The Best Ice Fishing Boots That Actually Work!

So you love fishing and you don’t mind the cold and usually windy conditions that come with ice fishing. However, what can be a pleasant past-time can turn sour if you don’t have the right gear. In this article, we will reveal the winner in our ‘Best Ice Fishing Boots’ category and also detail what you should look for when buying.

Short on time? Take a look at the Bobcat Zip C Waterproof Boots


This is an absolute must-have when it comes to boots for ice fishing. If they’re warm but not waterproof then there is no point having them. When you mix snow and ice with fishing, there will be and one time or another a point where you’re feet will come into contact with water, and for that, you need to ensure your boots are up to the task at hand.

Sure you may not plan on getting wet but having that piece of mind with the 10 inches of waterproof material wrapped around your feet is a great comfort.


When fishing on Ice you need to stay warm, cold feet can ruin a good days fishin’, so it’s imperative that you inspect the warmth spec of your boots.

These Bobcat K Zip boots have 400g of Thinsulate material, combined with and additional 3mm of wool felt material for added comfort and warmth.

As long as your feet stay dry, which they should with these boots, then they will be warm and toasty even in the coldest of environments.


What makes these boots waterproof is their fit, however, snig fitting boots can get uncomfortable at times. However, the Bobcat boots have 4-way neoprene expanding panels that adjust to the shape of your leg and ankle and allow for easy movement, which is important for circulation and as a consequence warmth.

The heavy-duty zipper also allows for easy sliding on/off of the boot as the zip starts at the very top of the boot and continues all the way down to the top of the foot. A front opening zipper is a must for single-handed operation and is far superior to a side opening zip.

Last up is the K-Talon outsole which helps with traction on the ice and keeps you upright and on your feet.

The Best Ice Fishing Boots

Kenetrek Bobcat Zip C Waterproof Insulated Boots

Features and Specifications

  • Neoprene expansion panels
  • YKK waterproof Zipper
  • 10″ of Waterproof Leather
  • 400 grams of ‘Thinsulate’ insulation

What Customers Are Saying

The main reason for the weight is the fact that these are made from leather and have thick insulation which guarantees warm and dry feet.

We love the Bobcat range and would highly recommend you check these out if you are looking for a top quality pair of ice fishing boots.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Ice fishermen and women who value warmth and staying dry, also those who prefer to buy once and buy right. We’ve not met anyone who didn’t truly love these boots from their first outing.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

If looking fashionable and modern is high on your priority list then these boots are not for you. They are designed to be useful and not fashionable, so if you like what they bring but not particularly the style, then look for more modern looking boots instead.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are these boots waterproof?

Yes, they are 10″ high so plenty of space to step into the water without it spilling over the top. Snow and ice will not cause a problem.

What material are these boots made from?

The main material is leather, combined with a rubber sole and neoprene side panels.

Are they suitable for ice fishing?

Yes since they are both waterproof and warm, the two key elements to a good pair of ice fishing boots, these are suitable for your sport.


The Bobcat Ice Fishing boots are definitely the best ice fishing boots and come in various shades of brown and are perfect for hunting, fishing and in particular any activity that includes snow and ice.

Many of the products are unisex, however, some are gender specific so be sure to look out for that. Above all these boots are rated best-in-class for their price, warmth and quality build that will last you for years to come.