Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Series Needlenose

Multitool_Gerber_Multi-Plier_600_NeedlenoseProduct Name: Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Series Needlenose

Product Type/Category: Multi-tool

Make/Model: Gerber 600 Series

Geographical Terrain:Urban to Rural

Key Product Features:

  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • Crimper
  • Standard/Metric Scale
  • Lanyard Ring
  • Crosshead Screwdriver
  • Bottle/Can Opener
  • Serrated Sheepsfoot Blade
  • Large, Medium, and Small Flathead Screwdrivers
  • File
  • Drop Point Blade
  • Adapts to Gerber Tool Kit
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ballistic Sheath

Manufacturer’s Product Description: 

Gerber’s Multi-Plier 600 Series is simply the best multi-function tool available. All Multi-Plier 600 series tools have:

  • One-handed opening pliers, making deployment quick and easy.
  • All locking components-all tools lock in place for safety and convenience.
  • Independent tool rotation-select and open only the component desired.
  • The most user-friendly lock-simply slide the lock release button back to unlock.
  • The safest lock on the market.

The Needlenose version combines finesse with a rugged toughness to satisfy your daily needs. With the SAF.T.PLUS™ System, each component opens independently of any other, locks tightly against a positive stop rollbar and stays tight until you unlock it. Use it for every situation: construction, travel, home, all purpose kit, camping/hiking and other outdoor recreational activities.

  • Length Open: 6.625″
  • Length Closed: 5.125″
  • Weight: 8.00 oz

Manufacturer’s intent for product employment: Military, Law Enforcement, Sportsmen, Handymen

Reviewer Comments:

Construction (ruggedness & durability): The tool feels rugged and durable and is made with heavy-duty type metals.

Design features / considerations: Design is ok.  Opening the pliers is simple although getting to the tools is a pain.  If your wearing gloves, or your hands are cold some of the smaller tools are almost impossible to get out.  The handles are too small to cut wire comfortably.

Ease / simplicity of operation:  Small and compact.  Although some of the tools are hard to open.

Weight and size considerations:  Lightweight, fits easily into the palm of your hand.  Doesn’t take up much room on your belt or in your pack.

Maneuverability considerations:  Tough to open in stress situations, the tools are a pain to get out.

Noise & light signature considerations:  It rattles a bit in the holster, and is noisy when deploying.

Camouflage considerations (color, outline, blend characteristics, etc.):The tool is silver in color with black accents, although the steel is brush so the light isn’t reflected too badly.

Organization of product: The tools seem to be organized quite well in the handles.

Flexibility and adaptability to meet varying field requirements:I have not noticed this to be a problem.  I have used this tool under varying conditions and have not noticed any problems with changing mission standards.

Field operational capabilities/vulnerabilities- weather, terrain and target factors:  Works ok in the field.  Although in my opinion the tool is better suited to the tackle box, or the glove box.  Can be used if needed in an emergency.

Planning considerations:  It takes a while to get some of the smaller tools out of the handle.  Especially if you are gloved or your hands are cold.  Only the pliers and a couple of the larger tools are easily opened.

Field sustainability:  No problems here.  However I have broken the tip off the knife, and one of the flat head screwdrivers.

Product maintenance and repair requirements:  Keep it clean or the system gums up.  Nothing that can be repaired in the field.

Cost-effectiveness of repairs: Cheaper just to buy a new Leatherman.

Operator associated risks: Problem with the knife blades…You can cut yourself on them.  The plier handles are way too short for cutting wire.

Product physiological / psychological effects for end-user personnel:  I have used this tool to cut my K9 and myself out of barbed wire in the past, so I feel somewhat more comfortable having a tool like this around.

Product integration capability with current end-user equipment:  No problems here.  It fits well with my kit.  Although I did take the Gerber label off of the holster so that it would be a bit more concealable at night or in the wood line.

Product uses other than manufacturer intent and end state.I have used this tool for everything from cutting barbed wire and fences, to taking tags off of cars, even dispatching seriously injured animals.

Ease of cleaning / refit:  KEEP IT CLEAN.  If it gets too grimy I have problems getting the tools out of the handles.

Evaluator Recommendations

A good piece of equipment, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. However, it is better than nothing. If I were buying my own I think that I would spend a few extra dollars and go for the SOG tool or the Leatherman.  The handles of the tool are way too small and the tools break way to easily for my liking. I would recommend that Gerber extends the handles, and make the tools a bit more rugged.

I have broken the tip off the knife by cutting a screen and broke the little flathead screwdriver loosening a screw.  If you are given one don’t throw it away.  But if you expect to depend on this item for your survival … buy a gun!