is one option for those looking for a secure gun safe that won’t break their budget.

Overall Design

The Sentry Safe X055 gun storage unit is large enough to fit 3 full sized handguns when laid flat on their sides. Of course, you can always stand them up to fit more since the safe’s ceiling is high enough to fit them that way.

The safe is small enough that it lets you keep it somewhere safe, hidden in the closet or under tables. Yet large enough that if you own a number of handguns and semi-automatic pistols you need not worry that you’ll run out of room.

On the outside, it is a fully black painted metal box with dimensions of 13.75” lengthwise, 10.6” in terms of depth, and goes up 8.68” high. So it isn’t the smallest of compartments and is more practically used as a home safe that’s bolted to the floor or the wall rather than something that’s transported, though it isn’t difficult to move when needed, since it only weighs 19 lbs.

As far as space is concerned, you get a total of 0.5 cu. ft. which breaks down into 13.6” on the front, 8.6” on the sides and 8.5” in height.

The width and depth of the interior makes it large enough to fit a handgun case if you happen to keep your weapons in one. It also comes with floor carpeting, though the lining is only present in the floor of the safe. The top, sides and back of the inside don’t have soft cushioning.

Overall the inside is large enough for gun owners who own more than one small firearm. It will also fit your ammo boxes and extra clips along with other important items like jewelry or watches together.

The outside, is more modest, which is what you want a safe to be since you don’t want it getting any unwanted attention. It’s has an all black finish and the only attachments are the Sentry Safe logo on the lower right hand corner and the front access panel in the center which contains the digital keypad and door knob.


The Sentry Safe X055 gun safe comes with a 1 year warranty from the company. It comes with holes that have been drilled in the factory, located at the rear and also on the bottom of the safe that will allow you to bolt the unit securely.

Mounting hardware is included with the unit including the clips you needs along with the instructions on how to do it in the owners manual.

The Sentry Safe X055 uses 4 AA batteries which you’ll want to buy when you get this unit since it doesn’t come with any. The batteries power the electronic lock mechanism that is used to control access.

Control Panel

The front panel of Sentry Safe X055 consists of the 10 digit key pad, a cancel button, and an validate entry button.

Above the keypad you also have 3 LED lights:

  • Green light which tells you to go forward after a valid code is entered
  • Red LED light that warns you that you’re running low on battery
  • Yellow which will flash 5 times if you enter the wrong code

To the right of the panel is a large knob that can be turned. This acts as the safe’s doorknob which will unlock the live action bolts after you’ve entered the correct code. It won’t open the bolts if an incorrect code was encoded.

Between the key pad and the knob is a small removable panel. Behind it is a keyhole that allows you to insert the emergency key in case you run out of battery and can’t use the digital pad.

Locking Mechanism

The X055 Sentry Safe is equipped with an electronically accessed locking mechanism. You also have the added option of the using the override key though this is better kept in a safe and secure place rather than brought around with you.

Once the correct digital code is entered, the lock is able to open the two live bolts located to the left of the door which extract and protrude to lock and unlock the safe’s front door. The door’s hinges are likewise situated in the inner side preventing any potential thieves or burglars from messing with it.

The safe’s system allows you to use a code that’s between 2 to 8 digits long, though the longer and more random the code, the better. Also keep in mind not to use any obvious codes like birthdays, and other numbers people may guess from your public information.

The exterior is protected by heavy steel and you can feel the door’s weight when it swings open. It is also constructed to make it pry resistant to thieves who come prepared with crowbars. The lock is also protected by a hardened plate of steel that helps prevent those with drills to easily gain unwanted access.

How to Operate the Sentry Safe X055

Like mentioned earlier, when you initially get your safe, you’ll need to use the key to access the battery compartment (which is located behind the door), by inserting it into the keyhole behind the front panel cover.

Once you have power, you’ll need to change the factory set code that’s 1,7,5,0,0 for your own security. You’ll be able to do so by pressing the key button that’s inside the battery holder. When the Yellow LED lights up, you can then type in your own code (2-8 digits). To complete it, press the validate entry key (“#” button).

Accessing the safe is similar, you push in the correct code followed by the button. The green light will tell you that you’ve entered a valid code, if the yellow LED lights up a few times (incorrect code entered), try the code again.

Note that the green LED lights up for 5 seconds, in which time you’ll need to turn the door’s knob to open it, or else it it will itself again for safety purposes.

X055 Review Summary

The model X055 is an offering from Sentry Safe that offers a small, inexpensive and secure gun and personal storage box that allows you keep multiple handguns and firearm accessories with still extra space to spare. It uses a very easy to use, and program electronic locking mechanism with LED indicators that help guide you in each process.