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Most of the crimes committed in any part of the world happen during the night, in absence of light. Dark streets, areas that aren’t well lit, and abandoned places with no illumination are hotspots for criminal activity. Here you will find the best police flashlight and details on why it is so.

If you are stepping out during the night and intend to pass through such an area, you would be well advised to carry a decent flashlight. If you happen to be a crime fighter or police personnel, then it’s not only important to have one that is brighter than the average flashlight, but also can serve as more than just a regular flashlight. To find the best police flashlight for your needs, look no further.

Here’s a quick look at the additional features that set the best police flashlight apart from its peers.

  1. Should be able to temporarily blind any animal or human to provide you with that crucial head start of a few seconds. Definitely produce upwards of 100 lumens of light.
  2. Needs to have a combat grade aluminum casing so that it doubles up as weapon in desperate situations.
  3. Should have powerful LED bulbs that use less wattage and last longer than regular bulbs.
  4. Balance the power of the beam vs the area covered. If you move in large areas with scant lighting, using a flashlight that casts a powerful beam over a larger area, preferably with strobe function would be ideal.
  5. If your patrol rounds dictate your needs, then choosing one which lasts longer without recharging or one that uses easily changeable batteries would be ideal.
  6. While additional safety features aren’t absolutely necessary, the market is flooded with products that are vying to outdo each other with competitive prices that pack in as many features as is economically viable for these brand names. So why not?

Let’s look at some state-of-the-art, high-quality police flashlights. We’re going to help you find the best police flashlight for your needs.

When talking about the best tactical flashlights, a few brand names have made a mark for themselves. The most prominent among these is Streamlight. They have a range of different flashlights to choose from, authorized service centers, serialized products, and used extensively by policemen across the states. We’ll look at the Stinger Dual Switch LED flashlight below.

1. Streamlight Stinger DS LED Rechargeable


This veritable beast of a police flashlight is one that veterans swear by as the best police flashlights on the market. It comes with three lightning modes, and has strobe feature. At its brightest, it can last for 1.25 hours continuously on full battery with 640 lumens of brightness covering a distance of 297 meters. While the lowest feature produces a 170-lumen beam that lasts for 4 hours, its strobe lighting feature runs for up to 3 hours to signal location.

With 1,000 lifetime recharges and 50, 000 total hours, a serial number for identification, 2.5 hours fast charge, an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and an aircraft grade aluminum body, this is an alpha flashlight that is a must-have for all security personnel. All of this in a compact, light-weight body that’s easy to carry and recharge. Add to it the reasonable price and you have one kick-ass piece of technology that you don’t want to miss out on!

Next on our list is another highly recommended flashlight that comes in a lower price range.

2. NITECORE P12 1000-Lumen Waterproof

One of the best police flashlights out there, the NITECORE P12 is capable of producing a 1000-lumen beam covering an area of 232 meters. The beam power is adjustable, and an intelligent memory function is responsible for storing preferred settings. It has a total run time of 520 hours and can cast a 70-lumen beam for 28 hours straight on full battery. At its most powerful 1000-lumen capacity, it can last for 1.5 hours and cover 232 meters. Strobe and beacon modes are also available.

It’s waterproof and comes with additional accessories such as a holster, lanyard, etc. Uses a powerful CREE LED bulb. An additional feature is it’s ability to spell S.O.S. to signal for help in dire situations. It stands out for the aesthetic design and its compact size that fits nicely in your palm. The back button can also be easily engaged or disengaged for added convenience. Competitively priced, and serves most of the functions of a high end flashlights, its only drawback from being the best police flashlight is its relatively short lifespan.

3. Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent 6-Cell D

Maglite’s 6D battery-powered flashlight provides a 136-lumen incandescent focused beam up to a distance of 295 meters. Beam focus can be adjusted by rotating the lens bezel. With a run time of 11 hours, water resistant exterior, anodized 20-inch body that looks like a mini baton, and a spare gas lamp provided in the tail cap against emergencies, this flashlight is one of the better choices if recharging your battery isn’t an option.

Since it doesn’t have rechargeable batteries, you’ll simply have to replace them with new ones once you’ve powered through the 6-Cell D batteries. It’s heavy 1.3-pound bulk makes it very handy for security personnel who can’t carry firearms, but it’s not for amateur use. The build and craftsmanship leave very little room for wear and tear. If you are alright with replacing the batteries periodically, then this is the best police flashlight for you.

4. Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output Flashlight

The Surefire P2X Fury sits right in the middle of the NITECORE and Streamlight’s price range. This one provides a relatively less powerful beam than the two above with a maximum 500-lumen beam that lasts for 1.5 hours on full battery. On the other end is a 15-lumen beam that can last up to 48 hours. Its aluminum body is combat grade and the size is the most compact of the three. Measuring 5.28 inches in length and weighing in at only 0.28 pounds, this is the easiest one to carry and store. It’s also weather proof and gasket sealed.

This flashlight is ideal for officers who are patrolling residential areas that are relatively low on criminal activity. It comes with a tail cap that locks the switch, preventing it from accidentally getting switched on. Most officers who use this have not found any cause for complaint.

Which is the best police flashlight?

Those were our picks for the best police flashlight in the market. Obviously, Streamlight has other models with different price ranges and feature optimizations that make it a much hotter brand to stick with than the other brands. That doesn’t imply it has a complete monopoly over the flashlight market.

We’ve tried to cover a wide price range as well as functionality in choosing the flashlights featured above. The advisable thing is to go with the one that best serves your purpose, that is, the best police flashlight for you.

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