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25 Great Gifts Ideas For Gun Collectors

Gifts For Gun Collectors

If you think picking out a gift for an adult is difficult, wait until you have to choose gifts for gun collectors. Collectors can be very hard to buy for because they have everything. However, this holiday season you do not need to sweat bullets when thinking of such a gift.

Here are some gift ideas you can get a gun enthusiast that they will be sure to love. These are unique and practical gifts that they may not already have, which will make them great additions to their collections.

1. Pine Ridge 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set


No gun collector can resist these cool 12 Gauge drink coasters that look good on any table. These coasters resemble 12 gauge buckshot shells right down to the color and inscriptions.

The set includes four coasters and a coaster holder. The coasters measure 3 ½” in diameter.They have a non-slip surface on the bottom to protect your furniture and keep them in place while your drink is sitting on them. Whether for the hunting cabin, dining table or man cave, these coasters are fun décor for any gun collector on your gift list.

2. McNett Camo Form


The McNett Camo Form tape is a great gift for any gun collector. It allows you to camouflage a rifle and any tactical accessories you may have without necessarily repainting them. Another perk about this camouflage tape is that it is easy to remove and does not leave residue on the rifle or accessories. Any gun collector will want to maintain the original finish, and the Camo Form tape does a great job.

This fabric will conform to any shape and it will help to protect your hands from both hot and cold surfaces.  It comes in different colors including Mossy Oak, Digital Camo, Multicam and Realtree patterns. Get some tape today for your favorite gun collector and they will have lots of fun with it.

3. SensGard ZEM SG-31 Hearing Protection

Hearing protection gadgets come in different shapes and sizes, but none are as sleek and effective as the SensGard ZEM SG-31. They are lightweight, foldable and very small unlike their bulky counterparts. The use of “Sound chamber” patented technology makes it possible to hear other people speaking and at the same time protect your ears from damage.

It does this by allowing speech frequencies to pass through the ear buds but any loud noise is cancelled. No longer will you have to lift one side of the hearing protection to listen to commands at the gun range. It does not include any batteries, muffs or control knobs, which make it easy to use. Your favorite gun collector is sure to get some good use out of this practical gift.

4. VersaCarry Concealment holster

This is an innovative way to carry your hand gun; the Versa Carry is a lightweight solution that can carry most semiautomatic handguns. The extra small size of the Versa Carry holster can be used with 9mm barrels ranging from 2.8” and 3.25” length. It also works with many accessories like flashlights and lasers.

It employs an easy on/off design and cuts down the weight of a regular holster by up to 75%. Another amazing feature used by VersaCarry holsters is a design that uses the diameter of the inner barrel to carry the handgun. The holster is ambidextrous and employs a trigger self-locking mechanism to prevent any accidents. This sleek holster would make a great gift for any gun lover.

5. Do-All Outdoors Impact Seal Targets


Paper targets are go-to for most people that regularly visit the shooting range. However, there are other options for targets like the Outdoors Impact Seal Targets. These polymer targets react to every bullet that strikes making it way more fun to practice shooting. They are rated to handle impacts from .22 caliber up to .50 caliber soft nose ammunition.The material used to make these targets is designed to seal itself after every hit.

Impact Seal Targets have an assortment of these line bouncing polymer targets that are durable enough to withstand thousands of hits. A characteristic bright orange color makes them visible from far for outdoor use. These targets are a fun way for the gun owner to get some target practice in without going all the way to the shooting range.

6. Ballistol lubricant and cleaner


Gun collectors and gun owners usually have an assortment of lubricants and cleaner for greasing and cleaning their guns respectively. Ballistol has come up with an amazing product that does all this work and makes it easier. It is not only a lubricant, but also works as an effective cleaner to combat carbon fouling and powder residue.

It will work on all guns, accessories, and tools that come with the firearm. Apart from this, the Ballistol cleaner can also clean leather, plastic, metal and wood without damaging it. It works on about anything a proud gun owner would need to maintain. In this holiday season, help simplify your gun collector’s efforts with this great product.

7. Vortex Viper PST 2.5-25X50

Vortex is an industry specialist in producing optics for guns, and the Viper PT 2.5 doesn’t disappoint. It features quality optics, superior construction and the manufacturer paid attention to every detail on this scope. It is waterproof, fog proof and shock proof so you will never find yourself unable to use your scope due to the weather conditions.

Other features include side parallax adjustment, matching turrets and also MOA based reticules to add some versatility.  This scope by Vortex can be used on a variety of rifles. If you are looking for a high-end quality gift this holiday season, then this is a great option to consider for the hunter on your shopping list.

8. Howard Leight Impact Sports OD Electric Earmuff

These electric earmuffs are a great gift for any gun collector or enthusiast. They are comfortable and very effective in cancelling loud noises of up to 82 decibels. These are electric and will amplify any sound that is below the threshold 82 dB by 3 times. This means that you can still listen to conversations with the earmuffs on.

These earmuffs have an NRR rating of 22 and come with other exciting features such as an audio input port for scanners or an MP3 player. They come with a handy carrying case and include safety glasses as well. This is a great gift package for your favorite gun collector that they can use anytime they are out on the range.

9. Tac – Mag Gun Magnet

Every gun owner needs a safe and secure place to hide their firearms. Here is a great solution to this problem. This durable gun magnet is the strongest on the market with a rating of 25lb. The technology used is a neodymium magnet, the strongest commercial permanent magnet. This is probably why they give a lifetime warranty with the product.

It can be used to mount your gun under a desk, in your office, in your car, on top or the sides of a safe or even at an entry point. You can mount the gun perpendicularly or parallel to the surface. Multiple magnets are used for better contact and a tighter hold. These great versatile magnets are something the gun collector can always use.

10. SnagMag Concealed Magazine Holster T1362

The Snagmag concealed magazine holster is definitely a must-have for your favorite gun collector. It is a small, lightweight and easy to conceal holster for carrying an extra magazine for your Glock 19, 23 or a 9 mm handgun. It looks like a pocket knife which you can clip on your pocket.

It comes in a right-handed model to be put in the left pocket. It is specifically designed to fit in your pocket and pulls out easily for quick reloading. Most importantly, it does not draw attention to the fact that you are carrying a magazine. This is a gift that is sure to please the gun loving enthusiast on your list.

11. CMP Dueling Tree Steel Target

This outdoor steel target can be a great and fun gift for a gun enthusiast. It is made of steel and has six targets arranged in a tree format which is great for competition between friends. When the target is hit, it flips to the opponents side making it fun for one on one shooting competitions.

The first one to flip all the targets to one side wins. It also features a 6” diameter base for stability, and it can be used with either a pistol or a rifle. The legs and central post is also easily removable without the use of complicated tools. You favorite gun lover is sure to get great fun out of this gift.

12. Gero Watertight Pistol Gun Case


Gero are experts in making gun cases, and this is no exception. This watertight gun case has customizable foam that allows any handgun of any type to fit into the case along with its accessories. It is also very durable due to the ABS plastic used in its construction and cannot break when dropped.

Being fully waterproof, you can submerge it in water without your gun getting wet; plus it is also dustproof. The Gero Gun Case can be locked for safety along with a pressure relief valve for safety while travelling by air. This is a case your gun collector is sure to get years of great use out of.

13. Tworld Rifle Scope 2.5 – 10X40 Rifle Scope


This rifle scope is designed to be used for close range and mid-range shooting; with magnification of 2.5X to 10X times. The Tworld Rifle Scope features a red laser sight which makes it easy to nail down moving targets or focus on close quarter targets. Another perk is the reticle, which has an adjustable brightness and comes in two colors (red and green).

It is also waterproof and fog proof to help ensure you can get the best visibility possible no matter the conditions outside. The package also includes two lens covers to help protect the scope when it is not in use. The gun collector on your list is sure to love unwrapping this gift this year.

14. Otis Technology Ripcord

Otis Ripcord is a fresh new product that is destined to replace the usual pull through bore cleaners that have been in used in the past. They have employed new technology to ensure the Otis Ripcord fits well inside the bore and seals the full volume of the bore to remove all dirt with just a single pass. Another exciting technology is the Nomex material that it is comprised of, which is extremely flexible, and can withstand up to 700 degree heat.

You can clean your barrels even if they are hot with this technology. Since gun collectors love to keep their guns pristine, this great gun cleaning package can help them accomplish that goal. Give the gun collector on your list a gift he or she can use year round.

15. Triad Tactical Sniper Skid Plate


This sniper skid plate is a small but very important piece of equipment that any gun collector can appreciate as a gift.  It has been featured in a couple of marksmanship competitions for precision shooting. The skid plate is padded and does not skid allowing dampening of the harmonic bounce that occurs between the rifle and the surface it rests on.

For the hunter, this skid plate helps you maintain silence as you place the rifle against a tree or other firing surface. This is sure to help minimize on those misses due to you being heard. Your favorite gun collector will love this handy gadget they can use in the field this year.

16. Honeywell Impact Sports Electronic Earmuff

This is a pair of electronic earmuffs that you can get for a gun collector that they will be able to use out on the range. These Impact Sports Amplification Earmuffs from Honeywell amplify sound such as conversations and range commands while keeping out the loud noises produced by a discharging firearm. This ensures that you can communicate with others at the gun range without interrupting your practice routine.

The earmuffs operate on two AAA batteries. An automatic timer shuts off the earphones after four hours to save battery life. It includes AUX inputs and a connection cable that can be used for scanners or MP3 players. These are sure to help the gun collector the next time he or she hits the range to get some practice in.

17. Vortex Bubble Level Device for 30mm Riflescope


Many gun collectors love competition shooting. For that perfect shot, you have to level the crosshairs on your scope, especially when the rifle is resting on the uneven ground. This leveling device by Vortex is designed to counter this problem and ensure that those long-distance shots are unaffected by an unevenly placed rifle.

It is designed to mount quickly and easily to almost any rifle scope. The bubble level gives you an easy visual indicator to tell when your rifle is perfectly level. Consider getting this leveling device for your favorite gun collector this season who seems to have everything.

18. Redfield Battlezone TAC-MOA 2-7 X 334mm Riflescope

Redfield Battlezone RifleScope is great for use as an all-purpose scope for any rifle. This is a great scope to use on even the .22 caliber rifle. This scope is fitted with a 3x minimum power and 9x maximum power reticle. It features a pre-calibrated ballistic turret and also a target turret.

Redfield has gone an extra mile in producing this scope as it has all the essentials, plus versatile high tech features. It is also fog proof and waterproof so you can use it clearly no matter what shooting conditions you may find yourself in. It is a great little scope for your favorite gun collector this season.

19. GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

This is a great gift idea for the gun collector on your list. The GunVault SV500 helps you keep your handgun ready for action by allowing you to safely store it on your desk. The design is spectacular because it is discreet and effective at the same time, with its fast activation drop down drawer.

It has an 18-Gauge steel construction and a protective foam-lined interior. A digital keypad is incorporated for easy access and extra safety. For collectors you can safely store your favorite handgun at your fingertips for easy access and display. The gun collector on your list is sure to enjoy this handy device.

20 .Ride Ready Car Holster

Gun collectors always need to transport their firearms to and from gun shows. The Ride Ready Car Holster will make a great gift this season. It has been designed to easily fit under your steering wheel and it doesn’t stick out awkwardly. It is very quick and easy to install.

It is ambidextrous and works with most guns and most steering wheels. Any handgun, large or small, will fit into this holster. This will allow easy access to any firearm you may need to transport. Gun collectors are sure to get a lot of use out of this concealed holster.

21. SafeNDry Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A gun safe is great for keeping your guns secure and ensuring that the occupants in the house remain safe. However, your guns can be ruined by moisture which can get trapped in the safe when you open and close it. Odors can also foul up the safe producing an awful stench.

SafeNDry eliminates moisture using silica gel and it is rechargeable and reusable. This reduces the cost of buying a new one.  The silica gel turns from the color blue to the color pink when it is completely used up. Keep your equipment safe from rust, moisture, and corrosion with a SafeNDry dehumidifier. This makes an ideal gift for every gun collector on your list.

22. Stack-On GCB-8RTA Steel Cabinet.


Every gun collector needs a good gun safe, sometimes several good gun safes. This black steel cabinet is specifically designed to be gun-ready and can hold up to 8 shotguns or rifles. It comes in a ready to assemble unit with tamper-proof fasteners and pre-drilled mounting holes.

Other features include a stack-on barrel rest, 5.71 cubic feet volume and a key coded lock for extra security. Even if you favorite gun collector already owns a gun safe or two, they can always use another one. Give him a gift he can use this year and they will appreciate you for it.

23. Bob Allen Black Deluxe Shooting Gloves


Get your favorite gun collector these amazing shooting gloves from Bob Allen, which are not only comfortable but also durable and stylish. The outer part or back of the glove is made of synthetic leather for maximum durability while the palm is made from leather.

The fingers are perforated in order to give your knuckles increased flexibility for your hand movements. Other features include a hook and loop wrist closure and a ventilation port in the back prevents your hands from sweating. Your favorite gun collector will love to bring these to the range with him or wear them the next time he goes out hunting.

24. Suunto Core All Black Military Sports Watch


This watch from Suunto Core is guaranteed to be a favorite for all gun owners with its sporty look and numerous features. It is water proof and perfect for the outdoorsman on your list. It has a barometer, an altimeter, a compass and also displays weather information; perfect for that hunting expedition.

Other cool features are a Storm Alarm which goes off once the barometer goes haywire and a depth meter for when you go snorkeling. It will track and record your movements for you and is a true asset to have. This is the ultimate gift for any gun collector who loves to traverse the great outdoors.

25. Lockable GN01 Display Case


This is a great gift for the hard to satisfy gun collector. This beautiful 100% real wood display case is a perfect gift idea. It is a great way to show off the best guns in your collection. The case is lockable with a hinged glass lockable door for security.

The case is foam lined with velvet to prevent the guns from moving once they have been placed in the display case. Hardware is included so it can be displayed on the wall of the home. This is a beautiful case that will bring a smile to any gun collector’s face this season.


We hope that at least one of these gifts for gun collectors caught your atention.

Looking For Gift Ideas for That Jeep Lover in Your Life?

Gifts for Jeep Lovers

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, but you won’t go wrong with one of these fifteen great gifts for jeep lovers on your list. These products are perfect for those that love to be on the go.

They will find them useful and they will thank you for getting them something unique, but useful at the same time. Many jeep owners spend a great deal of time on the road and these gifts are sure to help them on their journey.

1.Grab Handle Set


This set of Rubicon Red Extreme Unlimited Roll Bar Side Grab Handles is an ideal gift idea for jeep owners. They can be used on both the driver’s side and the passenger side. They easily attach to the roll bar without the need for any special tools.

They feature three Velcro straps that simply wrap around the roll bar to fit any jeep securely. They give you a feeling of added safety for those days when you want to ride without the doors on or for those off-roading adventures. This set of grab handles makes a great gift idea for the jeep lover on your shopping list.

2.Car Seat Back Organizer


If you are looking for a good gift for the jeep lover in your family, consider this great car seat organizer for behind the front car seats. It features many different sections and compartments to hold all the things you may need to carry with you in the car. It has an ipad pocket, cup holders and even zippered compartments so you have a place to hold anything you may need to bring along on your next trip.

The organizers are easy to install and even feature a 10 year warranty. The jeep lover in your family will find this a useful gift idea and their passengers will love all the additional storage space they get to enjoy.

3.Air Purifier


You never know where your next jeep trip will take you. This little air purifier is ideal for jeep owners. You just plug it directly into the cigarette lighter on your jeep and the ionizer goes to work cleaning the air and removing the dust, smoke, pollen and unpleasant odors from the jeep. It even kills harmful bacteria that may be present.

This amazing ionic air purifier does not have a filter that needs replaced all the time. You just plug it in and go. It could not be simpler to use. This is a great idea for all those jeep owners on your shopping list this year.

4.Magnetic Car Phone Mount


It is difficult to hold your phone and look at your GPS while driving. This is especially difficult if you are off-roading in your jeep. This problem can be solved with this high quality magnetic phone mount. It mounts easily with a suction cup to your vehicle and will leave no marks when you remove it.

It features full viewing angles with its amazing 360 degree horizontal rotation and 90 degree vertical rotation. You will always be able to adjust the holder so you can see your phone no matter where you are. Never lose sight of your phone or navigation system again when you are on the go. This is a great gift for any jeep lover you may know.

5.Car Backup Camera

It’s hard to find a good back-up camera for a jeep. This great waterproof, vibration reduction back-up camera  is perfect for jeep enthusiasts. It will work even under the most strenuous driving conditions. It features a full 170 degree wide viewing angle on this 720p HD backup camera. This camera even has a night vision camera. It is easy to install and invisible once installed.

You do not need to drill any holes to install this unit. Never get stuck again wondering how close you are to the tree behind you with this amazing backup camera. It makes the perfect gift for any jeep lover.

Bottom of Form

  1. Trunk Organizer

6.Trunk Organizer


For those jeep owners who have it all, consider getting them a handy cargo storage case. A cargo storage case is a great way to keep everything in your jeep organized and easy to locate. It keeps things from getting all jumbled up when you are off-roading.

With heavy duty carry handles you can put all your tools or groceries into your cargo carrier and bring them inside or take them wherever you may need to go. For the jeep lover on your holiday list, this will make a great gift that they will be able to get a lot of use out of.

7.Roll bar storage bags

These roll bar storage bags will make a great gift for your favorite jeep lover this holiday season. They are easy to install and have multiple pockets that are made specifically to hold all your important items. Stay organized while you are on your next adventure.

Each package includes two storage bags so the driver and passenger will both have a place to put all those items they need when they hit the road for their next road trip. Not only are they functional, but they are stylish as well. This makes a great gift idea for jeep lovers everywhere.

8.Tire Inflator Pump Compressor


There’s nothing worse than being out on the road and you get a flat tire. Consider getting the jeep lover on your shopping list an automatic tire inflator compressor this season. They will never be stuck again with a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere.

It is also quicker and easier to just inflate a flat tire than to have to go through all the hassle of changing one, if it is not really necessary. This pump is quick and easy to use. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and you are ready to go. The jeep lover on your list will love this useful gift.

9.LED Light Bar


People who love jeeps love making them look great. This is the perfect gift. A 52 inch LED light bar to go on the top of the jeep. With this light bar it will make the vehicle really stand out and draw attention.  This bar comes complete with the wiring harness and everything you need to get it installed. It features a very bright output with just standard operating current.

It has a rugged design so it is great to take anywhere you may be traveling, off-road or on-road it will be a hit. Your favorite jeep lover will love this special gift this season.

10.Illuminated Subwoofers


For the jeep lover that really loves a good sound system, these illuminated subwoofers are an ideal gift. They are digitally optimized for superior sound quality and they look great because they are illuminated. Watch your friends face light up when they open up this gift. They feature see-through viewing windows for added style and design.

They are also very high performance with over 1,100 peak watts of power output. They even have their own built in cooling system to increase longevity and performance. Any jeep lover that likes a great sound system is sure to fall in love with these illuminated subwoofers.

11.Winch System


Every jeep lover should have a winch system installed on their jeep for those times you find yourself in the wilderness and you get stuck in the mud. A winch system can be a lifesaver and can give the gift of reassurance to both you and your loved one. This wireless, heavy duty system is remote control operated for optimum ease of use.

It can pull up to 9,500 pounds and is suitable for most any winching job you may encounter. Give the gift of peace of mind to your jeep lover this year and rest assured they will return safely home no matter what adventures they get into.

12.Mesh Sunshade

When you are driving with the top off on your jeep the one thing you need to worry about is getting sunburned. Consider a mesh sunshade for the hard to shop for jeep lover on your list. This mesh shade will protect them from damaging UV rays and help reduce wind noise.

It is simple to install with 16 bungee cords that fasten around the existing roll bars. The best thing is you do not need to remove the shade when it’s time to put the top back on. This makes a great little present for the jeep lover on your list.

13.Black Metal Roof Rack


Any jeep lover would appreciate this great utility cargo roof rack for their vehicle. With this rack they can carry everything they need on their next great outdoor adventure. This universal roof basket fits securely to the cross bar system on the roof. It has multiple attachment points and can hold up to 150 pounds.

With this system you will never need to leave anything behind because you do not have room to bring it along. Every jeep owner needs a great roof rack system for their fun outdoor adventures. Give one to your favorite jeep lover this year and they will be sure to love it and get lots of use out of it as well.

14.Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray

There is nothing worse than facing a fire situation and being unprepared. This holiday season give the gift of fire safety with the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray. This is a great product for the jeep lover on your list because they may frequently find themselves in remote locations.

The security of a fire extinguisher can give you the peace of mind that they are prepared to deal with any situation. The Tundra aerosol spray is more compact and out performs traditional fire extinguishers, which is what makes it the ideal gift for the jeep lover on your list.

15.Pet Car Seat Cover


This is a great gift idea for the jeep lover that has a pet. The pet car seat cover is suitable for any size dog or cat. It provides 100% protection for any backseat. It is waterproof, scratch-proof and machine washable. Forget making a mess in the backseat of your jeep with this great convertible hammock. It looks good and is very comfortable for your pet because it’s made of soft Poly pongee fabric.

It comes with a drawstring carrying bag for those times when you do not need to use it. It is also great for transporting things in your car while keeping the interior clean so it’s a good gift even if you do not have a dog. This is a great product that is sure to be a hit with jeep enthusiasts everywhere.

You won’t go wrong with these great gifts for jeep lovers that we carefully selected.

25 Awesome Gifts for RV Campers

Gifts for RV Campers

Campers and RVers are individuals who love the great outdoors, the fresh air and the cozy evenings by the campfire with a hot drink and a great story. Hitting the road and going to see new and different locations can be exciting, but it can be hard to find gifts for RV campers who love to travel and camp so often.

This year give them a unique gift that they can use on their next adventure. Here are some creative and unique gift options that are fun yet practical for your favorite RV camper.

1. Moso-Natural-Purifying-Eliminator-Eliminates

Moso Natural Air filters come in pretty, square linen sachets that are filled with bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal helps clean the air by trapping in odors, dust, bacteria, and allergens. You can find them in over 8 sizes varying from a 5×5 cm sachet to a much larger one that is 30×30 cm.

These sachets are a must have if your special RV camper has a pet or suffers from allergies. They are very easy to use because you only need to place these little bags in several places inside the RV. They are 100% natural and reusable, all that these bags need is a few hours under the sun once a month to rejuvenate them. Your RV lover will definitely appreciate them for making the air quality a little healthier.

2. Shower House Caddy

An inevitable part of the RV lifestyle for most folks is obviously making a run across the camp to use the showers. Carrying all the toiletries in hand can be a difficult and daunting task. Simplify your RV camper’s daily trips by giving them this amazing shower caddy. As a special gift idea, you could also fill it with their favorite toiletries.

This caddy comes with 8 compartments of different sizes and is made out of Oxford Mesh that resists mold and mildew build up. You can find it in black, gray, and blue for the men. For ladies, there are 2 colors to choose from, red and pink. You favorite RV camper is sure to get some great use out of it.

3. Packable Picnic Blanket

Every RV camper loves to have a good picnic every now and then, or spend nights laying out watching the stars move overhead. Consider giving them this ultra-compact blanket that comes with weighted corners to prevent it from flying upwards on windy days. It is made out of soft material on top, which makes it great for sitting or lying on.

The bottom is made out water-repellent material so the blanket stays dry and neat, even on rainy days when the campers are not so dry and neat. The blanket bag comes with convenient backpack type straps, so even the little one can help in carrying it. This will be a great gift for your camper on the go this season.

4. Portable Wine Glass Holder

This makes a perfect gift for that one RV lover who can’t imagine an evening without a glass of red wine! These wine glass holders are a must have because they are unique and versatile. They can be used in a number of ways.

The glass comes with 3 standard attachments, so your RVer can easily stake the glass in the ground, suction the cup it to a smooth surface or simply attach it to their camping chair. No more spilling drinks or losing your wine glass with this handy gift. Your friends will thank you for getting them this cool little gift idea.

5. Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

This electricity usage monitor will be ideal for the tech junkie RV lover. It is very useful because it monitors the electrical loads of any and every device that is plugged into it. With a few of these nifty little devices you can monitor an entire RV.  With this gadget you can see what devices are using the most amount of power and perhaps substitute the device with a more efficient one.

Plus, this monitor checks the quality of power by assessing the voltage and line frequency, thus preventing devices burning up from power fluctuations. This is important if you are hooking up to a new or uncertain power source. This little tool makes a great traveling companion for your favorite RV camper.

6. Headlamp

>Every camper needs a good flashlight. They often find themselves trekking across unfamiliar ground when they get to a new camp site. This hands-free light is ideal for these outdoor adventures. It fits over your head and even comes with a handy carrying case when it’s not in use. The dimmer button allows you to control the brightness of the light.

The soft, elastic head strap ensures a comfortable fit for anyone. It has a high beam, a low beam, a red light and even a strobe light feature to give your camper the proper illumination no matter what situation they find themselves in. Get one for your favorite camper today so they can stay safe and free their hands up to do other tasks at night.

7. Packable Camping Hammock

Give your RV camper the luxury of a hammock this season. Hammocks are fun. Especially when they are extremely compact and do not take up much space in the luggage compartment. This hammock comes with its own handy carrying bag. All the straps and hard ware you need to set up the hammock are included in the kit.

This particular hammock is super sturdy. The hammock is quite big and can withhold up to 500 lbs, making it perfect for couples to snuggle in. It is sure to bring a smile to the face for your favorite RV camper this season.

8. Resistance Bands Kit

It can be hard to get enough exercise if you are on the road driving all day. You no longer need to worry about this with these handy elastic fitness bands. This kit will be the perfect gift as it comes in a compact storage bag. The set includes 5 different colored bands that each features a different level of resistance to make them a perfect fit for people of any fitness level.

Comfortable handles make them easy to hold and use. Your camper is sure to get a lot of use out of this gift when they are stuck traveling all day and need a good stretch.


9. Burnie Grill All-Wood Self Burning

There is a very simple rule you need to follow when choosing a gift for an RV camper—anything that makes the trip easier and more fun is a great gift. This is exactly what this gift does. Burnie Grill is a one-time use campfire that is suitable for cooking.

All that your RV enthusiast will need to do is light it up, use it and enjoy it. It will burn itself out slowly giving enough heat energy to cook a proper hot meal. It is made out of 100% natural raw materials and contains no chemicals.


10. Outdoor Laser Landscape Lights

Outdoor laser landscape lights are perfect for an RV camper who likes to enjoy a drink outside after dinner. These laser lights will create a festive atmosphere using only a minimal amount of electricity. They are made out of water-proof material and are good to be used even on a rainy day.

Plus, they automatically change color and after 4 hours of use will turn off. They come in a compact storage box that carries instructions on how to set them up. This is a gift sure to put a smile on your favorite RV camper’s face when they open it up.


11. Sand-Free Mat

We all know that uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a picnic mat with sand particles on it. For RVers who cherish cleanliness, this sand-free mat will be a nice gift no doubt. It is made out of a durable, yet soft gauze-like material, that allows sand and dirt to fall through the mesh of the mat leaving you with a clean surface.

It can be used as a ground cover and is easy to clean. The corners are weighted to prevent the mat from moving on breezy days. This is sure to be a useful gift for the RV camper on your list.

12. Inflatable-Lounger-Camping-Portable-Drawstring

This nylon lounger is perfect for the RV camper that wants to lounge a little while they are on the road. It is very versatile and has many uses. It is a couch. It is a bean bag-type chair for the kids, its water-proof and can be used in the water to lounge on as well.

It does not require an air pump and it can be easily inflated by opening the air gauge on the side of the lounger and simply shaking it. It’s lightweight and can be compressed down to a very small size making it perfect travel buddy for an RV camper.  

13. Scrubba Travel Wash Kit

Scrubba Laundry Bag is simply great as it can be used for washing and drying dirty laundry. It is a self-contained unit that can be used anywhere without any electricity. Just add water and soap and you are ready to do laundry. It cleans great because the inside layer contains hundreds of Scrubba nodules that act like an old-fashioned washboard.

It is made out of durable polyether TPU material that resists mold and mildew build up. No longer will they need to search for a laundry mat to get their clothes clean. Your RV lover will surely love this gift.


14. Campers Travel Journal

This travel journal offers several inside pockets to store small travel memorabilia, while the vintage-inspired paper cover adds a unique appeal. This makes a wonderful gift option for individuals that like to write about their travel experiences. Plus, it can be used to note important information such as best camping grounds, reservation information, and amenities that are available at each location they visit.

Photos can be added to make this a fun souvenir of their grand adventure. It is even eco-friendly because it is made from 100% recycled paper. This makes a beautiful and unique gift idea for the RV camper on your list.

15. Wenzel Camp Coffee Pot<

Is your RV enthusiast a coffee lover too? Gift him this pretty, lightweight aluminum coffee pot. It can brew up to 9 cups of coffee at a time. Wire handles and an easy pour spout make pouring and hanging over the fire easy. It includes a percolator basket to hold the coffee grounds and prevent them from getting into the coffee.

This pot is suitable to be used on grills and open fire. It will make the perfect gift for your favorite RV camper that just can’t live without their cup of morning coffee.

16. Camp Chef Flat Top Tool Kit

You don’t have to be an RV enthusiast to love your fried eggs and bacon. With this flat top, your special someone will be able to turn any grill into a great flat top in minutes. It is perfect for making breakfast, lunch or dinner. It features a very convenient grease drain and a diffuser plate that eliminates any unwanted hot spots.

The kit contains two spatulas, a griddle scraper to get rid of the burned bits and two squeeze bottles to store oil and a sauce. No camping adventure will be complete without good cooking supplies, so add this flat top cooker to your favorite RV camper’s dining kit today.


17. No Slide Drink Tray

RV campers love to spend every free minute outdoors. This oval non-slip tray will help serve drinks to household members without any spills. The 27-inch non-slip surface is made out of durable PVC material that does not scratch while the rubber grips ensure steady serving experience.

This tray is not suitable for hot beverages but would be great for serving ice tea or soda. Easily carry all your drinks at once across uneven terrain without the fear of spillage. This would be a great useful item for the RV enthusiast in your family.

18. Rand McNally Tripmaker RV GPS

This is an essential devise that everyone with an RV should own. This GPS system was specifically designed to cater to RV campers. It features a 7-inch durable glass screen and the routing option includes important information such as legal weight and height restrictions on different roads.

The entertainment menu offers over 14,000 different points of interest such as festivals, parks and animal-friendly locations. It helps you prepare, plan and most importantly enjoy long interstate trips. The RV camper on your list is going to be overjoyed to receive this gift this year.

19. Roku Streaming Media Player

Is your RV lover having trouble keeping up with their favorite programs while they are on the road? This little device is the perfect solution. Gift your special RV camper this Roku streaming media player and watch him enjoy over 1900 channels of movies and sports. The set comes with several pairs of headphones so that one can enjoy late night movie watching without disturbing other household members.

Also, this media player works with practically any TV set with an HDMI connection. It is sure to bring hours of entertainment to the entire family. Get one for your camper friends today.

20. Camping Smartphone Projector

Here is a great new device that is sure to please. This camping projector will allow an RV camper do enjoy hours of entertainment. The projector has a silicone side compartment to place your smartphone into and works by projecting the small smartphone screen onto a larger canvas such as a wall.

 It is made out of corrugated cardboard which makes it easy and quick to assemble. The durable glass lens magnifies the picture up to 8 times without any additional power source. The back pocket can house a charger and small portable speakers. This is a great little surprise for the RV traveler on your list.

21. Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

This pocket water filter was specifically designed to be used by RV campers and other outdoor travelers. Sometimes you may find you need water while traveling, but you are not near any public water sources. This filter is perfect for times like that. The filter is made out of silver and ceramic elements that kill bacteria as well as any live microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns.

The pump handle is made out of strong, heavy-duty plastic. This water filter is even used by the US military abroad. Give your favorite RV camper the gift of clean, safe water today. You never know when they may need it.


22. Solar Power USB Charger

When you are on the go, you never know when your cell phone may die and you may need to use it. This is especially important when you are traveling in case you need to call for assistance. This dual USB phone charger is capable of charging two phones at the same time.

It has a built-in polymer battery that is equipped with an eco-friendly solar panel. Strong hooks enable an RV camper to just hang the charger to a backpack while strolling or hiking and the sun will keep your phones or other electronic devices ready to go when you need them.

23. Inflatable Portable Hot Bath Tub

This is the ultimate gift for any RV camper. You just cannot go wrong with this portable hot bath tub. It is easy to operate through the digital remote control and has a timed heating system. It can easily accommodates 2-4 people at a time and inflates using a built-in spa pump. The tub is easy and convenient to set up and so much fun to use. Who doesn’t enjoy lounging around in a hot tub while having a few drinks and making some new friends?


24. Eco Lighter

The one thing you always need when you are RV camping is a reliable lighter. The Eco-Lighter is a great choice for those on your gift list this season. This beautiful and stylish lighter is USB rechargeable. It works by creating a powerful electric spark and uses no harmful or dangerous fuels. It is reliable and environmentally friendly.

It has a long neck so it can even reach the deepest candles or far back in your heater if it needs to be lit. It is safe because it has a slide-out tip that retracts when it is not in use. Anyone that owns an RV should have one of these so they will never need to worry about not having a lighter again when they need one.

25. Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Here’s a good gift idea for your favorite RV camper. Get them a new ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser before they hit the road for their next grand adventure. This beautiful and functional item will help them freshen the air in the RV and adds humidity to the dry air travelers may typically encounter. It is quiet and has the option of steam or no steam. It has an automatic shutoff feature and the aroma is beautiful.

They can replace dangerous aromatic candles with this much safer unit. It has beautiful LED lights that change color. This item is a beautiful addition to any motorhome and your friends will get years of use from it if you get them one this season.


I hope you like our picks for the most awesome gifts for RV Campers.

25 Great Gift Ideas for Fisherman in Your Life

Here are some great gift ideas for that special fisherman on your list. Sometimes it is hard to buy for the angler who has everything, but these unique gift ideas may be just what you are looking for.

See the joy on your fisherman’s face when you give him something he can use on his next great outdoor adventure. No more boring ties or t-shirts he will just throw in his drawer and forget. With these 25 gifts for fisherman, he won’t be able to wait to get out of the house to give them a try.

1.Mosquito Net Hat


This fine mesh mosquito net fits over almost any hat to protect the fisherman from those annoying bugs that are often found near the water. He will be able to relax and fish in comfort, knowing that his faces is free from bug bites.  

He will forget he is even wearing the netting because it is made of such light and breezy fabric. It even comes with its own convenient carrying pouch. This fine mesh mosquito netting makes an ideal gift for any outdoorsman on your list.


2.Inflatable Solar Light

Many fishermen enjoy long days and nights of fishing when they are on vacation. Consider this inflatable solar light. It would make an ideal gift for your favorite fisherman. This light folds so it is compact for traveling. It inflates when in use and is completely solar charged, which means it does not have any batteries to worry about replacing.

It is ready when and where you are. In addition, it is completely submersible and offers three different settings including a strobe feature. This is a great little gift for the fisherman on your list that already has everything.




Give your loved one complete outdoor protection with this full-body no-see-um suit. The tight mesh will protect their arms and legs from annoying mosquito and no-see-um bites while they are enjoying a day on the lake fishing. This suit is light weight and durable. The jacket features drawstring closures at the wrist and waist and the large hood can be zipped completely.

The legs also feature waist and ankle closures to ensure complete protection. Once you wear one, you will never want to go out fishing without one again. This gift is practical and will be appreciated by all the fishermen on your gift list.

4.Digital Hanging Fish Scale


Every fisherman needs a good fish scale. Consider this portable hanging digital scale for the fisherman on your list. It runs on 3 AAA batteries that are included. It can weight fish up to 110lbs and features LED readouts in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces. The built in tape measure will measure fish up to 1 meter in length.

Its compact design is easy to transport and store when it is not in use. It is durable, easy to use and easy to read. It will make a great addition to any tackle box. This is a great gift idea for the difficult to shop for fisherman on your list.

5.Floating Dry bag


When spending a day on the water it is easy to drop your cell phone, keys or other valuable items into the water and lose them forever. This is a hazard that plagues fishermen and boaters even more than most other people. With this handy floating dry bag you will never need to worry about this problem again. These small portable bags are durable and lightweight. They come in different sizes to meet whatever individual needs you may have.

They are 100% water proof and dustproof. Each bag has a removable, adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy to transport. With this bag, your favorite fisherman will never need to worry about losing their cellphone or money again.


6.Fishing Backpack with Built-in Hydration Bladder


Every fisherman needs a good fishing vest. Consider this all-in-one tackle vest that has a built in 1.5L hydration bladder. The vest is fully adjustable to fit men or women. New and improved materials feature a strong, durable rip resistant Nylon.

This stylish vest also features two waterproof pockets that can be used to store cell phones or other electronic devices to keep them dry and protected all day. This fashionable and functional vest makes an ideal gift for every fisherman on your gift list.

7.iBobber Wireless Fish Finder


The iBobber Wireless Fish Finder is the next generation in fish finding technology. It is ideal for the tech savvy fisherman in your family. This portable sonar unit was designed with flexibility and portability in mind so that you can take sonar technology with you no matter where you travel.

It is designed to sync up to any iphone or android device so you can see fish, map underwater contours and see hidden depths. It is designed to be used from the shore, a dock or anywhere else that bottom sounding cannot be done by boat. It can even work for ice fishing. This versatile tool can be used in all kinds of novel ways and the modern fisherman will love this great little device.

8.Bass Fishing Lure with Carrying Case


If you are looking for a nice affordable gift for the fisherman on your list, you should consider getting them this handy carrying case that includes 16 Bass or Trout lures. This high quality kit features hard metal spinner lures in many shapes and colors. Each lure has a sharp treble hook with strike attractor sleeves that are brightly colored. They provide continuous flash and vibration so the fish are instantly attracted to these lures.

The case is small and conveniently attaches to your belt or backpack with a strong carabiner clip. These are great lures for both saltwater and freshwater fishing adventures. The fisherman on your list is sure to get some great use out of these lures.



If you have a fisherman in your life, you never know if they will be out before dawn or stay out long after dark. With this great little adjustable beam headlamp, you will not need to worry about them being outdoors in the dark. This adjustable beam headlight has both white light and red light buttons which make it ideal for any situation.

It is worn on the head which frees up the hands for holding onto a fishing poll or for reeling in a catch. You can get up to 120 hours of light from just three AAA batteries. This is a great addition to any fisherman’s toolkit.

10.Polarized Sport Sunglasses


Anyone who is used to being out on the water all day can appreciate a good pair of polarized sunglasses. These stylish glasses are great for the fishermen on your list. These lenses are designed to block out all kinds of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays with their 100% UV400 rating. They feature a lightweight slingshot design frame that is suitable for most faces and features a comfortable to wear design.

The soft rubber nose pad is made with comfort in mind. These glasses cut the glare from the water so your outdoorsman can wear them comfortably all day while they are out fishing for their next big catch.

11.Portable fishing poll


Here’s a great gift idea for the fisherman on the go, a telescoping travel fishing rod. This great little rod is lightweight and made of corrosion resistant, perfectly balanced, CNC machined aluminum. It is made of three telescoping sections so it can slide down into the perfect size to fit it in your bag, boat hatch or car trunk. This way you can carry your pole with you no matter where you go.

It is perfectly light weight and portable. With this handy pole you can fish anywhere anytime you want to. It will make a great surprise for any fisherman you are looking to buy a special gift for.

12.Fishing Rod Organizer Case

Do you have fishing rods cluttering your home? Consider getting a new fishing rod organizer case to help store all those loose rods in one tidy little place. Your fisherman will love having all his rods in one easy location and you will help eliminate some of the clutter in your home.

This great case is heavy duty. It holds rods and reels inside the case and up to five rods on the outside of the case. Any fisherman will find this an easy solution to toting a bunch of rods with them wherever they go, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

13.Electronic Fishing Bite Alarm


If you are looking for a great gift for that avid fisherman on your list consider getting him an electronic fishing bite alarm so he will never miss another bite again. Just wrap this alarm device around your fishing rod and when a fish takes the bait and bites the hook an alarm sounds.

It also features a clear LED indicator that lights up so you know which alarm is going off if you are using more than one device. With this great little gift your fisherman will never miss a catch again.

14.Lightweight Foldable Fishing Chair


This is a great little fishing chair that is perfect for the fisherman on your gift list. It is ideal for those who are on the go. It has a nylon seat and strong aluminum frame. Heavy duty non-slip feet will prevent the chair from sliding around while you are sitting with your rods.

The fabric is easy to clean after a day out on the water. It folds up into a handy carrying case and weighs less than two pounds. It folds down to less than 14” in length so it can easily be tossed in a cooler or backpack so you have it ready to go on all your fishing adventures.

15.Insulated Heated Boot Socks

If you are looking for a practical gift for the fisherman on your gift list consider getting him some thermal heated boot socks. These are no ordinary socks. They are designed with the comfort of the outdoorsman in mind. They stay warm no matter how cold it gets outside. This makes them ideal for the ice fishermen on your shopping list.

They are padded and have a brushed fuzzy lining for extra comfort, they are 7 times warmer than regular cotton socks and they are ribbed at the top to keep them in place to prevent them from falling down all day long. With the special moisture wicking fabric to keep feet dry, these are great socks for the fishermen in your life.

16.Fishing Bucket Storage Organizer


This is a great little multi-use storage bucket that is sure to delight any fisherman. It has two large, durable, high quality built-in fishing rod holders, yet the bucket itself is lightweight. It features two hooks on the front to help you detect when the fish are biting before the rod bends. The tick padded top can double as a comfortable fishing seat no matter where you go and the bucket can hold an impressive 6.5 gallons to store your catch.

For added stability it can also hold up to 40 lbs. of water if necessary. It features a quick water release to make it easier to carry when it’s time to go. This would make a great gift for the youngest or oldest fisherman on your list.

17.Fishing Safety Gloves


Filleting fish can be dangerous and it is easy to cut yourself while doing it. Get the fisherman on your list a pair of these cut resistant fillet gloves and help prevent injuries before they occur. These gloves feature the highest cut resistant safety rating you can find. They are made of super tough high pressure polyethylene (which is the same material found in bullet proof vests).

They also include stainless steel wire to give additional protection from cuts of all kinds. They are food safe and designed to be washed in a washing machine. Get these gloves and protect the loved one on your list today.

18.Loaded Fishing Tackle Bag

If you are in search of a practical gift for the fisherman on your list, look no further than this great fishing tackle bag that is loaded with all kinds of useful fishing gear. This great kit comes with 5 tackle boxes. It includes lures, spoons, spinners, crank baits and a popper. They are all pre-rigged with at least one incredibly sharp treble hook. All of this is housed in a super heavy duty fishing tackle bag with a zipper lock.

It is both dust and stain resistant. Its heavy duty padding adds comfort to this bag while you are carrying it. It is sure to light up the face of any fishermen you give this to.

19.Underwater Night Fishing  Light

Does your favorite fisherman enjoy night fishing? Consider getting them an underwater, night fishing light. This light does not require any kind of external battery. The strong luminescence is designed to lure the fish straight to you. The light is useful in all kinds of locations and is submersible for up to 2,100 feet. It shines 360 degrees for maximum effectiveness.

So if you have someone that loves to go night fishing or just someone that would like to give it a try, this will make a great gift to get them started catching fish all night long.

20.Winter Hat with Windproof Mask


For those hardcore winter fishermen on your list, this winter hood with windproof mask might be just the present for them. This hat features a polyester outer shell with a warm faux fur inner liner to keep your head warm in the coldest weather. It features a thick removable mask so you can wear it if you need it, but remove it when the weather warms up. This is the perfect headgear for a day out ice fishing.

The design includes a reflective strip so you can be seen even if you are out night fishing. This hat will make ice fishing warm and comfortable all day or all night long.

21.Vacuum Sealer Machine


So when your fisherman brings home his fresh catch consider buying him a portable compact vacuum sealer system this year for the holiday season. With the touch of a single button, you can vacuum seal all your fish in individual pouches for easy storage in the freezer.

It will keep the catch fresh and tasty until you are ready to cook it. With this vacuum sealer you can enjoy fresh fish all year round, not just the day it’s caught. The unit is portable and very easy to clean. It is an ideal system for all the fishermen on your list this year.

22.Aluminum Fishing Rod Pen

This is a truly unique gift for the avid fisherman in your family, the fishing rod pen. This little 8 inch writing pen extends into a 38inch fishing poll equipped with a small golden fishing reel that easily attaches.

You simply remove the pen cap, insert the reel on the two grooves in the pen and twist down the screw to secure the reel onto the rod. Expand the rod and you are ready to go fishing no matter where you find the opportunity. This is a great gift idea for the fisherman who has it all.

23.Overhead Fishing Rod Rack


Does the fisherman in your family have a hard time finding the fishing rod he is looking for? Does he have a bunch of rods just standing in a corner in your home? Help eliminate this problem by getting him an overhead fish rod rack this holiday season. This great rack mounts easily to the ceiling in the basement, garage or other work area. It can store up to 12 rods for easy access.

It can even be mounted inside a truck cab topper for the fisherman that wants to always have his rods with him. For a unique gift idea that helps both of you, consider one of these this season.

24.Fishing Waders


For those fishermen that really take their sport seriously and can’t wait to jump in the water with the fish, this is the present for them. These great chest high fishing waders are just what you need. The waders slip on easily without any laces or straps to deal with. The shell is lightweight, yet 100% waterproof. The cleated PVC bottoms help prevent slip and falls.

They are designed to keep you warm and dry while offering superior flexibility for ease of movement. They even have adjustable suspenders for a customized fit. Give this gift to your favorite fisherman today and they will be out using them before you know it.

25.Stainless Steel Fish Gripper


Sometimes fish can bite. With this great stainless steel fish gripper you can eliminate this problem. The device is made to safely grip the fish until you are ready to release it. It has a built-in scale to weigh fish up to 40 pounds and it can measure fish up to 28 inches in length. Never worry about getting bit again with this handy gadget in your tackle box.

It even includes a built in lanyard to prevent it from falling overboard when you go to release your catch. It’s the perfect gift for the fishermen on your list who seems to have everything.


There is no way that you friend won’t love these gifts. We carefully selected the best gifts for fisherman so we can make this article.

The Best 25 Gifts for Hikers 2017

25 Gifts for Hikers

25 Gifts for Hikers

Do you have a difficult time shopping for an outdoor enthusiast on your shopping list? It can be difficult to buy gifts for the avid hikers in your life. It seems they are always on the go and if they are not they are dreaming about their next great outdoor adventure. Here are 25 Gifts for Hikers ideas for your favorite trekker that they will not only love, they will be able to use them when they go out and hit the trails.

1.Solar Panel Battery Recharger

There’s nothing worse than when you are hiking and your cell phone or GPS unit dies on you. If you want to make sure your loved one never gets caught with a dead battery, consider getting them a solar panel recharger. The unit is shockproof, waterproof and dust proof. It even includes a LED flashlight and features two duel USB ports. They will never be caught out in the wild without a phone or navigation aid if you add this handy little device to their camping supplies. It will make a great gift for any hiker in your family.


2.Foot Cream

There is nothing worse than when you have been hiking all day and your feet get dry, sore and cracked. With this great foot cream you can give the hiker on your Christmas list some relief from this painful condition. With 9 different botanical ingredients, the cream is all natural. After one use, they will be thanking you and wanting to buy some more foot cream to keep in their backpack at all times. The tube is small and easy to fit into any sack without adding any extra weight. It soothes feet and softens skin. Your hiker will thank you for getting it for them.


3.Merino Wool Hikers Socks

The one thing hikers always need is socks, but not just any socks. Hiking socks are specially designed to wick moisture from the feet to help keep them dry and comfortable all day long. These socks provide cushioning to the parts of the foot that need it and add support to those areas where extra support is appreciated. The socks are also designed to look fashionable as well. They are specifically designed by hikers for hikers so they are sure to be a hit with any of the hikers on your holiday shopping list.


4.Anti-Mosquito Mask Hat

For any hiker that has ever taken a summer trek it is obvious that bugs and mosquitos are ever present and ever ready to make your trek a miserable one. Help your loved one solve this problem by buying them a mosquito mask hat. This great 100% polyester hat has netting to keep the bugs away. It features ventilation to keep you cool and it offers protection from the sun to help prevent sunburns. Any outdoorsman on your shopping list can get some use out of this hat. It is a unique gift they probably will not be expecting.


5.Hiking Shoe Insoles

When you have been out trekking the mountains or forests all day your feet become very tired. Hiking Shoe Insoles can help ease some of this discomfort. They help provide greater foot stabilization and arch support. They are also shock absorbent. They provide comfort that is long lasting and feature an anti-microbial top covering. You can move them to whatever hiking boots you may choose to wear, so they are not stuck in just a single pair. The hiker on your list will love these the first time they try them out.


  1. Trekking Poles

6.Trekking Poles

When you are hiking over rocky or treacherous terrain a good pair of trekking poles can be lifesavers. These trekking poles weigh less than a pound combined weight. They come with a handy travel bag and they can be collapsed so they are small enough to carry in your pack when they are not in use. Just get a pair and watch the hiker in your family as their face lights up when they open them. Each pole also features a comfort grip handle and a wrist strap so they cannot be dropped easily. This is a great gift idea that your hiker will be sure to thank you for.


7.Food Dehydrator

When going for a hike weight is always a concern. With this handy home food dehydrator you can give your favorite hiker a way to help carry nutritious snacks with them without the extra weight of carrying fresh fruits. Dehydrated foods do not need to be refrigerated. They are much lighter to carry because all the water is gradually removed from them. This is a gift that can also be used around the house between hikes. You can use it to make your own trail mix and save a lot of money at the same time. The unit is great for fruits or meats.


8.Paracord Survival Bracelet

You never know what kind of hazards you will encounter when you are out hiking. For the hiker that has it all, consider getting them a Paracord survival bracelet.  These bracelets are made of a high quality nylon that is both corrosion resistant and feature anti-aging resistance. They are also waterproof. The built-in compass will help them find their way if they get lost. The bracelet is adjustable to fit different wrist sizes and includes an emergency knife, fire starter and whistle. Rest assured that the hiker on your Christmas list will be more prepared should they face an emergency situation by wearing this nifty little bracelet with them when they are hiking.


9.Water Bottle Holder

Everyone who loves to be out in the woods needs a good water bottle holder to take along with them. Why not give one to them as a special Christmas gift. These tough adjustable water bottle holders can also be used to carry other accessories that may be needed. They have drawstring closures and are fully adjustable. They are specially designed to keep your beverages cool during the day. Don’t let your loved one venture out on their next adventure without this handy water bottle holder attached to their belt. They will be happy to find one of these under the tree this year.


10.Bear Bell

For anyone who may be hiking in bear country a bear bell is a necessity. If you are looking for that hard to shop for hiker on your list, consider getting them one of these potentially lifesaving devises. With a Velcro attachment you can wear this bell anywhere. As you move along the trail it will ring and warn any bears in the area of your approach so they can leave before your loved one reaches them. The bell even has a silencer so you do not need to listen to it ring all the time when it is not needed. This is a great gift for someone who seems to have everything.


11.Walking Stick

A backcountry walking Stick is a good addition to any hiking pack. This stick is versatile. It folds into three sections for easy carrying but it can be extended from 51” to 54” when you need to use it on rough terrain. It has a comfortable black rubber grip so it will not slip from your hands while walking. It is a lightweight hiking cane that is designed to assist you on tough walks, but is not designed to be weight bearing. This is a handy little stick, that won’t add a lot of weight to a pack, for your favorite outdoorsman.


12.Outdoor Hammock

For the ultimate in comfort, consider purchasing this amazing outdoor hammock for your favorite hiker. This large hammock is comfortable and large enough to fit two people. It is made of tear-resistant parachute fabric. It features triple stitched straps and strong carabiners so you have everything you need to set it up and get started relaxing. It is made of a quick drying strong fabric and can hold up to 600 pounds. It is easy to set up and includes a convenient carry bag for easy travel. This is sure to be a hit with anyone on your list that enjoys the great outdoors.


13.Emergency Survival Kit

An important item to carry with you when hiking is an emergency survival kit. These kits make great gift ideas. There is nothing better you can do than to help keep your favorite hiker safe during their next trek. This survival kit has everything they may need to ensure safety. It comes complete with water pouches, food bars and water purification tablets. It has all kinds of survival tools and first aid supplies. It comes with a rope, a flashlight, a radio and even personal hygiene products. It includes many more items. This is truly a survival kit, as much as it is a hiking kit, so it makes a great gift for any loved one on your gift list.


14.Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are typically worn by body builders, but they can make a great unique gift for the hiker on your gift list. These knee sleeves help provide knee support while engaging in strenuous physical activity. They are made of a breathable comfortable fabric. They help stabilize the knee and reduce the chances of injury. They promote blood flow and reduce the chance of injury. Wearing these while hiking can provide knee support while traversing challenging terrain. Most hikers do not already own a pair which is what makes these knee sleeves a great gift idea for that hard to shop for hiker.


15.Hiking Smart Watch

For those hikers that really enjoy the newest electronic gadgets, this might be for them. The hiking smart watch is designed with the hiker in mind. It features a built in navigation system so they will never get lost. It has a long battery-life for those long treks in the wilderness. It can mark your starting point and monitors your walking speed, distance and pace. It is 100% water-resistant. It can also monitor and report local weather conditions and contains a built-in altimeter, thermometer, barometer and hydrometer. It monitors your heart rate and syncs with your smart phone to give you even more features. This is an ideal gift for that geeky hiker in your family.


16.Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift option, consider a stainless steel water bottle. These heavy duty bottles are designed for the outdoor enthusiast. They keep your water cold all day and they can be attached to a hiking pack easily with a carabiner. These bottles are PBA free and they are leak-proof, just like every hiker needs. They have a shiny exterior so they will not easily get lost and will last for many years to come. They are available in three sizes to accommodate every hiker on your shopping list.


17.Die Cut Toolcard

This handy little die cut tool card is small enough to fit in your wallet, but it has essential tools that can be very useful in the field. This amazing little card packs in 40 different tools to make it an ideal gift for the trekker on your list. This little stainless steel card can be used as a bottle opener, pry bar, ruler, cord cutter, screwdriver, hex bit driver, wrench and more. This handy devise takes up no room, but is useful for so many things. Every avid hiker should have one because you never know what you might need in the wilderness.


18.Emergency Flashlight Kit

You never know when you may get stuck outside after dark. This handy emergency kit can come in handy. If you are camping it is ideal to bring along. It is compact in size, yet contains so many things the hiker or camper in your life can use in the field. The kit includes a flashlight, fire starter kit, whistle, knife, scale, compass, credit card multi-tool, bright light LED keychain and a tactical defense pen all in one handy carrying case. Whether for an emergency, a camping adventure or just for peace of mind while hiking, this is a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast on your list.



A great gift idea for the hiker on your list is a handy headlamp. It can provide plenty of hands free illumination for those long night treks or for camping adventures. It can fit directly on your head or over your favorite hat. It sheds light up to 360 feet away. It is easy to use and it is very lightweight. It features both red and white lenses and it has a strobe light feature built-in as well. It is dust and water proof and offers 12 hours of battery life on just 3 AAA batteries. This is a great little gift that any hiker on your list will thank you for.


Snittens are an amusing gift that is perfect for those who are not deterred by cold weather hiking adventures. They are designed to absorb over 28 times their weights in snot and tears that may form while hiking in cold weather. Even if your favorite hiker does not use these in the field they are a funny little gift that is sure to get a laugh out of them. They will keep your hands warm and dry and help you wipe that unpleasant runny nose without removing your hands from the warmth. With snittens there is never a reason to stop your hike just to dig out a tissue to blow your nose. Who wouldn’t love a pair? Even if they don’t use them, they are sure to get a smile from them.

21.Hydration Backpack

Every hiker should have their own hydration backpack. This is a great gift idea for you friends who enjoy active outdoor activities. This insulated pack is BPA free, holds up to 2.5 Liters of fluid and can keep liquids cool for up to 4 hours. The water bladder is housed in a useful backpack that can be used to hold all your other hiking gear. It is a comfortable pack to wear. It is breathable and ergonomically designed. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the back is made of breathable mesh. This is a great gift for any outdoorsman you may know.

22.Waterproof Sports Bag

The worst problem you encounter when you are hiking are the sudden storms that can come upon you when you least expect them. A great gift idea for the hiker on your list is a waterproof sports bag. These bags are designed to keep your electronic equipment, maps and anything else you may need dry, even during the most inclement weather. With its large 10L capacity it is large enough to hold everything you may need to keep dry. It is soft, supple and flexible so it can easily be stored when not in use. It weighs less than a pound so it can be brought anywhere. The fabric is tough and tear resistant. These bags make great gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.


23.GPS Watch

Everyone that enjoys hiking understands how useful a GPS is to have. Most GPS units are hand held. Give your favorite hiker the gift of a GPS watch and free up their hands to do other things while they are out trekking. This handy device will sync with their android devise to record the distance and time traveled. It will also record route information. This is a great watch for any hiker that is trying to track their progress so they can improve their performance. It is also water resistant so you can use it to record your swim times as well. The active person in your life will really enjoy using this simple little watch for all their fitness needs.


24.Emergency Tent and Sleeping Bag

When hiking in the mountains you never know when you are going to encounter inclement weather and possibly freezing conditions. This emergency Mylar tent and sleeping bag are ideal for this sort of situation. Give your loved one the gift of safety and security if they find themselves in this situation. It is lightweight and has a reflective surface when the sunlight hits it. This is great in case they get lost. The lightweight sleeping bag is made of thin aluminum that reflects body heat back toward the user, yet remains flexible in freezing conditions. This great kit may help protect your loved one when unexpected freezing conditions occur. It can also ease your mind knowing they are safe, no matter the temperature outside.


25.Microfiber Towel Set

When you go hiking and camping, towels take up such a large amount of space in your backpack that it limits the number of other important items you may want to carry along with you. Give your loved one a micro towel set and eliminate this problem forever. The YuccaTowel microfiber towel set is designed to be lightweight and compact.

They are fast drying and the ultra-suade finish feels soft and gentle against your skin. They are designed to absorb 4-6 times their weight in moisture, which makes it far more absorbent than a bulkier cotton towel. They come in different sizes to meet all your hiking needs. Consider buying some of these for every hiker on your list. They will appreciate the thought.


I hope that our Article 25 Gifts for Hikers made you decide what products you should get for your friend or even for yourself.