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The best shoes for kayaking

Having a shoe that will keep your feet warm, dry and protected whilst kayaking is important. We’ve all had a miserable experience with footwear at one tie or another and just because most people choose to focus on the quality of the Kayak and the Paddle, that doesn’t mean your choice of footwear is not as important. We will show you the best shoes for kayaking in the following article.

This is especially true when you are doing portages where you will need a robust shoe to handle the terrain and the water. So, in this article we will take a look at our winner of the best kayak shoe category…the NeoSport Paddle Low Top Boots.


Made out of 3mm neoprene, these boots are not only suited to water sports that are as comfortable as wearing a wetsuit.
They are designed to dry quickly and keep your feet dry whilst in the kayak itself.


The durable rubber traction sole is designed to prevent foot abrasion from the river or sea floor and the low profile stitching means you have durability where you need it most.

When walking over flat or rocky terrain these boots feet well to the foot and provide arch and ankle support without the excessive weight you get from other brands.


The NeoSport Paddle Boot comes with an adjustable velcro strap that runs from the heel and up over the top of the foot to provide a slip free way to fasten the shoes and avoid excessive foot movement.

The ankle barrel cinch drawcord and toggle mean you can easily tighten and loosen the boots single handed, which helps to free up your other hand for holding on to your paddle and other gear.

Last up are the super-durable YKK side zippers which enable you to slip them off easily when wet – we’ve all had a wrestle with a wetsuit, so you know how tough getting out of wet neoprene can but, however, these zippers make that task easy.

NeoSport Wetsuits Paddle Low Top Boots

When your feet are in the water, they protect you from the cold water meaning you get increased comfort and more enjoyment.

What are the Best Shoes for Kayaking?Features and Specifications

  • Multi-Sport Use
  • Great Warmth-to-Weight Ratio
  • Durable Neoprene, Lycra and Rubber material
  • Excellent Value for Money

What Customers Are Saying

I would suggest you opt for a half size lower than you usually buy. For example, I am a size 9.5 and I bought the size 9 which fit perfectly even when wet.

For the price and quality you get, we are 100% confident in recommending the NeoSport Wetsuits Paddle Low Top Boots.

Who Should Buy This Product?

All water lovers! Seriously, if you are Kayaking or Canoeing, these boots are perfect. They’re light yet durable and protect the feet from light to medium activity.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

If you plan on hiking a lot in this I would suggest against this model. They are suited towards moderate watersports and the odd portage with a kayak here and there.

Commonly Asked Questions

What size should I buy?

We suggest picking up a half size lower than you would normally buy.

What size should a woman buy?

The sizes listed are unisex so just follow the advice above and buy a half size lower.

Are these suitable for surfers?

These boots are suitable for surfing if you find you get cold feet. The rubber sole will provide traction and with the added toggle fastener and velcro strap, there is no risk of them slipping off your feet when you hit the water.

Can I use these kayak shoes with fins?

The shoes can be used with open-heel fins yes.


When we researched the kayak shoe market we found a wide range of prices and styles on offer. From open sandals to boots and shoes with individual toes.

The reason we went for the NeoSport Low Top’s is that they are 1) a great price and 2) a good combination of support, durability, and weight.

The added features of the velcro, zippers and toggle fasteners meant that these were chosen as the best shoes for kayaking in 2018.

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