Blast Knuckles Stun Gun: The Electric Taser That Zaps

Blast Knuckles Stun Gun: The Electric Taser That Zaps

Self defence in this day and age is a skill that is a must have. You could train in martial arts, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, or other combat techniques to defend yourself against unpredictable mishaps. Or, at the very least, get a blast knuckles stun gun,some weight training, combined with the fight or flight impulse could save your neck.

All of that is easier said than done. With the busy schedules and isolated lifestyles we lead, devoting time to such skills, on the off chance of running into a situation like that, makes us shrug off the potential threat. Under ordinary circumstances, it sounds like an extravagant venture, both in terms of time and money.

More than 70% of the population falls in this category, creating the need for electronic self defence devices that stand in for our lack of skill. Although these devices were originally developed for usage in aid of combat skills, by trained soldiers, officers or experts, they’ve now flooded the retail market for the consumption of the uninitiated.

After all, when it comes to operating fancy gadgets, there’s all the time in the world and then some. Because if that angry bird doesn’t kill that little piggy, you will never be able to tackle your assailants, if you ever run into some.

Which, brings us to the topic under discussion. If tasers and mace canisters were the default options to fall back on previously, we have now developed electronic gadgets in any and every shape, capable of delivering a preset voltage of current at the touch of a button, or the flick of a screen, to disable any man, woman, beast by neuromuscular incapacitation.

These could be shoes with hidden taser guns, pens, canes, gloves, and so on. Just watch any Bond movie to get a fair approximation.

The previous decade saw increased adaption of stun guns which deliver an electroshock on contact. This mechanism has now been adapted into a hybrid brass knuckles design whereby, a set of knuckles are equipped with electrodes that deliver a high voltage, low ampere shock to anybody on the other end of the blast knuckles stun gun.

For example, let’s look at the PS Products’  Blast Knuckles Stun Gun. It’s a nylon holster knuckle blaster that boasts of delivering a 6 figures voltage current. It works with two lithium batteries.

At the outset, let us make it clear that it’s the amperes that matter and not the voltage. It is illegal to manufacture stun guns that cross the 5mA threshold. To stun a 200 pound animal, 5mA is woefully inadequate. It takes around 10mA of current to feel pain.

For lethal levels, it’s delivered at 100 to 200 mA. That mild electric shock that you experienced with the broken switch, was probably in the vicinity of 1mA to 2mA.

Now extend that to 5mA and you would be mildly but unpleasantly tickled. Possibly making you madder if you are already in attack mode. The time duration and area of body where the current is applied also makes a difference, both factors would be out of your hands in a real life situation.

Coming back to the Knuckle Blaster 950,000V Stun Gun, it has a significant advantage of staying in your hands and not being easy to knock off due to the knuckles ring design.

Your hand can be easily turned on you however, so careful! The battery casing is poor and falls off easily, leaving you with nylon brass knuckles devoid of any power.

The electrodes could be made of sturdier material that doesn’t bend as easily. This one comes with a pair of flimsy pieces of metal. What makes up for the shabby design and materials is the impressive shock sound it makes that could make your opponent rethink an attack.

Even if the actual impact on contact is negligible. You get a good few seconds head start to make a hasty exit. Also, if the sound fails to stop your assailant in his tracks, the lighting spark produced on switching on also looks frightening enough for further scare tactics.

But that’s the limit of its effectiveness. Actually trying to scare a bully by punching them with this product would soon dispel any notion of harm they might have misconstrued after the sound and spark works. Your best bet is to make yourself scarce once you’ve impressed them with the music and movie!

The batteries aren’t rechargeable. Once you’ve run through the ones that come with the product, you’ll have to order replacements from the same company.

This might sound like a drawback but actually makes sound sense. How often could you possibly use a blast knuckle stun gun? And if you are a security personnel, this is hardly the product you would turn to.

It weighs more than 1 kg which is a considerable drawback. Given the nylon casing, the thin metal electrodes, and the 3mA amperage, impact on contact would be like quick jabs with a sharpened object.

Moreover, contact less than 5 seconds wouldn’t even register as much of an incapacitating shock. Not an effective self defence strategy when you are being attacked, 5 seconds is precious time to land 10 blows! Given it’s cheap make and heavy weight, it would be easy to break.

Internal circuits could easily be broken on contact too, rendering the device useless. At $60+, it does not serve any purpose. Actual brass knuckles with spiky edges would be more damaging than this toy.

You may want to check out local laws online before upping and carrying this device through customs or even different states in the US. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan are a few of the states that do not allow the common use of stun guns and derivative devices.

Countries like India, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and many more deem possession of this device illegal.

In conclusion, spend some more and buy a taser gun, or an actual brass knuckle. Or, since you’ve already paid for that gym membership, pick up some useful training and techniques independent of external devices.