Glow In The Dark Paint – All You Need to Know

Glow In The Dark Paint – All You Need to Know

Of all the things evolution failed to give humanity, true night vision certainly ranks high on the list. Perhaps as high as telepathy and the ability to levitate. 

Fortunately we evolved massive brains to compensate for the lack of cool mutant powers, and eventually figured out how to make things glow in the dark without setting them on fire. 

It is well known our primitive cave dwelling ancestors attempted to make glow in the dark night spears and clubs by first setting them on fire, but this had all sorts of negative consequences, and likely lead to the invention of fire insurance. 

Since that early abortive attempt and having weapons usable at night, humanity has long dealt with the lack of glowing bits on our arms, at least until now.

The discovery of radioactive elements gave us exciting things like new cancers, new bombs, the  Cold War, cliched super hero origin stories and a host of stunningly bad movies. They also gave us some of the first glow in the dark paints.

Eventually we figured out we could stick tritium gas in little vials, and as long as we weren’t breaking them open and spreading tritium goop on our toast, it was fairly safe. Around this time, other forms of glow in the dark paints that didn’t involve our friend the atom were worked out, and millions of hippies got really excited at the prospect of groovy glowing things that looked like bad drug trips. 

More importantly millions of far more practical gun owners realized you could put this stuff on your guns and have glow in the dark sights without resorting to fitting tritium sights to your gun. 

Thus was born a revolution which lead to universal peace and prosperity  Ok, I made that last bit up, but the point remains. A lot of us are quite happy with the sights on existing guns, and mainly wish they were a bit less not glowing and a lot more glowing.

Modern glow in the dark or luminous paint uses phosphors that when exposed to white light, will continue to glow for up to twelve hours. The brightness is readily restored after a brief exposure to natural sunlight or most common indoor lighting, making it highly versatile.

  When applied to firearms, glow in the dark paint is an ideal easy to apply and low cost alternative to expensive tritium sights.

Why Glow in the Dark Paint?

There are a great many reasons to choose glow in the dark paint, not the least of which is cost and lack of permanent modification to a firearm. 

Many guns come with perfectly serviceable sights which can be readily enhanced by use of a little glow in the dark paint. In other cases, it is not practical or desirable to change the sights. One of my favorite handguns, and one I keep on my nightstand is a hard to find Norinco Makarov.

I have no interest in modifying it to use tritium night sights such as thes fine units by Trijicon  but it was a simple thing to dab a little glow in the dark paint on it.

In other cases I have added glow in the dark paint to the sights of favorite hunting rifles or revolvers, ensuring that even in suboptimal lighting, I could see my sights and have a better chance with any game I might encounter.

Too, glow in the dark paint lets you cheaply and easily determine which of your guns might be best suited for nighttime work before investing in more expensive options – Glow in the dark paint  commonly applies in mere minutes, often with a fine brush or even a toothpick to dab the paint in place. 

My favorite is the GloMania sight painting kit which is both crazy affordable, and can do up to about a hundred different guns, making it ideal for security and law enforcement armorers looking to upgrade a large stock of guns, or to simply share with your friends at the gun club. 

This paint quickly dries to a hard, durable finish that gives off a brilliant and easy to see green glow at night.  It is readily recharged by exposure to light for a couple of minutes, and will glow for up to 12 hours, ensuring an entire night’s worth of service.

If you have a dedicated fighting handgun, or a favorite self defense rifle or shotgun, or are an armed professional, you understand the reason to have night sights on your gun. 

You also know very well that not all guns can be readily or cheaply fitted with night sights, and many perfectly serviceable arms may be ignored due to the perceived shortcomings of their sights. 

The reality is for just a few dollars, you can equip all of your guns with practical, long life and hard serving night sights that require no permanent modification to the gun or expensive sights that may not even be in a configuration you like.

Glow in the dark paint for guns is a liberating tool that frees you from the strict limitations of tritium based night sights. With a good paint, you are now able to customize any gun at any time at your leisure with no special skills or gunsmithing. 

More importantly, you can better ensure your safety and security by empowering yourself with easy to see glow in the dark sights.  Such a simple upgrade to your gun could very well save your life, or that of your family.

Criminals and evil lurk in the dark, and are easy to fall prey to.  Whether you already own a gun, or are buying your first one, save the price tag of tritium sights, and invest in some good glow in the dark paint. Put that cost savings towards ammo and train harder with your favorite gun. 

No matter how you slice it, glow in the dark paint is a hands down no brainer for any gun owner.